16.04.2015 – Firmware Update (Äijänpäivänjärvi) – early access

os_11428Firmware Update (Äijänpäivänjärvi)
early access release


Bitte achtet, dass ihr mindestens 1,5GB freien internen Speicher zur Verfügung habt!

Ich würde euch empfehlen, alle Patches die über den Patchmanager Installiert wurden, wieder zu deinstallieren!

Die Highlights in Überblick:

  • Gesplitterte Tastatur (Keyboard) im Querformat mit Einstellmöglichkeit es zu deaktivieren
  • IMAP unterstützt nun idle/push Funktion
  • Maps App kann nun im Querformat genutzt werden
  • Facebook API bekommt ein Update auf v2.2, leider verliert man dadurch die Funktion Chat und Kontakt zu Synchronisieren.
  • besseres wisch feedback


Security fixes

CVE-2015-0245 CVE-2014-9402 CVE-2013-7423 CVE-2014-9402 CVE-2015-1472 CVE-2015-1473 CVE-2014-9092 CVE-2014-3571 CVE-2015-0206 CVE-2014-3569 CVE-2014-3572 CVE-2015-0204 CVE-2015-0205 CVE-2014-8275 CVE-2014-3570 CVE-2014-9636 CVE-2014-8139 CVE-2014-9636 CVE-2014-9622 CVE-2015-1349

Known issues

OS update process

  • Currently, checks on available disk space happens very late during the OS upgrade process and will fail in the installation phase if the disk space is low. Normally there should be an error note asking you to free some disk space and try again, but in some marginal cases it might not be shown. Should this happen, free some disk space and try to install the OS update again.
  • OS update may fail due to some other reasons too, for example it may have installed some packages from the new release and still have something left from the old. If the device can boot up, you can try to recover by doing the following. If not, you can attempt to recover the device using the recovery mode.
    • Delete the file /home/nemo/.cache/store-client/os-info
    • Stop the store-client process (for e.g. pkill store-client)
    • Reopen Settings app, check for updates again and attempt to install the OS update again
  • We have also noted that if the OS update is attempted while there is long queue of installation of apps from the Store, the system may end up in mixed state (for e.g. select all the apps from startup wizard, and start the system update already while the apps are being installed).
    • In such cases, the OS update appears to be stalled, however it is just waiting for the installations to complete before attempting to upgrade the OS. Just wait patiently, the worst thing to do here is to reboot the device!


Other issues

  • calDAV and cardDAV services are in experimental stage. We have made some improvements with this update, however you may still face issues with certain service providers. Do report it in t.j.c. We’ll take a look and try to sort it out.
  • Deleting photo from Camera roll may also delete the previous photo. If camera reel’s pulley menu has „Show details“ greyed out – means the photo hasn’t been indexed yet. Deleting photo in such state will result in previous photo deleted too. If you wait long enough (~10-15seconds) for ‚Show details‘ to become active, only that photo will get deleted when you choose to.


Und hier mal das komplette Changelog:


    • Fix download size calculation, prepare for cache sizes


    • Notify native timezone changes when Alien is running.
    • Photos in external SD card can not be viewed & chosen in Wechat and WhatsApp


    • Always have an AVRCP player ready
    • Use g_dbus_add_disconnect_watch() for bus name monitoring
    • Require BT kernel subsystem for starting service
    • Re-authenticate after link key rejection for paired device
    • Read DI version ID from operating system
    • Rework UID check for known busnames
    • Allow definition of authorized users


    • Use ignore_ssl_errors configuration option


    • Update to libaccounts-qt version 1.13
    • Improve bootstrapping procedure
    • Support .well-known/carddav endpoint


    • Make Bluetooth synced contacts modifiable
    • Use libcontacts SeasideContactBuilder helper for vCard


    • Use profile name to distinguish external sync status.
    • Update to libaccounts-qt version 1.13
    • Adapt Buteo to always-up-to-date schedule syncs.
    • Adapt Buteo to sync externally schedule syncs.


