22.10.2015 – Firmware Update (Saimaa) – early access

os_20010Firmware Update (Saimaa)
early access


WICHTIG: ALLE PATCHES DEAKTIVIEREN !!! Und macht euch ein Backup!


Und nach Update ist zusätzlich das Update mit dem Namen Saimaa veröffentlicht.Aus Zeitmangel kann ich euch diesmal keine deutsche Übersetzung bieten. Ich versuche es die Tage mal… oder jemand der Lust hat hilft mir bei 🙂

Interessant ist, dass unter „Events View“ das Jolla Phone nicht mehr als „Phone“ sondern als „Jolla 1“ genannt wird  😉


Release Highlights

Android Support:

  • Fixed a communication issue when uninstalling an Android app from Jolla Store. APK daemon now sends the remove signal.
  • Several fixes to improve the first start of some Android apps

Alarm clock:

  • Alarms again work even if the phone has been turned off (given the battery is not empty)


  • Fixed the issue of missing ‚Freedom‘ ambience
  • Prevented ambience pictures from changing by themselves
  • Previewing ambience settings fixed – no more unexpected changes to sounds selected
  • Currently active ambience is now indicated in the list of ambiences
  • Creating ambience from images works in more robust way now
  • TOH tones are freely selectable for any ambience after installation of TOH package.


  • Adjusting the application volume of Android apps improved


  • On URL change (typically caused by redirection) the title text is no more cleared
  • Memory savings achieved in case where display is turned off while playing a video clip with the browser
  • Mobile Youtube changed their protocol – Browser adapted to the change
  • Password dialog did not trigger virtual keyboard on Google Authentication Forms. Fixed now.
  • Retweeting at twitter.com now possible


  • Week 1 for year 2016 added (week 53 of 2015 had caused a conflct)
  • Fix for the issue of yearly events created in Jolla calendar get corrupted when synced to Outlook


  • Incoming call used to break video recording so that it could not be continued after the call. This is fixed now.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the video being recorded to be corrupted sometimes if an incoming call is answered
  • EXIF data (manufacturer, model, resolution, aspect) fixed
  • Settings of the tablet camera corrected
  • Switching between landscape and portrait changes in camera roll does not change the picture any more


  • New cover design


  • Initial support for customer specific content added
  • Behaviour of PackageKit (compared to zypper) unified in determining which package version is considered higher


  • WLAN network scanning improved
  • WLAN network dialog got a longer timeout: timeout of password dialog changed from 3 to 5 minutes
  • Status of mobile data connection reliable now
  • Device keeps the Internet sharing name (tethering name) over OS updates

Developer mode:

  • Folder /opt/sdk is now created automatically to the device


  • Accounts: number of active notifications per email account limited to 100
  • Exchange: Improved the reliability of updating emails; showing mesage body fixed
  • Pulley menu in „Outbox“ has now options „Send“ or „Send all“ instead of „Update“

Events view

  • Jolla 1: Pick your favorite settings shortcuts to be shown in the Events view
  • Jolla 1: Perform your favorite actions directly from the Events view. E.g. connecting to internet, search the web, find your location, take a photo, make a note or add a reminder
  • Facebook notifications and recent Twitter tweets are back in Events
  • Improvements to housekeeping mode: „Clear notifications“ in pulley menu works now correctly, support added for clearing Facebook notifications
  • Mobile data icon on shortcut pulley menu is now in sync with the true status of the service
  • „Search the web“ quick action fixed
  • Notification group headers are again clickable also when the group has multiple messages
  • Quick Actions panel added to events view for Jolla 1


  • Split view is collapsed when video playback starts, i.e. playback in full screen.


  • Opening the app launcher from events view made easier
  • Phone: Don’t hide new alarm windows when the display is off.
  • New system dialog style

HW adaptation & kernel:

  • Graphics performance of tablet improved
  • Optimized bootup
  • Display power on and power off sequences improved
  • Changing system time no more causes dimming of display and locking of device
  • Touch recognition on tablet made to start faster
  • CPU governor tuned up for UI fluidity and power saving.


  • improvements to the translations of several UI texts


  • Using a search result works now reliably.


  • Issue of sender name missing from single message cover fixed; calculation of new message view height fixed
  • Fix for sending group SMS messages
  • Fix for viewing contact card from a group SMS
  • Reliability in case of heavy usage improved.


  • Fix for mounting micro SD cards to Jolla tablet.


  • Notes shared & opened via Email work correctly now.


  • Possible to make searches in PDF documents.


  • USSD push messages are now shown, allowing the user of prepaid SIM’s to follow the costs, for instance
  • Fixed the issue of making calls to exceptionally long phone numbers
  • Dismissing call should now work more reliably


  • Stability and usability of the new Settings app improved
  • Pulley menu on Lockscreen fixed
  • Flight mode: flight mode is reverted to the same status that it was in before starting an OS update

Account Settings:

  • Fixed the issue of not saving option „sync content manually“ in Yahoo account settings
  • Google account can now refresh credentials after backup/restore
  • SignOn identity in Exchange accounts now properly updated after password change
  • Sync options of different email accounts unified


  • Tablet emulator’s Opacity Ramp’s Slope corrected
  • RPM validator accepts now 4 different icon sizes, allowing more versatile 3rd party app icons
  • RPM validator allows more GLIBC symbols for i486 packages.
  • RPM validator allows to import QtQuick 2.2 and org.nemomobile.configuration
  • RPM validator now just warns if an app uses silica booster instead of silica – qt5 booster, apps written with Go can’t use silicat – qt5 booster.
  • Valid links to types and classes in Qt online documentation added to Silica HTML documentation

Security: – Android support: a media server vulnerability (Stagefright2 CVE – 2015 – 3842) fixed – Stagefright vulnerabilities (CVE – 2015 – 1538, CVE – 2015 – 1539, CVE – 2015 – 3824, CVE – 2015 – 3826, CVE – 2015 – 3827, CVE – 2015 – 3828, CVE – 2015 – 3829) fixed

Startup wizard:

  • Android Support started later now, only after the user has accepted to start installing Android apps
  • Re – installation of apps prevented if the wizard has been run before. Also prevents the Android Support icon appearing in Launcher.

UI elements:

  • sizes of objects (buttons, text fields, font sizes, etc.) and alignments refined in several places


  • Some glitches in the playback of recorded videos eliminated
  • Gstreamer: playing AIFF format fixed. Support for playing OPUS format added.
  • Gstreamer: a regression in RTSP stream playback fixed; makes Y-Radio work again
  • 1080p video recording implemented for tablet.



Full Change log



  • [zypp] Fixed implementation of finding newest package while resolving
  • [zypp] Use delta-rpms in the zypp backend where available.


  • Merge AOSP change to fix mediaserver vulnerability.
  • Backport stagefright vulnerability fix.


  • [ambienced] Parse display name and favorite on minimal parse.
  • [ambienced] Correct default ringtones for ambiences.
  • [ambienced] Add a model to allow selection of ambience tones.
  • [ambienced] Allow ambiences to specify a default tone should be used.
  • [ambienced] Update theme colors when an active ambience is changed.
  • [ambienced] Query screen resolution from dconf rather than the framebuffer.


