19.01.2016 – Firmware Update (Taalojärvi) – early access

os_2017Firmware Update (Taalojärvi)
early access


WICHTIG: ALLE PATCHES DEAKTIVIEREN !!! Und macht euch ein Backup!

Lang ist es her seit dem letzten OS Update (22.10.2015). Nun ist es aber wieder soweit! Heute ist das 290 – 300MB große Update erschienen und trägt den Namen Taalojärvi.


Release Highlights

  • Share pictures to your Dropbox or OneDrive account
  • Sailfish sharing options added into Android sharing menu
  • Past communication events displayed on contact cards
  • Allow toggling password text visibility in password fields across the OS
  • Access to Events settings from Events View shortcuts menu
  • Flicking between Homescreen views made easier
  • Allow installing untrusted software without Jolla account
  • Tablet: Landscape support for Bluetooth pairing and file transfer dialogs
  • Added option to format SD card in settings INFO: Wurde nachträglich von Jolla aus der Liste Entfernt

Bug fixes:

Android Support:

  • Fixed an issue where System UI has stopped while running Android app
  • Improved restart handling for Android runtime
  • Support for lockscreen media controls
  • SMS sending support
  • Camera issues with Android apps fixed
  • SD card support for Android apps


  • Added support for Aptoide’s tablet version
  • Fix virtual keyboard opening in gmail.com
  • Fix focus handling after user has closed virtual keyboard with a gesture
  • Don’t request location permission if GPS is disabled


  • Improved day view layout


  • Fixes for image metadata
  • Make video playback consistent with Gallery


  • Hidden network’s name is now shown when typing it
  • Bug fixes from upstream

Developer mode:

  • Fixed an issue where app might quit automatically if started from command line when display is off

Events view:

  • Fixed brightness-setting overlapping quick actions on events view’s “pull down settings”


  • Fixed crash when minimizing and restoring gallery app while playing a video


  • Reordering apps on app grid folder works again
  • Random texture is sometimes drawn when application is activated from launcher
  • Fixed peeking an app while receiving an alarm
  • Shutdown view displays “Goodbye” instead of Jolla logo


  • Hindi keyboard
  • Keyboard sounds no longer break Bluetooth sound in silent mode


  • Documents placeholder text layout fixed for languages with long translations like Finnish
  • PDF document crash fixes


  • Added communication history.


  • Multiple fixes to call dialog getting stuck
  • Better error handling of USSD requests while in flight mode


  • Updated company address in About page


  • Report same logicalDotsPerInchApp when launching from command line and app grid
  • Allow use of QtQml.Models 2.1 in apps
  • Allow use of libdl.so.2(GLIBC_2.1) in apps


  • Fix CVE-2015-5986, CVE-2015-5722, CVE-2015-5477, CVE-2015-4620.

Startup wizard:

  • Tapping on check mark highlights but does not change state
  • Launcher edge indicator is shown correctly in Tutorial


For detailed changelog, see https://together.jolla.com/question/126893/changelog-201taalojarvi/

Upgrading your devices

This is the usual drill before attempting to upgrade your devices,

  • If you use Phonehook from OpenRepos, uninstall it before upgrading.
  • If you use Patchmanager, revert all applied patches before upgrading.
  • Take a backup of your data before attempting to upgrade your device. A successful backup operation is indicated by a green dot in the UI.
  • Do not reboot the device while the update is in progress.
  • The device screen may blank out during the update process, you may waken the display by a short press on the power key to monitor the progress.
  • Do keep the phone connected to a battery charger during the whole process.

For detailed instructions on updating software, visit Zendesk [ https://jolla.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/201836347 ].

If connected to the internet, and your account is subscribed for Early Access releases, your Jolla device should receive an OS update notification shortly.

Known issues

  • Google contact sync may sometimes hang up and drain the battery
  • PC connection mode (MTP) does not work with Windows 10 in all cases



Und hier noch mal die Komplette detaillierte Changelog


Packages updated


  • [zypp] Do not let space requirement become negative.
  • [zypp] Revert dependency on libzypp version 14 as we cannot have it yet.
  • [zypp] Fixed implementation of finding newest package while resolving.
  • [zypp] Fixed some size computations.