    • Use n-q-p-n actions interface in preference to setRemote


    • gdhcp: Use DHCPV6_CLIENT_PORT as source port
    • ipconfig: Use only settings related to configuration method
    • gsupplicant: Use OPEN auth_alg for open wifi networks
    • Changes to favorite property also affect the autoconnect property
    • __connman_service_disconnect needs to hold a reference to the service
    • configurable tethering/ippool starting subnet
    • ofono: Call set_connected if new configuration received while connected
    • ofono: Clean ipv4/6_method when disconnecting
    • ofono: Clean nameservers when disconnecting
    • bluetooth: Clean up gdbus client on exit
    • dnsproxy: Clean up cache on exit
    • jolla-gps: D-Bus cleanup on plugin exit
    • technology: Clean up technology list on exit
    • rfkill: Cleanup IO watch on exit


    • Export presence state change information over DBUS
    • Make avatar-update operation delete itself on completion
    • Remove QtContacts conditional code
    • Remove unnecessary heap use in telepathy plugin


    • Fixed issue with touch screen self check not finishing when controller not recognised.
    • Fixed issue with Wifi verification test not going back when fail button pressed.
    • Fixed text wrapping in LCD individual test.
    • Fixes for buttons and text in Bluetooth individual test.
    • Fixes for buttons and text in Wifi individual test.
    • Fix GCC 4.8 compilation.
    • Updated individual camera tests to use Silica Button.
    • Updated to allow for DBus service invokation through dialer.
    • Use auto/styled text for labels that have html tags.


    • fix CVE-2015-0245


    • Use Facebook API 2.2.
    • Set text format to PlainText for Text items.


    • Avoid infinite loop in nss_dns getnetbyname (CVE-2014-9402)
    • Upgrade to 2.15-0ubuntu10.11
    • Fix CVE-2013-7423, CVE-2014-9402 (now included in 2.15-0ubuntu10.11),CVE-2015-1472, CVE-2015-1473


    • Enable AAC encoder vo-aacenc.


    • Disable power key actions when closing dialog.
    • Avoid duplicating dbus message handling
    • Dismiss timer alarms when power key is pressed or device flipped over.
    • Do not show alarms for disabled calendars.
    • Anchor alarm content to bottom icon.
    • Polish calendar reminder UI.


    • Use styled text for EventViewPage attendee labels.
    • Smoothly scroll to events when previous/later is clicked.
    • Optimize hour view layouting.
    • Trigger sync on event deletion.


    • qt5-qtdeclarative-import-positioning is mandatory runtime requirement
    • Bind allowedOrientations to defaultAllowedOrienatations.
    • split jolla camera dconf schema into hw and non-hw dependent parts.
    • Add showFrontViewfinder dbus service method for ‚take a selfie‘ action.
    • Use auto text for labels that might contain


  • Let hw adaptation select haptics pluging.
  • Update cover empty description to match available actions.
  • Enable landscape modes.
  • Enable landscape modes.
  • Limit active cover actions to one.
  • Add ’newAlarm‘ dbus service method.
  • Revert „IconButton positioning changes to reflect the changes in icons.
  • IconButton positioning changes to reflect the changes in icons.
  • Basic landscape support.


  • Exclude pcsuite service on Bluetooth.
  • separate obexd config requirements to hw adaptation.
  • Start allocating subnets from for tethering.


  • Allways return to main page when search is activated from cover.
  • Use auto text for labels that may have html tags.
  • Only allow portrait orientations.
  • Maintain persistent search field visibility without having to select it.


  • Use plain text for labels that may contain external data.
  • Able to edit and save emails saved as draft from POP accounts.
  • Send from account is not correct if composer is called when inside a local folder.
  • Bind allowedOrientations to defaultAllowedOrientations.
  • Use auto text for MainViewCover status label.
  • Use auto text for labels that may have html tags.
  • Avoid stutter by marking email as read after transition is over.
  • Use the –desktop-file option for invoker.
  • Use the lipstick-launcher utility in the service file.
  • Bind allowedOrientations to defaultAllowedOrientations.
  • Don’t save the ambience if it’s (being) deleted.
  • Show reinstall disclaimer only for TOH ambiences.
  • Show the pulley menu items with the preview ambience color.
  • no need to reinstall the ambience when the default tones are changed.
  • Use the same color mapping for used defined colors as ambienced.
  • Dynamic column count for AmbienceGridPage.