  • [ambient-icons-closed] Copious symlink directories removed.
  • [ambient-icons-closed] Icons with scaling factor 1.25 added.


  • [partnerspace] Add.desktop categories for partner space apks.
  • [partnerspace] Write the package name to .desktop files.
  • [apkd] Improve finding uninstall candidate apk.
  • [partnerspace] Add.desktop categories for partner space apks.
  • [partnerspace] Create .desktop links for partner space apks.
  • [partnerspace] Write the package name to .desktop files.
  • [apkd] Implemented setting for Android runtime autostart.
  • [systemd] Start apkd D-Bus service by systemd only.


  • [buteo-sync-plugin-caldav] Correctly detect added persistent exception occurrences. Contributes to MER#1195
  • [buteo-sync-plugin-caldav] Deletions of series should invalidate exception deletions. Contributes to MER#1195
  • [buteo-sync-plugin-caldav] Treat generic CalDAV like Yahoo if address matches. Contributes to MER#1166


  • [carddav] Perform percent encodings and decodings on filenames as necessary. Fixes MER#1186


  • [sync] Exchange default sync schedule should be set for business hours.


  • [buteo-syncfw] Trigger external sync at start of rush period, if required. Fixes MER#1327


  • Remove perl from BuildRequires. MER#1271


  • [commhistoryd] Correctly restore notifications in older serialization format. Fixes MER#1273
  • [commhistory-daemon] Adapt to libcommhistory API changes. Contributes to MER#1174


  • [connman] wifi: Do not add frequency to hidden AP scan. MER#1252
  • [connman] Disable autoconnect while user is entering wifi password
  • [connman] Fix the problem with connecting to protected network for the first time.
  • [connman] Removed global failure_connect_interval logic
  • [connman] Clear disconnecting flag only on callback.
  • [connman] Mark associating network as available.
  • [connman] Don’t assume that default gateway acts as NTP server. MER#1155
  • [connman] Make signal strength polling less destructive.
  • [connman] Reset state to idle when disassociating service from network.
  • [connman] signalpoll: Prevent service link from being freed twice.


  • [networkmanager] Check for duplicate service names.
  • [connman-qt] Use 300 sec timeout instead of 180 secs.
  • [connman-qt] Fix segfault when flight mode is enabled. Fixes MER#1299
  • [connman-qt] Version 1.0.91. Fixes MER#1142 Fixes MER#1147
  • [connman-qt] Remove debug message about unknown technology
  • [packaging] Allow build from QtCreator with Mer SDK


  • [contactsd] Add CardDAV as sync trigger target. Contributes to MER#1169
  • [contactsd] Fix bug in synctrigger adaptive rate limit. Contributes to MER#1169


  • [crash-reporter] Move settings to „system“ section.


  • [csd] Add Pass/Fail buttons to Video test
  • [csd] Don’t hardcode video paths. Fixes JB#31486
  • [csd] Loop video playback until it has played 15 seconds of video
  • [csd] Only auto-pass video test in run-in test mode
  • [csd] Start video playback when video testing page is loaded
  • [csd] Remove replay button from stereo loudspeaker test.
  • Make stereo test louder.

  • [csd] Add satellite section to GPS page.
  • [csd] Pass GPS when at least one satellite is found.
  • [csd] Add satellite section to GPS page.
  • [csd] Pass GPS when at least one satellite is found.
  • [csd] Prevent blanking while executing run-in tests.


  • Update to 7.43.0. MER#1116
  • Fixes CVE-2015-3236
  • CVE-2015-3237


  • [declarative-transferengine] Don’t show „Restart“ for transfer plugins that disable this.
  • [declarative-transferengine] Truncate status text and fix service icon appearance


  • [silica-config] Make retail and demo silica configs conflict.
  • [silica-config] Add config package for retail demo mode.


  • [display] Correct display timing to be in sync with the specs
  • [governor] Remove unrecoverable cap on cpu speed on lowbatt boot (where lowbatt seems to be already at 20%)
  • [tbj] Display timing fix and frequency cap removed.
  • [droidboot] Added support of unsparsed images for customized partitions.
  • [gps] Use 0.sailfishos.pool.ntp.org as NTP_SERVER.


  • [flash] flash Phoenix BIOS with flash.sh.
  • [dconf] Hide flash menu from camera app for ov5648 and ov5693 hw.
  • [patterns] Add feature-jolla to 2.0.0 release.
  • [camera] switch ov5693 resolution to 1920×1080.
  • [camera] Update resolution text to match the resolution options.
  • [tbj] Link proper camera settings during bootup.
  • [mce] Tune memnotify values bit higher due zram.
  • [zram] configure zram-swap-devices and enable them.
  • [mce] Add display dimming configuration.
  • [flashing] Move wiping of ESP and reserved partitions after partitioning.
  • [mce] Add double tap enable/disable configuration file.


  • [tbj] Bring display on/off in line with spec.
  • [tbj] Do not cap cpu when no recovery is possible.
  • [actdead] Start mimimedia and minisf services for mp3 decoding.
  • [governor] Set ondemand as default cpu governor.
  • [gps] Use 0.sailfishos.pool.ntp.org as NTP_SERVER.
  • [rfid] Remove rfid_monzaxd daemon.
  • [touch] Changing msleep to usleep_range in resetting chip procedure.
  • [touch] Wakelock reduction to 500 ms.
  • [usb] Add PL2303 USB-serial driver.


  • [systemd] Start needed android binaries for mp3 decoding.


  • [droidmedia] Android 5.1 port.
  • [droidmedia] include stdbool.h in droidmedia.h since we use bool.
  • [droidmedia] Add DroidMediaBufferInfo and droid_media_buffer_get_info()
  • [droidmedia] Allow obtaining buffer info when we are acquiring and releasing a buffer without really consuming it.
  • [droidmedia] Allow creating a buffer from NV21 data.
  • [droidmedia] take into account different source and destination stride when we are filling a buffer with YV12 data.
  • [droidmedia] adapt for CyanogenMod 12.1 build
  • [droidmedia] Fixes for CM 12.1 build.


  • [embedlite-components] Remove no longer needed zoomToRect calls.
  • [sidebar] Copy Sidebar component to embedlite.
  • [embedlite-components] More UA override tweaking for youtube.com.
  • [rpm] Remove dependency on private xulrunner-qt5 pacakge libraries.
  • [embedlite-components] Tweak UA override for youtube.com.
  • [embedlite-components] Tweak UA to disable custom videocontrols at dailymotion.com.
  • [embedlite-components] Assume http in case of missing proto.