  • Add native app launcher.
  • Stop the endless retry on RIL_REQUEST_SETUP_DATA_CALL failure
  • Mount the real data dir before accessing it in aliendalvik.spec
  • Add SMS sending support
  • Ensure correct access permission for /data/system
  • Change debuggerd socket name to avoid conflict
  • Add systemd requires into aliendalvik.spec.
  • Increase heapgrowthlimit and heapsize.
  • Add native media control support.
  • Always set input view to trigger UI re-layout.
  • Increase Alien restart interval.
  • Do not allow setting system time in Alien.
  • Fix InitSyncThread in AlienContacts.
  • Use start/stopServiceAsUser in AlienSettingsListener.
  • Use slave mount in Alien chroot env.
  • Fix query NPE when accessing native contacts is not allowed.
  • Always hide hardware keyboard.
  • Always show soft keyboard even if hard keyboard is available.
  • Always clear composing state in onFinishInputView.
  • Send delete intent when notification is cancelled.
  • Enable autocapitalization and prediction for free edit.
  • Enable telephony


  • [partnerspace] Allow lipstick to start/stop partner spaces.
  • [partnerspace] Communicate the partnerspace .desktop to the launcher.
  • [rpm] Remove BuildRequires from ambience content macros.
  • [ambienced] Add a test definition file.
  • [ambienced] Fix test failures.
  • [partnerspace] Remove dependency on partnerspace-launcher.
  • [partnerspace] Allow lipstick to start/stop partner spaces.
  • [partnerspace] Communicate the partnerspace .desktop to the launcher.
  • [rpm] Revert back the rpmlintrc.
  • [license] Fix license in .spec.
  • [sailfish-ambience-configuration] Add sailfish-ambience CONFIG option.
  • [sailfish-ambience-configuration] Add sailfish content package rpm macros.


  • Fix CVE-2015-5986, CVE-2015-5722, CVE-2015-5477, CVE-2015-4620. MER#1292


  • [bluez] Check sysfs for unknown bus types. Fixes MER#1313


  • [bugfix] Fix sorting of noarch rpms
  • [noarch] fixes MER#1302


  • [buteo-sync-plugin-caldav] Abort sync if service is disabled. Contributes to MER#1364


  • [buteo-sync-plugin-carddav] Abort sync if service is disabled. Contributes to MER#1364


  • [commhistoryd] Correct deserialization logic. Contributes to MER#1303
  • [commhistoryd] Do not serialize non-writable properties
  • [commhistoryd] Record the subscriber ID for call and message events. Contributes to MER#1303


  • [connman] merge upstream fixes. MER#1312
  • [connman] Fix service-files substitution. Fixes MER#1294
  • [connman] Upgrade connman to v1.30++ MER#1275
  • [packaging] Fix connman version
  • [packaging] Install connmanctl per default and its manual to doc-package
  • [tests] Fix test-dnsproxy.c failing due new random source


  • [contactsd] Report local user name details via DevicePresence interface. Contributes to MER#1353


  • [csd] Add Pass/Fail buttons to Video test
  • [csd] Don’t hardcode video paths.
  • [csd] Loop video playback until it has played 15 seconds of video
  • [csd] Only auto-pass video test in run-in test mode
  • [csd] Start video playback when video testing page is loaded
  • [csd] Prevent blanking while executing run-in tests.
  • Use included sample in audio tests.

  • [csd] Add sample for audio playback cases.
  • [headset] Check KEY_MEDIA in headset button test.


  • [dconf] introduce vendor-variant profile.


  • [flash] flash Phoenix BIOS with flash.sh.
  • [dconf] Hide flash menu from camera app for ov5648 and ov5693 hw.
  • [kickstart] Add customer-jolla feature by default to tbj.


  • Updated fontconfig rules not to create warnings on newer versions. Contributes to MER#708


  • [recovery] run sshd in quiet-mode to suppress meaningless warnings.
  • [recovery] Fixes problems with new openssh (7.1p1).
  • [initrd] Move device specific txeireader to device specific files.
  • [initrd] Separate initrd/ into a git submodule.
  • [rpm] Add possibility to have device specific overrides.
  • [rpm] Start using %{kernel} macro for mkbootimg_cmd.
  • [rpm] Start using submodulized initrd.
  • [rpm] Start using the %{initrd} macro.
  • [rpm] Use fixed localver generation.
  • [rpm] Use more generic dhd kernel modules obsoleting rule.
  • [root-mount] Add userdata to physical device search.