  • Make language switch popup narrower.
  • Split english-like layout middle rows after „g“.
  • Support split for pinyin layout.
  • Implement split keyboard support.
  • Adjusted layout scaling for large screens.
  • Get rid of spacebar geometry constants by making space key expand.
  • Adjust italian symbol layout.
  • Use auto text for keyboard change hint label.
  • Use button background on symbol page switch.
  • Add Dutch layout.
  • Add turkish layout.
  • Fixed language selection popup layout.


  • AudioPlayer doesn’t changes its state if moving to the next/previous song.
  • ContextMenu for Grid Items in MainView calculate its x position in relation to the Grid.
  • Do not register a name on system bus.
  • Replaced to use from an external component.
  • Landscape support on player controls.
  • Search header without title in landscape.
  • Provide support for landscape modes.
  • Landscape support in AlbumPage.
  • Enable landscape modes.
  • Use auto text for MediaContainerListDelegate title label.
  • Shorter cancel text for playlist deletion remorse.
  • Fixed Position DBus property type from ulonglong to longlong.
  • Dynamic column count for play list items.


  • Use plain text for InboxCover content label.
  • Bind allowedOrientations to defaultAllowedOrientations.
  • Use auto text for labels that may have html tags.
  • Don’t use SimManager properties until they become valid.


  • ’newNote‘ dbus activation fixes.
  • Bind allowedOrientations to defaultAllowedOrientations.
  • Add dbus service with ’newNote‘ method.
  • Use default vNote encoding if possible.
  • Dynamic column count for overview grid.


  • Remove sleep before sending runlevel change signal.
  • Read console device properly from procfs.


  • Fix the showAccounts function when Jolla account credentials need an update in Store.
  • Don’t briefly flash main page if activated via d-bus.
  • Dynamic column count for application grid.
  • Dynamic column count for favorites and application grid.
  • Dynamic column count for favorites.


  • Increased dependency to sailfish-components-accounts.
  • Disable facebook-contacts service due to FB new API changes .
  • Fix credentials update flows for Yahoo, memotoo, and fruux .
  • Remove facebook-im telepathy settings because of the Facebook 2.2 integration.
  • Center image on skip confirmation page during startup wizard.
  • Remove reference to Chat from Facebook ToS according to FB new API changes.
  • Update Facebook scopes for existing accounts according to FB new API changes.
  • Enable Yahoo! contacts sync.
  • Removed obsolete dependency according to FB new API changes.
  • Added Facebook graph API account setting.
  • Remove deprecated Facebook scopes.
  • Enable push option for new gmail account.
  • Use styled text for ClickableTextLabel.
  • Use styled text for JollaAccountsSetupDialog skip label.
  • Add always-up-to-date schedule for gmail.
  • Update to libaccounts-qt version 1.13.
  • Update push folders for existent accounts.
  • Add always-up-to-date schedule for generic email.
  • Use auto text for labels that may have html tags.
  • Allow landscape mode in Account settings.
  • Allow landscape orientation in account creation dialogs.
  • Add ‚Ignore SSL errors‘ option for yahoo,fruux,memotoo.
  • Allow multiple sync services for onlinesync.
  • Allow .well-known/caldav discovery.


  • Match WiFi cover icon and checkbox behavior.
  • Disable tethering shortcut when roaming.
  • Allow all page orientations.
  • Hide WLAN viewplaceholder text dynamically.
  • Fix mobile network page behavior when SIM is being registered.


  • Don’t show „last checked“ label if downloading has started.
  • Allow checking for OS update even if one is detected.


  • Use auto text for labels that have html tags.
  • Use styled text for AboutText.
  • Allow all page orientations.
  • Use OfonoManager.defaultModem as modem path.
  • Dynamic column count for application selection page.