  • [eventsview-extensions] Only show feed items from enabled accounts.
  • [eventsview-extensions] Only check syncable accounts when Events view is opened.
  • [eventsview-extensions] Remove Facebook notifications when tapped in Events.
  • [eventsview-extensions] More scaling improvements for images in Twitter feed.
  • [eventsview-extensions] Show „Show more in [X]“ button when feed is expanded.
  • [eventsview-extensions] Avoid blurry scaling of images in social feed.
  • [eventsview-extensions] Only show „Show more in [X]“ button when necessary.
  • [eventsview-extensions] Show full notification count in group indicator
  • [eventsview-extensions] Don’t get stuck if „Clear notifications“ encounters non-removable items.
  • [eventsview-extensions] Auto-update Twitter feed when it is on-screen.
  • [eventsview-extensions] Set animationDuration on notification group header
  • [eventsview-extensions] Implement removeAllNotifications() for Events housekeeping.
  • [eventsview-extensions] Notify Events view of whether there are removable notifications.
  • [eventsview-extensions] Rename housekeepingAllowed to userRemovable.
  • [eventsview-extensions] Use animationDuration from Events view
  • [eventsview-extensions] Add individual Facebook notification removal and improve group removal.
  • [eventsview-extensions] Clean up following change to use Sailfish.Lipstick components
  • [eventsview-extensions] Use BoundedModel type.
  • [eventsview-extensions] Use NotificationExpansionButton type.
  • [eventsview-extensions] Use NotificationGroupHeader type.
  • [eventsview-extensions] Use NotificationGroupMember type.
  • [jolla-eventsview-extensions] Ensure delegates have integer height.
  • [eventsview-extensions] Implemented home2 version of Feeds UI.


  • [geoclue-hybris] Remove references to 3rd-party positioning providers.
  • [geoclue-hybris] Change copyright license to LGPLv2.1.
  • [geoclue-hybris] Add geoclue-hybris to net_raw group.
  • [geoclue-hybris] Always use queued connection from callback functions
  • [geoclue-hybris] Support building on Android 5.1.


  • [glib] Add 0001-networkaddress-fix-parsing-of-uri-with-after-authori.patch.


  • Remove SSLv3 from default priority list. MER#1262
  • Fix GNUTLS-SA-2015-2. MER#1094


  • [gst-droid] Fixes to allow droidcamsrc to output viewfinder raw data.
  • [droidcamsrc] Add the ability to output NV21 YUV data.
  • [droidcamsrc] set a proper crop rectangle for the raw YUV buffers.
  • [droideglsink] Add NV21 support.
  • [droideglsink] take into account different source and destination stride when we are filling a buffer with YV12 data.
  • [droidcamsrc] make anti flickering auto by default.
  • [droidadec] No need to post errors if set_format() is called with a format similar to what we have already
  • [droidcamsrc] always increment queued_frames even if we will drop the buffer.
  • [droidcamsrc] clear video queue after we unref all of its buffers
  • [droidcodec] don’t unref data buffer in create_aacdec_codec_data_from_codec_data()
  • [droidvdec] Don’t rely on stride to decide on external buffer usage.
  • [droidvdec] Take decoder provided height into account when we are converting to I420.


  • [gstreamer] Enable AIFF support.
  • [gstreamer] Enable opus support.
  • [gstreamer] enable glimagesink.


  • [moslo] ldconfig -p breaks when using mb or mb2 build scripts. Contributes to MER#1160


  • [sensorfw] ignore hybris compass raw sensor. Fixes MER#1223


  • [jolla-ambient] Icons with scaling factor 1.25 added.
  • [theme-jolla-ambient] Replace graphic-gallery-frame with SVG.
  • [jolla-ambient] Document icons available for 3rd party.
  • [jolla-ambient] icon-lockscreen-emergency-call, icon-phone-incoming-call and icon-phone-missed-call added.
  • [jolla-ambient] Cover icons changed to use „small“ icon size.


  • [jolla-camera] Hide flash menu if „flashValues“ setting is empty.
  • [jolla-gallery] Fix photo changing when changing orientation.
  • [jolla-camera] Clear default flashValues list and hide flash setting if hardware is not available.
  • [jolla-camera] Hide flash setting if hardware is not available.
  • [CaptureView] Solves initialization race condition on recording start and end time.
  • [jolla-camera] Black out video borders during playback.


  • [jolla-clock] Dismiss any pushed pages before handling newAlarm DBus signal.
  • [jolla-clock] Adjust alarm edit page to avoid scrolling with vkb open.
  • [jolla-clock] Fix stopwatch button position on phone.


  • [jolla-contacts] Do not override height binding for ContactBrowser.
  • [jolla-contacts] Add „import from Jolla“ option to wizard.
  • [jolla-contacts] Allow Homescreen to show app cover while loading when launched from DBus. C


  • [spec] Fix creating /opt/sdk and starting ssh service.


  • [jolla-email] Use –late in –user oneshot for upgrades.
  • [email] Increase plain-text email font size on tablet.
  • [email] Pulley menu in „Outbox“ should say „Send all“ not „Update“.
  • [mailto] Decode properly body parameter in mailto links.
  • [email] Make sure „Create new email“ option is enabled after adding new account to Mail app.
  • [jolla-email] Show ‚No accounts‘ placeholder in CombinedInbox view.


  • [jolla-gallery] Always show the edit dialog on create ambience.
  • [jolla-gallery] Return to previous state after minimize/restore.
  • [jolla-gallery] Black out video borders during playback.


  • [jolla-gallery-ambience] Query ringtones from ambienced.
  • [ambience-settings] Don’t re-activate the current ambience implicitly.
  • [ambience-settings] Add an indicator for the current ambience.


  • [Accounts] Added new AccessTokensProvider component.
  • [Fullscreen] Every picture gets the proper accessToken.
  • [PhotoGrid] Removed inexistent API and clean code.


  • [jolla-keyboard] Implement hindi keyboard.
  • [jolla-keyboard] Use smaller touch offset for language selection on large screen.


  • [DockedPanel] Close the panel when the queue is empty.


  • [jolla-messages] Minimize changes to conversation participants.
  • [jolla-messages] Send broadcast message to intended recipients.
  • [jolla-messages] Fix sender name on single message cover.
  • [jolla-messages] Fix new message view height calculation.
  • [jolla-messages] Do not quit after prestart expiration if activated.
  • [jolla-messages] Use asynchronous message transmission.
  • [jolla-messages] Keep jolla-messages -prestart running for at least 20 sec.
  • [jolla-messages] Create the conversation attached page only when required.
  • [jolla-messages] Do not allow SMS type selection without modem.
  • [jolla-messages] Mark read messages as such regardless of their delivery status.
  • [message] Update view placeholder to support non-cellular configurations.


  • [jolla-notes] Add oneshot script to set as default mimetype handler.


  • [preload-ambiences] Harmony background image updated to a darker version.
  • [preload-ambiences] Dithering applied to Origami background image.
  • [preload-ambiences] Add default tones for all pre-installed ambiences.
  • [preload-ambiences] Set a default ringtone for the Sailing ambience.


  • [jolla-settings] Remove PIN settings on tablet.
  • [jolla-settings] Don’t show accounts and apps inline.
  • [jolla-settings] Reduce the number of quick actions shown on phone.
  • [jolla-settings] Have maximum size for page links in grid.
  • [jolla-settings] Update to new design.
  • [jolla-settings] Support opening location settings via D-Bus.