  • [usbtracker] Do not report unknown usb modes in default verbosity.


  • [embedlite-components] Update engadget.com to use same UA as facebook.com.
  • [embedlite-components] Remove no longer needed zoomToRect calls.
  • [sidebar] Copy Sidebar component to embedlite.


  • [flac] update flac.


  • Do not strictly check certificate signature algorithms. Fixes MER#1386


  • [GriloMedia] Added modificationDate, height, width and orientation properties. Fixes MER#1215
  • [GriloModel] Adds access to metadata keys as roles in GriloModel. Fixes MER#1227


  • [gstreamer] Obsolete gst-av and gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg.


  • [sensorfw] Fixes MER#1342. Partial revert of last change. fix standby
  • [sensorfw] Some accel outputs need a multiplier
  • [sensorfw] Explicity turn off adaptors when blanking
  • [sensorfw] Fixes MER#1272 Add start/stop to proximity evdev
  • [sensorfw] Fixes MER#1284 explicitly resume and standby, regardless of screen blank.
  • [sensorfw] Fixes MER#1298 switch proxy evdev values


  • [packaging] Obsoletes deprecated wireless-tools. Fixes MER#1300
  • [packaging] Update to version 4.1. Conributes to MER#1125
  • [packaging] Use submodule instead of tarball and drop yaml.


  • [main] Fade to black shutdown.
  • [main] Shutdown from Lipstick.
  • [packaging] Do not hardcode default theme dependency.
  • [graphics] Use generic shutdown logo.
  • [spec] Fix license headers.


  • [calendar] reimplement a better hour view layouter with c++.


  • [jolla-camera] Hide flash menu if “flashValues” setting is empty.
  • [camera] Query camera manufacturer from DeviceInfo
  • [camera] query camera model from Qt DeviceInfo.
  • [jolla-camera] Make the settings “top item” visibility follow the actual setting item.
  • [GalleryView] Consistent video playback behavior with gallery application.


  • [jolla-clock] Fix flashing main screen on dbus activation.


  • [rpm] Split lipstick.conf to new sailfish-content-apps-default package.
  • [jolla-common-configurations] Require abstract tones package.
  • [connman] Use *.sailfishos.pool.ntp.org as FallbackTimeservers.
  • [ngfd] Add ‘pwrkey’ event.


  • [developer-profile] Whitelist QT_WAYLAND_FORCE_DPI.


  • [oneshot] Drop 12-fix-nobody-group as it is not needed anymore.


  • [jolla-keyboard] Don’t try playing audio if it’s turned off.
  • [jolla-keyboard] Wait updated properties for autocaps.
  • [jolla-keyboard] Polish hindi keyboard.


  • [components] Returned GriloTrackerModel from Sailfish.Media.
  • [GriloModel] Grilo models and tracker helpers have been moved to Sailfish.Media.


  • [jolla-messages] Only show non-message event in recent contacts.
  • [jolla-messages] Minimize changes to conversation participants.
  • [jolla-messages] Send broadcast message to intended recipients.


  • [notes] Avoid flashing main screen with d-bus started app.


  • [preload-ambiences] Add default tones for all pre-installed ambiences.


  • [jolla-preload-pictures] Add new non-device specific config for high resolution preloaded content.


  • [ui] Force Qt clients to think the display has 96 DPI.


  • [jolla-settings] Add showEventsSettings() dbus method.


  • [jolla-settings-accounts] Fixed OneDrive and Dropbox settings.
  • [jolla-settings-accounts] Only enable cDAV schedules if explicitly enabled.
  • [settings-accounts] Update Silica dependency.
  • [settings-accounts] Use PasswordField component.
  • [jolla-settings-accounts] Initialize m_recreatingCredentials boolean.
  • [jolla-settings-accounts] Fixed packaging details.
  • [jolla-settings-accounts] Added account support for MS OneDrive.
  • [jolla-settings-accounts] Dropbox accounts plugin.