  • Remove QtGui dependency.
  • Update to libaccounts-qt 1.13.


  • Adjust layout for use in landscape mode.
  • Dynamic number of columns for ambience picker.
  • Fix page stack indicators in landscape mode.
  • Put date time dialog content in flickable.
  • Dynamic column count for application list.


  • Keep split mode paste button visible if predictions change immediately.
  • Implement split keyboard support.
  • Add turkish dictionary.
  • Add dictionary for Dutch.


  • Avoid hiding paste button immediately after show.
  • Implemented split support.


  • Revert „net: socket ioctl to reset connections matching local address“.
  • More gcc-4.8 fixes.
  • Improve memnotify to properly take swap into account.
  • replace spin_lock with spin_lock_bh to avoid deadlocks.
  • btrfs: allow cross-subvolume file clone.
  • lowmemorykiller: take free swap (max 70%) in account for low memory killer.


  • Fix build breakage due to upgrade to 1.13
  • Update to upstream version 1.13


  • Check count before removing devices from model


  • Expose readStatus to QML


  • log start times of cache populating queries
  • Avoid resolving addresses multiple times
  • Improve vCard contact import API


  • Fix GLESv1 „Provides:“ in libhybris.spec.in
  • Fix precheckin script path
  • Update specfile and prechecking script to allow patches
  • Fix memory corruption when destroying buffers.


  • Split into UI and Trampoline services.


  • Fix CVE-2014-9092


  • Call cpukeepalive_start as early as possible
  • Add module directive to qmldir to avoid warnings
  • Add keepalive functionality for C programs that utilize glib mainloop.


  • extract: Fixed process_buffer() len check (was inverted) and artist/title


  • Added provision() method to QOfonoConnectionContext
  • Generate D-Bus stubs at compile time
  • Fixed infinite recursion in QOfonoVoiceCall::voiceCallPath()
  • org.ofono.RadioSettings is a modem interface


  • Added a table for Google calendar last update times


  • Update Microsoft AirSync protocol adding new tags specific to 14.0/14.1 versions


  • icons for FB/Twitter are not blank anymore in Events view.
  • Fix old bindings breaking weather banner discovery and updates.
  • Fix pending USB dialog not showing after Connection dialog.
  • cover is loaded properly when the app is launched for the first time after a boot.
  • reset connectingService to false when input is needed.
  • Layout the launcher icons based on the constant screen size.
  • Handle dialog removal to show a new dialog correctly.
  • Don’t leave alarm window hanging when returning to home through Events.
  • Finish ambience closing animation before starting a new ambience opening animation.
  • Move PeekFilter to Lipstick module so tutorial can also access it.
  • Reset Events View peek animation on gesture start.
  • Use auto text for USBModeSelector button labels.
  • Use auto text for labels that may have html tags.
  • Use plain text for Text elements that have external data as text source.
  • battery indicator: remove (un)subscripton.
  • bluetooth indicator: take undefined into account.
  • use context prop for tethering info.
  • Show the loading when notified by invoker.
  • Listen to presence state information reported by contactsd.
  • Do not animate „no notifications“ after deletion
  • Don’t show inhibited window when screen is locked
  • Always reset the ambience after installation.
  • Fix long warnings from lipstick when closing an app.
  • Close AmbienceWindow only when home is active.
  • Dynamic column count for AmbiencePicker.
  • Timers for cellular icons.


  • Release HwcImage’s texture and sg nodes when source is set to empty
  • Release buffers only after hwc is done with them..
  • let default background be ‚black‘ as it used to
  • Implement 90-degree rotation support for HwcImage
  • Implement HwcImage::asyncronous and rename darkness to colorOverlay
  • Check the surface input region when sending input events
  • Extend notifications with ‚origin‘ property
  • Allow action displayName to be specified
  • Add hidden() accessor function to LipstickNotification
  • Add protected refreshModel() function to NotificationListModel
  • Add synchronization to QObjectListModel
  • Emit dataChanged for modified notifications
  • Report all remote action properties to notification clients
  • Allow hint values to contain spaces
  • Allow listing current notifications
  • Make sure LCWs are not gc()d
  • Support icons associated with notification remote actions
  • Assume program arguments are in UTF-8
  • Add a DBus method to notify an app is starting
  • Don’t delete the WindowPixmapItems on surface destruction