  • [jolla-settings-accounts] Initialize m_recreatingCredentials boolean.
  • [jolla-settings-accounts] Use –late in –user oneshots.
  • [jolla-settings-accounts] Show „Forgot your password?“ hint when updating Jolla credentials.
  • [jolla-settings-accounts] Don’t show settings inline on front page.
  • [settings-accounts] Increase width of „[X] Terms of Service“ buttons
  • [twitter] Add Twitter setting to configure Events feed auto-sync.
  • [settings-accounts] Add „Manually“ option to off-peak sync schedules.
  • [jolla-settings-accounts] Ensure we update all Twitter sync profiles on save.
  • [jolla-settings-accounts-extensions] Add 5 minute interval option for Twitter.
  • [jolla-settings-accounts] Update to new design.
  • [jolla-settings-accounts-extensions] Allow „auto“ sync setting for C*DAV accounts.
  • [jolla-settings-accounts-extensions] Show onlinesync schedule configuration even if services are not enabled
  • [jolla-settings-accounts] Recreate credentials if required.
  • [settings-accounts] Hide NetworkCheckDialog main text and Connect button when connection selector is visible.
  • [jolla-settings-accounts-extensions] Show onlinesync schedule configuration even if services are not enabled
  • [settings-accounts] Hide NetworkCheckDialog main text and Connect button when connection selector is visible.
  • [settings-accounts] Don’t show Jolla SUW creation flow after deleting a pre-existing account.
  • [jolla-settings-accounts] For now, sync all accounts when user requests to sync an account.
  • [jolla-settings-accounts] Reload main account object in account settings when sign-in credentials are updated.
  • [jolla-settings-accounts] Don’t remove Jolla account when updating.
  • [jolla-settings-accounts] For now, sync all accounts when user requests to sync an account.
  • [jolla-settings-accounts] Reload main account object in account settings when sign-in credentials are updated.
  • [jolla-settings-accounts] Use systemd service instead of oneshot script to update existing accounts.
  • [jolla-settings-accounts] Allow services to be enabled/disabled as expected.
  • [jolla-settings-accounts] Remove „Download feeds/tweets since“ option.
  • [jolla-settings-accounts] Only enable cDAV schedules if explicitly enabled.


  • [settings-bluetooth] Hide main pulley menu when discovery cannot be performed.


  • [WlanFav] When activated, added busy delay to connect or pop up the conns dialog.
  • [settings-networking] enable tether switch during roaming when tethering is already running.
  • [settings-networking] Avoid number mode restriction on ip addressses.
  • [jolla-settings-networking] Add mobile registration denied status label.
  • [jolla-settings-networking] Add „Connect“ item to the WLAN network menu.


  • [jolla-settings-sailfishos] Don’t show download hint until you can download.
  • [jolla-settings-sailfishos] Don’t enter offline mode in settings side


  • [datetime] Sync with jolla-settings-system 0.3.51.
  • [developermode] Change category from security to system.


  • [jolla-settings-system] Allow reordering of quick actions.
  • [jolla-settings-system] Enable automatic time zone update only if cellular data is available.
  • [settings-system] „About“ page: add „Sailfish OS 2.0“ title and rename „Sailfish OS“ to „Build“.
  • [settings-system] Use „Orientation lock“ instead of „Display“ for relevant setting.
  • [jolla-settings-system] Enable automatic time zone update only if cellular data is available.
  • [jolla-settings-system] Query available ringtones from ambienced. C
  • [jolla-settings-system] Added a setting for controlling the lid sensor.
  • [jolla-settings-system] Improve behavior of SoundDialog with no prior selection.
  • [jolla-settings-system] Changed Buttons to use preferredWidth instead of width.
  • [jolla-settings-system] Emergency call icon renamed.


  • [startup-wizard] Ensure app installation pages are only created once.
  • [startup-wizard] Skip to tutorial if SUW has been run before.
  • [startup-wizard] Don’t indicate app will be installed until dialog is accepted.


  • [sbj] Fix saturated ALS lux reporting.
  • [sbj] Update to stable v3.4.108
  • [stable] Merge linux-stable v3.4.108


  • [libcommhistory] Keep numbers with empty minimization separate. Contributes to MER#1315
  • [libcommhistory] Include devel dependency via pkgconfig. Fixes MER#1274
  • [commhistory-tool] Add ‚listcontact‘ option to list events for a contact
  • [commhistory-tool] Add ‚resolve‘ option to listcalls
  • [libcommhistory] Add ContactFetcher class
  • [libcommhistory] Add SingleContactEventModel. Contributes to MER#1260
  • [libcommhistory] Fix CallModel grouping by contacts. Contributes to MER#1259
  • [libcommhistory] Provide asynchronous interface for message send. Contributes to MER#1240
  • [libcommhistory] Query libcontacts for correct phone number resolution. Contributes to MER#1249
  • [libcommhistory] Unit test fixes. Contributes to MER#1249
  • [libcommhistory] Add Recipient and RecipientList to represent UID pairs
  • [libcommhistory] Change unfiltered ConversationModel behavior
  • [libcommhistory] Event knows if its recipients are resolved
  • [libcommhistory] Improve model loading times. Contributes to MER#1174
  • [libcommhistory] Remove unused declarative ContactAddressLookup type
  • [libcommhistory] Restore RecentContactsModel::requiredProperty
  • [libcommhistory] Simplify contact update signals


  • [libcontacts] Do not start timers during application close. Contributes to MER#1267
  • [libcontacts] Report invalid addresses as unknown. Contributes to MER#1260
  • [libcontacts] Only defer display-off processing in GUI apps. Contributes to MER#1249
  • [libcontacts] Adjust fetch hint for non-completing address resolution. Contributes to MER#1174
  • [libcontacts] Correctly initialize status flags. Contributes to MER#1206


  • [systemd] Cosmetic fixes for service files for odnpd and slpgwd.


  • [update] update libhybris. Fixes NEMO#844
  • [upstreamed] Revert „Revert „Fix calling gl* functions without loading them with eglGetProcAddress““


  • [libqofono] Handle NotifcationReceived and RequestReceived signals.
  • [libqofono] Expose availableTechnologies. Fixes MER#1167


  • [tests] Increased the amount of data for tst_QSparqlTrackerDirect::destroy_connection_partially_iterated_results. Fixes MER#1 192


  • [libsocialcache] Added SocialImageCache and related database. Contributes to MER#1163
  • [libsocialcache] Handle identifier strings correctly. Contributes to MER#1268
  • [libsocialcache] Add accountIdFilter for facebook notifications and twitter posts models. Fixes MER#1268
  • [facebook] Add FacebookNotificationsModel::removeNotification().
  • [facebook] Clear the model when removeAllNotifications() is called. Fixes MER#1205
  • [libsocialcache] Emit countChanged() when model data is added or removed. Fixes MER#1205
  • [facebook] The „All“ album only has a userId when the search is for a single user. Fixes MER#1197
  • [facebook] Homogenize the Q_FOREACH usage in FacebookImageCacheModel. Contributes to MER#1193
  • [facebook] Summation of pictures in albums to calculate the pictures per user. Fixes MER#1193
  • [libsocialcache] Bump pkgconfig version and version. Contributes to MER#1176
  • [libsocialcache] Added removeAllNotifications to FacebookNotificationsDatabase. Contributes to MER#1176
  • [libsocialcache] Added SocialImageCache and related database.