  • [settings-networking] Update Silica dependency.
  • [settings-networking] Use PasswordField component.


  • [jolla-settings-sailfishos] Accounts page activation URL fixed.


  • [jolla-settings-system] Update source code request address.
  • [jolla-settings-system] Replace underscores with space in SoundDialog file names.
  • [settings-system] Update Silica dependency.
  • [settings-system] Use PasswordField component.
  • [jolla-settings-system] Product license split into a separate package.
  • [display-settings] Use correct property for autobrightness switch.
  • [settings-system] Rename Events settings to Events view.


  • [terms-of-use] New shutdown design.
  • [terms-of-use] Shutdown from Lipstick.
  • [jolla-startupwizard] Hardcoded wallpaper removed.
  • [packaging] Do not depend on specific theme.
  • [spec] Claim owned dirs.
  • [spec] Drop repeated groups and unify license headers.
  • [startup-wizard] Allow Jolla and Android app selection to be bypassed
  • [startup-wizard] Allow Sailfish and Android app selection to be bypassed.
  • [startup-wizard] Disable default BackgroundItem background on app installation pages.
  • [startup-wizard] Only offer aliendalvik selection if not installed
  • [startup-wizard] Remove new translations until translation period.
  • [startup-wizard] Skip Jolla account configuration if unsupported.
  • [terms-of-use] Use generic shutdown logo.


  • [kmod] Update to version 21. Fixes MER#1328


  • [libav] enable mjpeg demuxer and decoder
  • [libav] enable flv demuxer.
  • [libav] Add a patch to fix linking errors with vc1 parser enabled and vc1 decoder disabled
  • [libav] Update to 11.3.


  • [libcommhistory] Allow partial phone matches in findGroup. Contributes to MER#1393
  • [libcommhistory] Fix emission of model signals. Contributes to MER#1378
  • [libcommhistory] Allow recent contacts to be filtered by event category. Contributes to MER#1352
  • [libcommhistory] Allow favorites to be excluded from recent contacts model. Contributes to MER#1347
  • [libcommhistory] Export subscriber identity property from group models. Contributes to MER#1303
  • [libcommhistory] Keep numbers with empty minimization separate. Contributes to MER#1315
  • [libcommhistory] Implement limit/offset for event models. Fixes MER#1291


  • [packaging] Add hwcomposer header. Contributes to NEMO#865
  • [packaging] Drop compat layer. Fixes NEMO#865
  • [packaging] Drop more of compat layer (libsf, libis, libacamera). Contributes to NEMO#865
  • [egl] Let hwcomposer_window serve buffers in a round-robin fashion.
  • [update] update libhybris


  • [storage] Do not warn about non-existing files by default.


  • [libngf] Do not use C++ style function prototypes.


  • [qapk] Initialize the error member of ApkFile.


  • [libqofono] Fixed problems with QOfonoSimWatcher deleting QOfonoSimManager at wrong time.
  • [libqofono] Added QOfonoSimWatcher.
  • [libqofono] Mark QOfonoModem and other objects invalid if modem goes away. Contributes to MER#1110
  • [libqofono] Sort modems by path. Contributes to MER#1110
  • [tests] Fixed tst_qofonosimmanager


  • [homescreen] Fix application reordering inside folders.
  • [compositor] Skip window lowering fade transition when display is off.
  • [lipstick-jolla] Don’t use password echo mode for non-password fields.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Remove binding loop in EventsView.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Add Events widgets/shortcuts settings button.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Allow Bluetooth dialogs to turn to landscape.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Update jolla-theme dependency
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Add config to force mediavolume.
  • [shutdown] Added new shutdown item.
  • [l10n] Translations support for the Sailfish.Lipstick module.
  • [eventsview] Avoid Events warnings when an account is deleted.
  • [eventsview] Avoid notification warnings when notification object is not set.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Update Silica dependency.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Use PasswordField component.
  • [homescreen] Use smaller switch threshold for home carousel.
  • [homescreen] Fix incorrect positioning of covers.
  • [homescreen] Fix test failures.
  • [homescreen] Hide windows that reject being closed.
  • [eventsview] Fix events view pulley menu not opening.
  • [homescreen] Fix alarms not showing during peek.
  • [homescreen] Fix applications starting in minimized state.
  • [homescreen] Shortcut cover resizing animations if the switcher isn’t visible.
  • [homescreen] Hide all windows when the display is off.
  • [partnerspace] Enable the configuration of multiple partner space applications.
  • [partnerspace] Show a screenshot as a placeholder for unlaunched applications.
  • [mce] Instruct mce not to remove tklock when device lock is active.
  • [shutdown] Use generic shutdown logo.
  • [spec] Drop repeated groups and unify license headers.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Report the subset of remote notification actions.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] UnistallButton changed to use two-part clear icon.
  • [eventsview] Move shortcuts immediately on orientation change.