  • Use lvm2’s version for device-mapper


  • Use a DBus method to notify lipstick an app is started


  • Interpret BTN_TOUCH event with zero value as touch release.
  • Add dbus method for requesting settings reset.
  • Do not attempt to reconnect if dsme socket connection is closed.
  • Assume power key event from touch input device is double tap.
  • Use target display state to determine updates allowed state.
  • Move fbdev control from display plugin to separate mce-fbdev module.
  • Increase the amount of configurable power key dbus actions to six.
  • Stop initial orientation reporting from triggering flip over gestures.
  • Make touch input blocking by proximity sensor optional.
  • Avoid display brightness tuning due to shortlived ALS noise.
  • Add support for constant velocity brightness changes.
  • Add plugin for tracking battery state via statefs.
  • Get battery data from statefs.
  • Fix USB cable connection related issues in display blanking policy.
  • Do query voice calls until required dbus interface is available.
  • Do not generate activity from sensor evdev nodes.
  • Fix end-of-touch detection for double tap emulation.
  • Assume proximity covered while waiting for sensord to start up.
  • Allow attaching of context specific user data to mce io monitors
  • Signal hw keyboard availability state over D-Bus System Bus.


  • Add dbus method for requesting settings reset.


  • Don’t log lookup errors for direct accessors
  • Use GLib for parsing .desktop files


  • When cancelling all tasks, close connection as well
  • Fixed sendReadReport handler prototype
  • Ensure that phone number in M-Read-Rec.ind has a type suffix
  • Added -d option to test_retrieve
  • KS_C_5601-1987 is known to g_convert as CP949


  • Settings for Cricket Wireless (USA)
  • Update Tele2 Sweden internet and MMS settings
  • Vodafone Romania APNs updated
  • LMT Latvia MMS access point update
  • Aina.com FI MMS apn update
  • Virgin Mobile (France) settings


  • fix nested QDBusArgument in QVariant not accessible from QML


  • Reload QMailAccountConfiguration when accountId changes and after initial check.
  • Send single message instead of all in outbox for an account.


  • Fix broken encoding when no action name is specified
  • Fix logic error with missing displayName
  • Separating notification data from Notification class
  • Support icons associated with remote actions


  • Use Facebook API 2.2


  • Add dedicated charger USB mode.


  • Compilation with coverage information
  • FTP version configuration


  • Exit without coredump if D-Bus resources cannot be acquired.
  • Use local time for callhistory timestamps.
  • Only one phone number for callhistory vCards.
  • Zulu time zone designation for call history timestamps


  • Fix pri_reset_context_properties crashes
  • Minor updates to ofono gril logging
  • Improved ofono rilmodem socket handling
  • rildev.c add error handling
  • rildev.c remove unnecessary modem reset
  • rildev to detect rild socket
  • ril to support rild socket detection
  • remove current_passwd support from sim driver
  • Added ProvisionContext method to ConnectionContext interface
  • Add ril disconnect logging
  • sms: Fix alphanumeric TP-OA handling
  • unit: Add test to encode / decode 11 char SMS TP-OA
  • Move handsfree audio manager cleanup to hfp_hf_bluez5 plugin
  • Move SCO socket allocation to hfp_hf_bluez5 plugin
  • define ofono_gprs_context_signal_change
  • implement ofono_gprs_context_signal_change
  • compare data call lists based on cid
  • publish g_ril_unsol_cmp_dcl
  • if data call changed emit signal
  • Setup route for mmsc if there’s no mms proxy


  • Update to version 1.0.1k [CVE-2014-3571, CVE-2015-0206, CVE-2014-3569, CVE-2014-3572, CVE-2015-0204, CVE-2015-0205, CVE-2014-8275, CVE-2014-3570]
  • Revert openssl-1.0.1h-disable-sslv2v3.patch to support SSLv3