  • [homescreen] Implement shortcut/quick action editing.
  • [eventsview] Fix events view pulley menu not opening.
  • [eventsview] Fix shortcuts menu appearing on top of events feed.
  • [homescreen] Don’t hide new alarm windows when the display is off.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Report the subset of remote notification actions.
  • [lipstick-jolla] Remove nodeadkey key layout option.
  • [eventsview] Resize social media delegates only when needed.
  • [eventsview] Fix shortcuts positioning when removing a row.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Enter the launcher edit mode when finger is held still.
  • [eventsview] Separate shouldAutoSyncAccount() check from accountsList().
  • [eventsview] Fix opening launcher from within events view.
  • [eventsview] Make EventFeedSocialSubviewModel only return accounts with auto-sync enabled.
  • [eventsview] Replace „Remind me“ text with „Set an alarm“.
  • [eventsview] Don’t allow housekeeping mode entry when there are no removable notifications.
  • [homescreen] Allow inverted orientations with orientation lock.
  • [eventsview] Fix reference to expandingItemConn.targetYOffset
  • [lockscreen] Hide pulley menu when screen is turned off.
  • [eventsview] Adjust events view right margin for notification texts.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Remember volume position set by volume gesture.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Only show Application-type covers in the Home screen.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Limit notification counts to ’99+‘.
  • [eventsview] Don’t scroll Events unnecessarily when a group is expanded.
  • [eventsview] Prevent Events contentY from changing unexpectedly when returning to Events view.
  • [eventsview] Remove unused timer for resetting Events contentY
  • [lockscreen] After system initialization allow events view access.
  • [eventsview] Don’t get stuck if „Clear notifications“ encounters non-removable items.
  • [eventsview] Use updated dbus path for „Search the web“ quick action.
  • [homescreen] Add settings favorites / quick actions view to phone events view.
  • [notifications] Reduce high memory usage due to binding evaluation.
  • [homescreen] Make events shortcuts panel look like a menu.
  • [eventsview] Apply fade animation when entering/exiting Events housekeeping
  • [eventsview] Fade in social feeds view when swiping in from Lockscreen.
  • [eventsview] Provide feeds view with access to Desktop.eventsViewVisible
  • [eventsview] Show Facebook notifications before Twitter feed.
  • [eventsview] Suppress notification warnings
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Do not calculate group properties during population.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Use internalTimestamp property to optimize notification models
  • [eventsview] Remove check before connecting to sourceModel clearRequested().
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] New two-part design for the launcher edge indicator.
  • [homescreen] Prevent covers being scrolled off screen during a column change.
  • [eventsview] Don’t show Events placeholder while social feed notifications are being removed.
  • [eventsview] Enable „Clear notifications“ when social feeds list has removable notifications.
  • [eventsview] Implement notification housekeeping for social feeds.
  • [eventsview] Load social feeds view asynchronously
  • [eventsview] Pass animationDuration to social feeds view
  • [homescreen] Ensure switcher covers entire homescreen.
  • [homescreen] Improve launching cover timeout.
  • [homescreen] Add an indicator or the current ambience.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Do not use transitions for animation.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Ensure status bar returns to correct position.
  • [eventsview] Move notification AddAnimation and RemoveAnimation to exported module.
  • [eventsview] Use notification animations from StandardGroupMember and run them conditionally.
  • [homescreen] Fix scrollbar showing unnecessarily on switcher.
  • [eventsview] Don’t update the DelegateModel twice when changing from three items to four
  • [eventsview] Improve smoothness of notification add animations.
  • [eventsview] Only move „Show more“ button when notification group is removable
  • [eventsview] Remove EventFeedList opacity animation and remove unused margin
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Don’t hide the current window when activating a notification.
  • [eventsview] Add BoundedModel type.
  • [eventsview] Add import for BoundedModel.
  • [eventsview] Add NotificationExpansionButton type.
  • [eventsview] Add NotificationGroupHeader type.
  • [eventsview] Add NotificationGroupMember type and remove NotificationSocialGroupMember.
  • [eventsview] Bind to eventsLayer.housekeeping instead of keeping own properties
  • [eventsview] Expansion button’s press effect should extend to notification list width
  • [eventsview] Fix position of Events ViewPlaceholder.
  • [eventsview] Mark some NotificationItem properties as internal and group related properties
  • [eventsview] Move non-empty social feed check to hasNotifications binding
  • [eventsview] Move NotificationIndicator into shared module.
  • [eventsview] Remove unnecessary margin between notifications and social feeds
  • [eventsview] Use ViewPlaceholder for Events empty state.
  • [homescreen] Activate launcher if needed when interacting while hinting.
  • [homescreen] Change notification banner background to black.
  • [homescreen] Dismiss the lockscreen if an application is raised and another layer is active.
  • [homescreen] Don’t allow setting pannable currentItem while panning.
  • [homescreen] Don’t block touches to pulley menu in events housekeeping.
  • [homescreen] Don’t go through the homescreen when re-activating the current application.
  • [homescreen] Ensure busy indicator runs until app is launched.
  • [homescreen] Ensure contentHeight is int so that mouse events are ignored at end.
  • [homescreen] Fix launcher indicator flash over app when bottom closing launcher.
  • [homescreen] Fix powermenu dimmer flash on swipe dismiss.
  • [homescreen] Fix previous busy ongoing call button change.
  • [homescreen] Fix stuck homescreen after minimizing an android app.
  • [homescreen] Fix temporary covers being removed prematurely.
  • [homescreen] Go directly to the call dialog if the display is off.
  • [homescreen] Hide switcher scrollbar when view zooms.
  • [homescreen] Make sure the swicther doesn’t reset pos while visible.
  • [homescreen] Return to the initial home layer when a peek is cancelled.
  • [homescreen] Show busy ongoing call button if voicecall-ui is unresponsive/not running.
  • [homescreen] Use the same policy for adjusting OOM score for „background“ apps.
  • [homescreen] Zoom out the switcher while waiting for an application to launch.
  • [jolla-lipstick] Adapt System dialog to new style and api.
  • [lipstick-jolla] Adapt to flipped transpose value on dialog paddings.
  • [lipstick-jolla] Fix connectivity selector size on keyboard open.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Add no weather location set state.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Delay notifications placeholder while removing.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Don’t explicitly set feeds repeater height.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Enable covers for the in-call view without showing the dialer window.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Ensure notifications are opaque during remove pause.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Fade out notifications when lockscreen is inactive.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Fix application window being raised too soon.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Hide device lock when pin entered.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Immediately show device unlock screen when requested.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Implemented new feeds UI.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Make sure to set the oom score of new apps.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Make system dialogs follow the topmost window orientation.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Scroll to show expanded notifications.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Show ‚Minimum‘ instead of ‚Muted‘ when on a phone call.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Turn on cover action debugging.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Use wallpaper dimmer when on the device lock.
  • [lipstick-jolla] Proper onClick handler for volume warning note.
  • [lockscreen] Allow interaction with the homescreen during vignette.
  • [lockscreen] Fix on going call handling.
  • [eventsview] Correct y pos of notifications list when collapsed.
  • [homescreen] Use a common type for the home and application wallpapers.