  • [lipstick] Add a categories property to LauncherModel.
  • [lipstick] Preserve existing items in LauncherWatcherModel on changes.
  • [HwcImage] Adapted to new default Sailfish theme.
  • [lipstick] Delay reporting notification additions. Fixes MER#1316
  • [lipstick] devicelock triggers randomly.
  • [lipstick] Do not restore transient notifications
  • [lipstick] Don’t perform blocking DBus call unnecessarily.
  • [lipstick] Fix device unlock sequence.
  • [rpm] Claim owned dirs. Fixes MER#1309
  • [rpm] Cleanup unnecessary Groups. Contributes to MER#1309
  • [rpm] RPM cleaning. Fixes MER#1309


  • [dbus] Allow adjusting mce verbosity while it is running.
  • [dbus] Tune error recovery paths
  • [tklock] Add setting for tweaking volume key input policy.
  • [tklock] Add setting for disabling unblank to lockscreen animation.
  • [display] Add setting for dim timeout with hw keyboard available. Fixes MER#1321
  • [display] Move code / constants to more logical place
  • [display] Refactor adaptive dimming handling. Contributes to MER#1321
  • [keypad] Add support for simple user-defined keyboard backlight. Fixes MER#1349.
  • [display] Add missing prototypes and fix function name prefix
  • [display] Add setting for kbd slide inhibit mode. Contributes to MER#1321
  • [tklock] Add settings for tuning keyboard slide open/close policy. Contibutes to MER#1321
  • [dbus] Add method for querying uptime and suspend time.
  • [lib] Add utilities for getting 64-bit time stamps. Contibutes to
  • [orientation] Add options for tweaking orientation sensor usage. Fixes MER#1331
  • [callstate] Do not second guess call state requested by dbus clients. Contibutes to
  • [callstate] Give “ringing” call state priority over “active”.
  • [usbmode] Do not report unknown usb modes in default verbosity.
  • [tklock] Show device unlock view if tklock removal must be denied. Fixes MER#1324
  • [callstate] Allow multiple D-Bus clients to set call state.
  • [packaging] Update mce-dev dependency. Contributes to MER#1310
  • [powerkey] Add missing include file. Contributes to MER#1310
  • [powerkey] Use powerkey event constants instead of hardcoded values. Contributes to MER#1310
  • [powerkey] Add “vibrate” power key action. Contribues to
  • [powerkey] Vibrate when locking device via double powerkey press.
  • [dsme] Move dsme signal handling to mce-dsme module.
  • [dsme] Refactor mce-dsme module.


  • [powerkey] Add constants for powerkey events. Fixes MER#1310


  • [player] Unregister from DBus upon destruction. Fixes MER#1350


  • [nemo-qml-plugin-configuration] Add SDK autocompletion support.


  • [nemo-qml-plugin-dbus] Add SDK autocompletion support.
  • [nemo-qml-plugin-dbus] Avoid printing errors if application handles them.
  • [nemo-qml-plugin-dbus] Don’t try introspection if target is not set.


  • [nemo-qml-plugin-messages] Only request readiness for the first message. Contributes to MER#1240


  • [nemo-qml-plugin-notifications] Add SDK autocompletion support.


  • [displaysettings] Add autoBrightnessEnabled property.
  • [displaysettings] Add lidSensorFilteringEnabled property.