  • Return status from set_parameters_cb.
  • Have common_set_parameters_cb return int.
  • Check for errors when changing routing.
  • Check for errors when changing routing.
  • Set active audio source to source proplist.
  • Default audio routes for hammerhead input devices.
  • Suspend streams before closing.
  • Apply input source during routing if source is defined.
  • Add default audio source table to util headers.
  • Add function to get default audio source for input device.
  • Allow unknown entries in some cases in config parser.
  • Remove redundant includes to fix the order of #defines
  • Add missing Qualcomm specific entries for support of msm7x30 based devices


  • Follow mute state and don’t override user changes.


  • Initiate mailObserver after the translator.
  • Organize project includes according to Qt conventions.


  • Stop _incomingDataTimer when imapprotocol object is destroyed.
  • Default to IMAP LOGIN if server does not advertise any auth caps and LOGINDISABLED.
  • Set highestmodseq to zero when server using QRESYNC does not support permanent modsequences.
  • Use periodic keepalive instead of a long running one(IMAP IDLE).
  • Use setPresistentConnection function when account it disabled
  • Use setPresistentConnection function when account it disabled
  • Default to IMAP LOGIN if server does not advertise any auth caps and LOGINDISABLED.
  • Set highestmodseq to zero when server using QRESYNC does not support permanent modsequences.
  • Set highestmodseq to zero when server using QRESYNC does not support permanent modsequences.
  • Listen to sync schedule changes from buteo sync framework.


  • Fix bearer not reporting LTE correctly, a crash in text rendering, and an issue with touch reporting on some hardware.
  • QPlatformHardwareCompositor and dependent changes


  • Support periodic theme effects


  • Handle TouchCancel in QQuickPinchArea.
  • Fix width/height property assignment during animations.
  • backport positioning bugfix for Item.layer


  • Fix touch event handling in transformed map.


  • Fixes to A/V policy handling.
  • QVideoProbe support for camera


  • send first proximity signal even when it’s „closed“


  • assign parent to ContextProperties
  • use statefs for qbatteryinfo


  • MER: Don’t attach a NULL buffer when receiving a onscreen_visibility(Hidden) event


  • Ensure that sync resolution maintains modifiability flag


  • Remove clearBeforeRendering false


  • Use hybristextures instead of eglgralloctextures.
  • Make sure all Qt Quick apps have an alpha buffer
  • Ensure that we have alpha buffer and compile hybris texture for droid


  • Add QtGraphicalEffects (sdk-harbour-rpmvalidator commit 8a91874a5)
  • Remove QtFeedback (sdk-harbour-rpmvalidator commit cb03a35e0)


  • While activating a tab do not use page’s title and url
  • Don’t drop back to portrait mode when focus is lost.
  • Fix rotation when overlays are opened over the browse
  • Bind allowedOrientations to defaultAllowedOrientations.
  • Add ‚activateNewTab‘ dbus service method
  • Add ‚activateNewTabView‘ dbus service method
  • Use _smp_mflags instead of jobs macro.
  • Set styled text explicitly for labels where html tags are used
  • Disable Overlay when FavoriteGrid’s context menu is open
  • Do not capture mouse events in ContextMenu owner
  • Check conditionally title change in tst_webview
  • At startup wait that Download Manager is initialized
  • Do not add initial url to the tab model
  • Add error handling for favorite icons.
  • Do not limit dragging of overlay in fullscreen mode
  • Improve WebView unit test execution speed
  • Lower overlay immediately when loading external url
  • Mark first time usage as done when a tab is activated
  • Do not allow item grab if content is not painted
  • Position overlay flickables to beginning when overlay is hidden
  • Treat window as CoverWindow when web content is shown in cover
  • Enable overlay content when it is fully opened


  • Added remove profile capability to accounts tool.
  • Added capability to update stringlist settings.
  • Port to libaccounts-qt version 1.13
  • Add getters/setters for Buteo external alwaysOn schedule properties.
  • Add getters/setters for Buteo external schedule properties.