  • [lipstick] Cull excessive notifications at restart. Contributes to MER#1244
  • [lipstick] Cache notification values to optimize comparisons. Contributes to MER#1221
  • [lipstick] Sort notifications before population to reduce comparisons. Contributes to MER#1221
  • [lipstick] Fix broken fallback logic for HWC nodes.
  • [lipstick] Force normal composition when we get SHM buffers.
  • [lipstick] Do not trigger preview when notification is updated. Contributes to MER#1187
  • [lipstick] Identify Android notifications by package name. Contributes to MER#1185
  • [battery] Notify about charging completion only once. Fixes MER#1171
  • [lipstick] Fix crash on double remove request on notifications.
  • [lipstick] Export screen size as dconf keys. Contributes to MER#1124
  • [lipstick] Don’t show unlock notification when in charging only mode. Contributes to MER#1161
  • [lipstick] Emit signal when the unlock screen should be immediately shown. Contributes to MER#1161
  • [lipstick] Add documentation package for notifications. Contributes to MER#1158


  • [maliit-framework] Add support for hw keyboard state tracking.
  • [maliit-framework] enable contextkit hw keyboard state tracking


  • [cleanup] Remove unused filter-brightness-simple plugin. Fixes MER#1290
  • [cleanup] Remove unused median_filter module. Contributes to MER#1290
  • [cleanup] Remove tests scripts that are not needed or do not work. Fixes MER#1289
  • [datapipe] Allow array based setup to install filter callbacks.
  • [inactivity] Block suspend during inactivity broadcast.
  • [inactivity] Use heartbeat timer to enter inactive state.
  • [evdev_trace] Swap –trace and –identify.
  • [evdev_trace] Use line buffered mode for stdout.
  • [osupdate] Collect system logs while OS update takes place.
  • [tklock] Add setting to disable input device grabbing. Fixes MER#1250
  • [activity] Allow both monotonic and realtime input event time stamps.
  • [proximity] Optionally make proximity sensor behave like lid sensor. Fixes MER#1201
  • [tklock] Add setting for lid open/close actions. Fixes MER#1202
  • [lid sensor] Evaluate input enable/disable on sensor change.
  • [doubletap] Disable double tap detection when lid is closed.
  • [callstate] Allow simulating also outgoing calls.
  • [callstate] Tune diagnostic logging and other minor fixes
  • [mce] Improve touch detection logic used in blanking policy handling.


  • [led] Add support for binary on/off led types.
  • [led] Use step function to blink binary led.
  • [yuga] Add support for Sony Xperia Z rgb led. Fixes MER#859


  • [mkcal] Bump version. Contributes to MER#1246
  • [mkcal] Use directory as semaphore ftok id. Contributes to MER#1246
  • [mkcal] Bump version. Contributes to MER#1246
  • [mkcal] Fix inter-process locking of sqlite storage. Contributes to MER#1246


  • [mlite] Don’t emit Qt signals directly from glib events. Fixes MER#1232
  • [mremoteaction] Add a missing include that breaks builds with newer Qt


  • [mbpi] Added MMS settings for Hot Mobile (Israel). MER#902
  • [mbpi] Updated MMS settings for Free Mobile (France). MER#902
  • [mbpi] Added MCC=310 MNC=410 for Cricket Wireless. MER#902
  • [mbpi] Fixed MMS proxy address for Cricket Wireless (MER#902)


  • [mpris] Missing bits for Mpris singleton in the examples. Fixes MER#1156
  • [rpm] Released 0.0.4


  • [nemo-qml-plugin-calendar] Detect orphan events. Contributes to MER#1247


  • [nemo-qml-plugin-configuration] Add ConfigurationValue test.
  • [nemo-qml-plugin-configuration] Remove Qt 4 and yaml support


  • [attachments] Save temporary attachments inside a separated folder per account.


  • [nemo-qml-plugin-email] Improvements to folderListModel.
  • [qml-plugin-email] Use systemd to start messageserver if down.


  • [nemo-qml-plugin-notifications] Documentation improvements. Contributes to MER#1157


  • [displaysettings] Added a property to DisplaySettings for controlling the lid sensor.


  • [transfer-engine] Initialize angle and mirrored variables in metadata handling. Fixes MER#1278 nspr
  • Update to version 4.10.9. Contributes to MER#1254 nss
  • Update to 3.19.2. Fixes MER#1254
  • Fixes CVE-2015-2721,
  • CVE-2015-2730


  • [obex] Adapt to libcommhistory API changes.


  • [spec] Fixed configure option. MER#531
  • [ofono] MER#1263
  • [ofono] Added org.ofono.DebugLog interface. MER#531


  • [ohm-plugins-misc] Updated telepathy CallChannel interface path.
  • [packaging] Create file for git-version-gen script.


  • Fix „undefined instructions“-message storms. MER#1238
  • Drop support for __secure_getenv. MER#1239
  • Increment version in spec and changelog due new requirements. MER#1243
  • Disable SSLv3 per default. MER#1266


  • [patterns] Include demo-configs-silica to Intex demo image.
  • [patterns] Add Intex default ambience package.
  • [patterns] Add silica config to retail and demo patterns.
  • [patterns] Create Intex demo image pattern.
  • [patterns] Remove documents demo content package for now.


  • [partnerspace-launcher] Fix GCC 4.8 compilation.


  • Fix Powertop on Baytrail platform. Fixes MER#1251


  • [systemd] Make proper D-Bus activation by systemd.


  • [util] Make attached devices parsing more tolerant of unknown devices. Fixes MER#1265


  • [sink] Sleep after stream writing blocks. Fixes MER#1212
  • [util] Make attached devices parsing more tolerant of unknown devices. Fixes MER#1265


  • [mainvolume] Fix listening time notifier signalling wrong step. Fixes MER#1264


  • Update to upstream version 2.7.9.
  • [packaging] Convert to tar_git
  • [packaging] Python 2.7.9 (fixes MER#861)
  • [spec] Add python-rpmlintrc
  • [tests] Fix tests to work without SSLv3 support in SSLv23(). MER#1269
  • Don’t package dl and imageop on aarch64 too, doesn’t get built for it.


  • [qmf-eas-plugin] Set update_credentials value correctly.
  • [qmf-eas-plugin] Correctly update identities when credentials change.
  • [qmf-eas-plugin] Notify new messages.


  • [qmf-notifications] Limit the number of active notifications per account. Fixes MER#1241


  • [qtbase] make UnknownAccessibility not block requests. Fixes MER#1242
  • [qtbase] report correct NetworkAccessibility. Fixes MER#1028


  • [qtdeclarative] Fix build by requiring qthelp-devel tools. Contributes to MER#1181
  • [qtdeclarative] Use http://doc.qt.io/qt-5 for doc url configuration. Fixes MER#1245
  • [qtdeclarative] Create documentation packages in release mode. Fixes MER#1181


  • [sensorfw] Only register plugins that sensorfw plugin can. Fixes MER#1253
  • [qtsensors] add vbox sensor plugin for emulator


  • [qt5-qttools] Add run-time dependencies for qhelpgenerator. Fixes MER#1190


  • [multitouch] Produce separate events for every pressed or removed touch point.