  • [nemo-libav-thumbnailer] build require the recent libavformat.


  • [nemo-qtmultimedia-plugins] Fix crash when the scene graph is invalidated.


  • [ofono] Updated nettime plugin to support more than one modem. MER#1110


  • [accessories] Retry wired detection if initial try fails. Fixes MER#1311


  • [sshd] Set UsePAM to yes and disallow ChallengeResponseAuthentication. Fixes MER#1335
  • [security] Upgrade to 7.1p1. MER#839


  • [pacrunner] Deleted pacrunner-0.8-plugins-Update-v8-plugin-to-the-newest-API.patch. Fixes MER#1344
  • [pacrunner] Update to upstream 0.9


  • [poppler] Update to 0.24.5.


  • [tests] Fix test script for latest pygobject. Fixes MER#1357


  • [card] Add missing general module arguments.
  • [card] Fix typo in log message.
  • [card] Implement VSID setting when changing to voicecall.
  • [card] Remove unused define.
  • [sink] Add missing modargs to module.
  • [sink] Add overriding modargs for sink.
  • [sink] Fix typo in log message.
  • [source] Add missing modargs to module.
  • [source] Add overriding modargs for source.
  • [source] Fix typo in log message.
  • [source] Pass device as integer if needed. Fixes MER#1343
  • [util-51] Enable VSID for 5.1 with qcom bsp. Fixes MER#1356
  • [util] Include android-config.h.
  • [util-51] Add missing formats.
  • [util-51] Add qcom specific entries.
  • [util] Correct comparison for default audio source. Fixes MER#1286
  • [util] Use default audio source if nothing specific is defined.
  • [sink] Remove mention of buffer count.
  • [sink] Set initial latency correctly.
  • [sink] Sleep after stream writing blocks. Fixes MER#1212


  • [card] Add missing general module arguments.
  • [card] Fix typo in log message.
  • [card] Implement VSID setting when changing to voicecall.
  • [card] Remove unused define.
  • [sink] Add missing modargs to module.
  • [sink] Add overriding modargs for sink.
  • [sink] Fix typo in log message.
  • [source] Add missing modargs to module.
  • [source] Add overriding modargs for source.
  • [source] Fix typo in log message.
  • [source] Pass device as integer if needed. Fixes MER#1343
  • [util-51] Enable VSID for 5.1 with qcom bsp. Fixes MER#1356
  • [util] Include android-config.h.
  • [util-51] Add missing formats.
  • [util-51] Add qcom specific entries.
  • [util] Correct comparison for default audio source. Fixes MER#1286
  • [util] Use default audio source if nothing specific is defined.


  • [packaging] Bump version. Fixes MER#1301


  • [python-imaging] Upgrade to 2.9.0.


  • [qtbase] Cherry-pick text rendering fix for isolated indic characters. Fixes MER#1281


  • [qtdeclarative] Backport bugfixes to touch/mouse handling.
  • [qtdeclarative] Fix missing images when alpha and shader effects are involved. Fixes .


  • [wayland] Fix compositor blocking clients when the screen is off.
  • [qtwayland] Don’t invalidate textures when the scene graph is stopped.
  • [qtwayland] Set the right physical size of the screen.


  • [qtcontacts-sqlite] Add missing detail fields. Contributes to MER#1345


  • [qtmozembed] Make it possible to refocus an input field.
  • [qtmozembed] Set DPI for new View.
  • [qtmozembed] Release ready to paint mutex after value is updated.


  • [api] Bump to API level 3.