  • Allow all page orientations that the application supports.
  • Check model item count before removing rows.
  • Added recent BT SIG profiles.


  • Use styled text for labels that contain tags.


  • Use auto text for labels that may have html tags.
  • Allow presence data to be provided to PresenceDetailsPage.
  • Fix the split view for inversed portrait.
  • fix failing dynamic column tests.
  • Dynamic column count for ImageGridView.


  • Added Mpris2 QML controls.
  • Replaced hinting with tap actions. Enabled selective controls.


  • Dynamic column count for video pickers.


  • Use styled text for TimezonePicker sublabel.


  • Fixed check for file.write failure
  • Fix badly scaling weather header item. Contributes to JB#24922


  • Decrease size of background shade in landscape.
  • Fix formatting of addresses.
  • Fix placeholder items in main page.
  • Enable landscape orientations.
  • Replace all
  • Use StyledText for label with html tags.
  • Limit active cover actions to one.
  • Add ‚openCurrentLocation‘ dbus service method.
  • Fix layout of context menu when orientation changes.
  • Adjust layout of save place dialog in landscape mode.
  • Dock drawer on left when in landscape mode.
  • Fix grid views in landscape orientations.
  • Fix search page in landscape orientation.
  • Hide headings in landscape mode.
  • Highlight search text in geocode results
  • Make directions dialog usable in landscape mode.
  • Set wrap mode for Eula page header.
  • Use styled text for labels that contain tags.
  • Use auto text for labels that may have html tags.
  • Use styled/auto text for labels that may have html tags.
  • Fix maps search and suggestions page busy indicator positioning.
  • Don’t geocode last known position.
  • Improve performance with large number of saved places.
  • Dynamic column count for favorites.


  • Bind allowedOrientations to defaultAllowedOrientations.


  • Fix UUID when recovering snapshot


  • Implement the clip swipe edge transition to tutorial.
  • Use auto text for labels that may have html tags.


  • Allow all orientations on larger screens.


  • Revert „Use plain text for DetailItem and ProgressBar.
  • Do not require specific haptics plugin.
  • Changed DeclarativeDragFilter::handleMouseRelease return type to void
  • Add horizontalPageMargins to DatePicker.
  • Add Theme.horizontalPageMargin.
  • Don’t crash in eventFilter if m_flickable->window() is NULL
  • Zoom factor 1.0 directory added as icon fallback path.
  • Allow all orientations for component gallery.
  • Allow all orientations for page/dialog based components.
  • defaultAllowedOrientation propertiy added for ApplicationWindow.
  • Default orientations properties added for ApplicationWindow.
  • Dynamic number of columns in YearMonthMenu.
  • Add medium date formatting without year.
  • Dynamically calculate the offset of the context menu.
  • Update highlight when dimensions of highlighted item change.
  • Set initial device orientation to primaryScreen orientation.
  • Search icons first from pixel ratio specific subfolder.
  • Theme.highlightText changed to return styled text always.
  • Use Label’s default text format for ViewPlaceholder and expose the property.
  • Allow using BusyIndicatorSize without private API.
  • Fix rendering of subpixel positioned faded labels.
  • Make sure the drag target is the current page before navigating.
  • Dynamic column count for ColorPicker.
  • fix typo in OpacityRampEffect’s documentation
  • Remove MLocalThemeDaemon cache, dropping a bunch of memory.


  • Add haptics dependency to hardware adaptation.
  • Remove obsolete reference to jolla-ui-configuration-sbj.qml.
  • Pixel-ratio dconf key added.
  • Adjust memnotify values once more when swap is taken in account.
  • Adjust memnotify values when swap is taken in account.
  • Add btrfs-balancer service for sbj adaptation.
  • Add bluetooth configuration to hw adaptation pattern.
  • split jolla camera dconf schema into hw and non-hw dependent parts.