  • [sailfish-browser] Update context menu’s tabModel upon showing.
  • [sailfish-browser] Add environment variable for enabling qml debugging.
  • [sailfish-browser] Fix tab model title clearing upon url change.
  • [sailfish-browser] Prevent gecko from rendering when screen is off.
  • [sailfish-browser] Don’t take focus away from the page when VKBD is closed.
  • [sailfish-browser] Use .ui service when launching browser for the purpose of opening a URL.
  • [sailfish-browser] Use /ui dbus adaptor path for org.sailfishos.browser.ui service.
  • [sailfish-browser] Send „low-memory“ notification to gecko on warning/critical memory level.
  • [tests] Exploite googlemock to control test env.
  • [tests] Increase code coverage by tst_persistenttabmodel
  • [history] Use actual current URL when modifying session history.
  • [sailfish-browser] Fix virtual keyboard first time opening.
  • [sailfish-browser] Trigger compositing surface clear earlier.
  • [test] Add tst_declarativewebcontainer to auto tests
  • [sailfish-browser] Align the quick scroll bar to the right edge.
  • [sailfish-browser] Fix favorite grid layout.
  • [sailfish-browser] Fix overlay clipping.
  • [sailfish-browser] Fix the browser cover not showing when there are no open tabs.
  • [sailfish-browser] Reset glScissor state before clering the surface.
  • [sailfish-browser] Enable „Content Security Policy“ spec compliant mode.
  • [sailfish-browser] Reimplement unittests for PersistentTabModel.
  • [sailfish-browser] Improve bookmark handling.
  • [sailfish-browser] Revoke geolocation permissions upon app restart.
  • [sailfish-browser] Disable decoder limit workaround.
  • [sailfish-browser] Fix dummy error from bookmark model tests.
  • [sailfish-browser] Insert new tab next to the parent tab.
  • [sailfish-browser] Update tab highlight when a tab is changed.
  • [refactoring] Simplify DeclarativeTabModel’s structure
  • [sailfish-browser] Use persistent connection to update tab titles.
  • [sailfish-browser] Polish orientation fading animation.
  • [sailfish-browser] Verify that active tab is completed when virtualizing.


  • [sailfish-components-accounts] Allow zero value for sync schedule interval.
  • [sailfish-components-accounts] Emit peakIntervalChanged() signal from setPeakSchedule()


  • [sailfish-components-bluetoot] Paired devices header and progress bar can be in an Item rather than a Column


  • [sailfish-components-contacts] Include VKB height in search list height.
  • [sailfish-contacts] Fix focus loop when selecting a contact.


  • [sailfish-components-gallery] Allow setting SplitViewPage minimize behavior.
  • [Thumbnails] Make it possible to use the thumbnails without them belonging in a Grid.


  • [pickers] Add custom orientation transition with custom background. sailfish-eas
  • [sailfish-eas] Requesting messages in plain text only for Drafts folder.
  • [sailfish-eas] SendMailRequest tests are implemented.
  • [sailfish-eas] Yearly events created in Jolla calender get corrupted when synced to Outlook.
  • [sailfish-eas] Email messages adding/fetching are fixed for open exchange server.
  • [sailfish-eas] Fixed attachments downloading for Open Exchange account.
  • [sailfish-eas] Fixed fetching of the email parts from Open Exchange account. Changed Ping request default heartbeat interval.
  • [sailfish-eas] MeetingResponse request tests are implemented.
  • [sailfish-eas] SignOn identity is not changed after password change.
  • [sailfish-eas] SyncRequest tests are implemented.
  • [sailfish-eas] Eas daemon MeetingResponse command should have unit-tests.
  • [sailfish-eas] LastVerb changes shouldn’t cause full email update.
  • [sailfish-eas] OptionsRequest tests are implemented.
  • [sailfish-eas] PingRequest tests are implemented.


  • [sailfish-maps] Decrease map thumbnail text sizes.
  • [sailfish-maps] Make sure Map thumbnail labels are displayed untruncated inside the grid item.
  • [sailfish-maps] Combine map thumbnail and enable location tiles.
  • [sailfish-maps] Only show a single placeholder row.
  • [sailfish-maps] Update PlaceView for tablet sized screens.
  • [sailfish-maps] Add access for location settings.
  • [sailfish-maps] Display notification when phone number is copied to clipboard.
  • [sailfish-maps] Don’t perform a geocode on center position when showing search results.
  • [sailfish-maps] Only adjust drawer height if fittedHeight is greater than default height.
  • [sailfish-maps] Use default place zoom with single search result.
  • [sailfish-maps] Display notification when phone number is copied to clipboard.
  • [sailfish-maps] Don’t perform a geocode on center position when showing search results.
  • [sailfish-maps] Use default place zoom with single search result.
  • [sailfish-maps] Only adjust drawer height if fittedHeight is greater than default height.


  • [office] Add a search engine to PDFDocument objects.
  • [office] Add a toolbar to access pages and ToC.
  • [office] Create a toolbar component that appears when view is flicked up.
  • [office] Implement the interface for the search capability.
  • [office] Search inside PDF documents.
  • [office] Correct zooming, increase the maximum zoom and disable the zoom proxy.
  • [sailfish-office] Install a separate .desktop file for mime-type handling.


  • [sailfish-tutorial] Prevent touching immediately on tapping „Play again“.
  • [sailfish-tutorial] Add black background to launcher grid.
  • [sailfish-tutorial] Hide events view when not visible on screen.
  • [sailfish-tutorial] Remove excessive overdraw from tablet gallery lesson.
  • [sailfish-tutorial] Remove transparency from gallery grid.
  • [sailfish-tutorial] Incoming and missed call icons renamed.


  • [sailfish-weather] Add com.jolla.weather D-Bus service.


