24.04.2014 – Firmware Update MMS HotFix (Paarlampi)

ok_10516+10519Firmware Update MMS HotFix (Paarlampi)



Habt ihr irgendwelche Core Packete geändert wie z.B. eine Custom wpa_supplicant, so müsst ihr diese noch Mal nachträglich ersetzen.

More detailed changelog for technically interested:

* [mms_codec] Fixed decoding of the From field
* [mms_codec] Fixed decoding of address fields
* [mms_codec] Replaced Content-Disposition:Inline with Attachment
* [mms-lib] Changed default User-Agent to “Mozilla/5.0 (Sailfish; Jolla)”
* [mms-ofono] Remove leaving and trailing spaces from the URLs
* [mbpi] Cleaned up MMS settings for Orange France
* [mbpi] MMS settings for Drei (Austria)
* [mbpi] MMS settings for Etisalat (UAE)
* [mbpi] Updated MMS settings for MTel (Bulgaria)
* [mbpi] Remove spaces from URLs