  • Do not filter multicast on wlan,


  • allow qt5-qtmultimedia-plugin-audio-pulseaudio


  • power up/down proximity sensor on N9


  • Guard PendingCall against deletion by connected slots
  • Initialize private member ptr in ctor to avoid crash


  • Specify requested fields for Facebook calendar sync
  • Use Facebook API v2.2
  • Update to libaccounts-qt version 1.13
  • Improve logging from signon adapters
  • Fix exdate parsing in Google Calendar sync
  • Fix tzid parsing in Google Calendar sync
  • Fix Google Calendar recurrence sync
  • Removed obsolete dependency to libmeegotouchevents-qt5-devel
  • Fix Google Contact Sync
  • Remove stale / old codepaths
  • Use Buteo’s runtime-switchable logging macros
  • Use server timestamps when delta-syncing google calendar events


  • Download debuginfo packages only in USER state
  • Dump panic partition if we get kernel wd reset


  • Reduced in-memory cache size from 2Mb to 500Kb


  • Use enum Ssu::DeviceMode instead of int
  • Prevent ssu startup when system is shutting down.
  • Drop boardname support from ssu.


  • Add support for slipstreaming


  • use O_DIRECT accessing statefs files
  • support out-of-tree build
  • xattr support
  • set gid and file umask options during installation
  • use file_umask option for properties umask


  • use O_DIRECT accessing statefs files
  • support out-of-tree build
  • xattr support
  • set gid and file umask options during installation
  • use file_umask option for properties umask


  • do not crash in destructor when dumping metadata
  • add Level, ChargerType, ChargingState
  • do not start i/o when dumping metadata
  • add Energy/EnergyFull, use uW for Power
  • do not start i/o when dumping metadata
  • add open() to satisfy new statefs-pp api
  • use enums to identify properties
  • replace upower provider with udev one
  • spec generators can use regexp filters


  • DiscreteProperty is added
  • PropertyWriter is added
  • write support is added
  • added Mer.State/StateMonitor Qml component
  • StateProperty/ContextProperty components


  • Basic landscape support.
  • Allow checking for the same update again.
  • Check for OS update on each startup.
  • Explicitly state text format for styled label, as default is now PlainText.
  • Do not propagate OS update progress for Transaction::StatusUpdate.
  • Fix install status display. 1%..49% downloading, 50%..100% installing.
  • Pre-download packages using RoleInstallPackages instead of RoleDownloadPackages which does not properly cache.
  • Revert old workaround for installing more reliably with packagekit.
  • Close the application details page upon uninstall.
  • Don’t emit packageStatusChanged on D-Bus while first determining status.


  • Use g_message to log CredentialsNeedUpdate


  • Fix build by BuildRequires: pkgconfig(statefs)


  • Fix mining of files whose data was inserted by app
  • tracker-extract: mp3 passes album instead of song title to libmediaart


  • Updated to use Facebook API 2.2.
  • Don’t delete Accounts::Account.
  • Update to libaccounts-qt version 1.13.
  • Improve logging for CredentialsNeedUpdate.


  • Fix CVE-2014-9636
  • Fix CVE-2014-8139 in right way
  • Fix issue noticed on CVE-2014-9636 with OS/2.


  • let setup package own /var/log/lastlog


  • Moving obexd configs to hw adaptation side.


  • Make ofono and telepathy voicecall plugins conflicting


  • Limit active cover actions to one.
  • Cleanup tel: URIs before calling
  • Strip spaces, always show beginning
  • Updated specials invokation to use DBus service instead of LauncherItem and desktop files.
  • Updated specials invokation to use DBus services.
  • Use styled text for InCallView state label.
  • Maintain persistent search field visibility setting.


  • run-directory is automatically created and removed by wpa_s
  • enable CONFIG_IEEE80211N


  • Fix CVE-2014-9622
  • Fix lca patches because fuzz=2 was patching wrong section(s)
  • Fixes MER#719 : xdg-open uses lca-tool for files but not for URLs


  • Actually apply the patch to notify UI about CB changes
  • Notify UI code about changes in CompositionBounds
  • Avoid regular image discards when image locking is off
  • Configure system sqlite3 to use jemalloc