  • [sailfish-silica] Keep scroll decorators between 0 and width/height.
  • [sailfishsilica] TimePicker: Add missing precision specifier in a shader.
  • [silica] Replace custom javascript weeknumber with QDate::weekNumber().
  • [sailfish-silica] Image provider now supports theme icon subdir with two decimals.
  • [sailfishsilica] Set ContextMenu highlight height equal to MenuItem.
  • [sailfish-silica] Bind TextSwitch description width to that of label
  • [sailfish-silica] Remove extra padding to left of icon in IconTextSwitch.
  • [sailfish-silica] Ignore press-and-hold when no menu is set.
  • [sailfish-silica] Link references to QML types to their documentation where possible
  • [sailfish-silica] Make docs link to to QtQml and QtQuick online docs.
  • [sailfish-silica] Remove hardcoded links to online docs for QtQml and QtQuick types
  • [sailfishsilica] Fix Opacity Ramp slope slider in gallery.
  • [sailfishsilica] Fix disabling of layers in non-faded label.
  • [sailfishsilica] Fix ContextMenus with TruncationMode.Fade MenuItems.
  • [sailfishsilica] Don’t try to fast scroll a view which can’t scroll.
  • [sailfish-silica] Fix include extraimages in the html documentation
  • [silica] Use day diff as calendar days with Formatter.DurationElapsed.
  • [sailfish-silica] Add a property to specify the top level window.
  • [sailfish-silica] Add private _quickScrollRightMargin for SilicaGridView.
  • [sailfish-silica] Allow covers to be shown independently of the main window.
  • [sailfish-silica] Fix application window size for landscape screens.
  • [sailfishsilica] Fix merge of SAILFISH_HAVE_COVER change.
  • [sailfish-silica] Fix orientation handling for landscape screen.
  • [sailfishsilica] Fix pause/resume of TouchInteractionHint on active window change.
  • [sailfish-silica] Function for showing VerticalScrollDecorator.
  • [sailfishsilica] Reduce click animation duration for quickSelect menus.
  • [sailfishsilica] Reduce pulley select animation duration.
  • [sailfishsilica] Set SAILFISH_HAVE_COVER property if the app provides a cover.
  • [silica] Register default font on silica import instead of theme singleton reference.
  • [silica] Shorter pull down hint on bigger screens.
  • [sailfishsilica] Reduce click animation duration for quickSelect menus.


  • [gstreamer] drop obsolete gstreamer from the patterns.


  • [conf] allow QtQuick 2.2
  • [conf] allow GLIBC_2.0 and GLIBC_2.1.3 i486 arch requires it
  • [conf] some more allowed requires for i486
  • [script] allow intel glib main symbol
  • [script] allow intel arch
  • [tests] symbols pass now, with allowed i486 arch
  • [tests] update tests to allow intel binaries
  • [tests] update tests to new allowed i486 glibc libs
  • [conf] Allow nemo-qml-plugin-configuration-qt5,
  • [script] don’t enforce use of silica-qt5 booster
  • [script] accept multiple icon sizes
  • [tests] add 108,128 and 256 icons to harbour-good
  • [tests] add harbour-bad-noicon project
  • [tests] add harbour-bad-noicon rpm
  • [tests] add harbour-bad-noicon to testrun
  • [tests] add new harbour-good rpms
  • [tests] add new icons to harbour-good rpm
  • [tests] remove old harbour-good rpms
  • [tests] take new harbour-good rpms into use
  • [tests] update expected output for tests
  • [conf] more GLIBC versions
  • [conf] Allow more GLIBC stuff and order by version
  • [tests] set LC_ALL=C, which should give more consistent results
  • [tests] update tests, note sort order changed in mersdk


  • [sdk-info] Update SDK FAQ URL


  • [sensorfw] ignore hybris compass raw sensor. Fixes MER#1223


  • [buteo-sync-plugins-social] Guard notebook pointer access. Contributes to MER#1173
  • [buteo-sync-plugins-social] Only sync new Facebook notifications. Contributes to MER#1175
  • [buteo-sync-plugins-social] Optimise FB Image sync selection. Contributes to MER#1124
  • [buteo-sync-plugins-social] Manage social image cache for Twitter posts and Facebook notifications. Contributes to MER#1163
  • [buteo-sync-plugins-social] Improve clean sync of Google Calendars. Contributes to MER#1162


  • [Fixed up to handle renaming of XZ_SUPPORT to LZMA_XZ_SUPPORT]
  • [min, max] value range and return TRUE or FALSE.
  • [mk|un]squashfs without support for extended attributes.
  • [rpm] Initial packaging. Fixes MER#1152


  • [ssu] Allow defining url domain to be used with specific credentials.
  • [cleanup] Make ssusettings private
  • [cleanup] Make ssuvariables/ssulog/ssucoreconfig headers private
  • [dbus] Fix and extend setDeviceMode


  • [store-client] Fixed two race conditions regarding setting the ssu release version in time between queued transactions.
  • [store-client] Take epoch part into account in version comparison.
  • [store-client] Suppress error messages from „isLiked“ request.
  • [store-client] System update flight mode handled fully in upgrade.qml side.
  • [store-client] Show error notifications for TOH installation failure cases.
  • [store-client] Status icon added to WelcomeFeedItem.
  • [store-client] Change OS update progress bar background to dimgray.
  • [store client] React on SsuRegistrationChanged to request data from store-backend in the correct ssu domain.
  • [store client] Don’t add cached size to the download size of the OS update as that’s not what the user expects.
  • [store client] Treat failed updates due to no change in package version as failures that might be resolvable by refreshing re positories.


  • [bios] Update to MRD_009.

txeireader – [txeireader] check for changed serials in every boot.


  • [adb] Add dhcp server start for ADB mode.
  • [appsync] sort appsync list alphabetically
  • [ifconfig] Query /sys/class/net instead of ifconfig
  • [modesetting] Retry network setting before starting post services.
  • [network] Fix potential memory leak.
  • [network] Improve dealing with missing interfaces.
  • [network] Unify network configuration handling into one function
  • [pc connection] Remove unused obex configuration
  • [udhcpd] Limit lease time and allow for some more ip’s to avoid connectivity issues.
  • [usb-moded] Usb-moded minor release 0.82.5


  • [vault] fail if blob can’t be hashed. Fixes MER#1306


  • [voicecall-ui-jolla] Allow dismissing call immediately after remote disconnect.
  • [voicecall-ui] Correctly decode percent encoded tel URIs.
  • [voicecall-ui] Do not resolve group contacts eagerly.
  • [voicecall-ui] Fix regression added in 0056e2fc.
  • [voicecall-ui-jolla] Use preferredWidth for buttons.
  • [voicecall-ui] Don’t delay answering call until menu closes.
  • [voicecall-ui] Fix abrupt transition when ignoring incoming call.
  • [voicecall-ui] Fix com.nokia.telephony.callhistory launch() iface.
  • [voicecall-ui] Delay UI creation when prestarted.
  • [voicecall-ui] Avoid showing the application window during calls
  • [voicecall] Adapt dialogs to new style and api.
  • [voicecall-ui-jolla] Incoming and missed call icons renamed.


  • [xulrunner] Expose nsIBaseWidget::PreRender in EmbedLite public API.
  • [rpm] Make sure xulrunner-qt5 does not depend or provide it’s private libs.
  • [xulrunner-qt5] Upgrade to gecko v31.8 to fix logjam NSS vulnerability.
  • [fullscreen] Fix video playback in fullscreen at dailymotion.com.
  • [xulrunner] Adjust APZ viewport multipliers.

Packages Added


  • [packaging] Initial release for feature setup
  • [pattern] Remove pattern and make it .spec dependency.
  • [pattern] Graphics package added to Jolla pattern.
  • [release] Bumped version to 0.0.2
  • [feature] Initial content for Jolla customer feature.


  • [security] Add preset to default-disable pkcsslotd, MER#1217
  • [import] initial import of HEAD
  • [security] Package opencryptoki, fixes MER#1217


  • [opus] Package opus for mer.