  • [sailfish-browser] Update Aptoide installation support.
  • [sailfish-browser] Position tabview when opened in landscape.
  • [sailfish-browser] Bind paint throttiling and readiness to visibility.
  • [sailfish-browser] Make declarativebookmarkmodel unit tests isolated.
  • [tests] Isolate declarativebookmarkmodel test cases.
  • [sailfish-browser] Decrease minimum favorite icon size.
  • [refactoring] Access webPageComponent prop via getter method.
  • [refactoring] Drop unused DeclarativeWebContainer::alive()
  • [refactoring] Move WebPage creation to Factory class for easier testing
  • [refactoring] Simplify logic of privacy setting.
  • [tests] Add unit tests for WebPages.
  • [webpagequeue] Use QPointer when keeping DeclarativeWebPage.
  • [sailfish-browser] Don’t request Geolocation permission if gps is disabled.
  • [sailfish-browser] Improve tab thumbnailing logic.
  • [sailfish-browser] Read bookmarks from default-content directory.
  • [refactoring] Contributes to . Make inserting tab data into DB non-blocking.
  • [refactoring] Decrease the amount of tabs’ copying
  • [refactoring] Drop DBManager::createLink()
  • [refactoring] Drop linkId property from Tab struct
  • [refactoring] Drop redundant DBManager::tabListAvailable() slot
  • [refactoring] Drop unused signal nextTabIdChanged()
  • [refactoring] Drop unused Tab::currentLink() methods
  • [refactoring] Get rid of nextLinkId maintenance
  • [refactoring] In WebPage use DB as primary data source for history data
  • [refactoring] Maintain nextTabId in one class only
  • [refactoring] Reduce data exchange between sqlite and browser UI
  • [tests] Cover storage subsystem with unit tests.
  • [tests] Improve robastness of tst_dbmanager
  • [tests] Remove platform and iterations options from tst_dbmanager case
  • [tests] Remplement tst_dbmanager.
  • [tests] Titles are not reset upon url updates.
  • [sailfish-browser] Fallback to pretty formatted url for a tab in case title is empty.


  • [sailfish-components-contacts] Activity design improvements.
  • [sailfish-components-contacts] Fix positioning of inactivity placeholder.
  • [sailfish-components-contacts] Report readiness from PresenceListener
  • [sailfish-components-contacts] Report self contact details to presence listeners.
  • [sailfish-components-contacts] Allow contact selection to filter recent contacts by event type.
  • [sailfish-components-contacts] Exclude favorites from recent contacts.
  • [sailfish-components-contacts] Expand contact activity list in two steps
  • [sailfish-components-contacts] Only show ‘Show more’ activity if relevant.
  • [sailfish-components-contacts] Minimize reported contact changes.
  • [sailfish-components-contacts] Add ContactActivityPage.
  • [sailfish-components-contacts] Add ContactActvityList.
  • [sailfish-components-contacts] Add sections to expanded activity list


  • [sailfish-components-media] Replace underscores with space in file name based title.
  • [Grilo] Removed GriloTrackerModel to avoid dependency.
  • [release] Bumped version to 0.0.32
  • [GriloModel] Added a basic Grilo query based model and tracker helpers.
  • [GriloModel] Added a basic Tracker based GriloModel and helpers.


  • [sailfish-components-store] Populated property added to StartupApplicationModel.


  • [sailfish-eas] Eas daemon. Search GAL Command tests implementation.
  • [sailfish-eas] Eas daemon. Search GAL Request tests implementation.
  • [sailfish-eas] FetchItem Request tests implementation.
  • [sailfish-eas] FetchMessages request tests implementation.
  • [sailfish-eas] GAL Search request.
  • [sailfish-eas] Global Address book support for Exchange accounts.


  • [fonts] Removed Roboto Thin and Sail Sans Pro ExtraLight rules.


  • [sailfish-svg2png] Move THEMENAME variable from prf to config user side.
  • [sailfish-svg2png] Add sailfish-svg2png CONFIG option.


  • [sailfish-tutorial] Launcher edge indicator fixed.
  • [sailfish-tutorial] Fix some scalability issues.
  • [sailfish-tutorial] Background overrides removed. Using fade in instead.


  • [silica] Decrease CoverPlaceholder margins on tablet size.
  • [sailfish-silica] Read physical size from primary screen.
  • [sailfish-silica] Add PasswordField component.
  • [sailfishsilica] Don’t exit if hidden when the cover is created.
  • [sailfish-silica] Fix VKB pushing page content out of view in landscape emulator.
  • [sailfishsilica] Update and add missing plugins.qmltypes.
  • [sailfish-silica] Use the first zN.M subdir as a theme fallback path.
  • [spec] Claim Silica dir.
  • [spec] Drop repeated groups and unify license headers.
  • [themedaemon] Added zoom factor support to dconf themes.
  • [doc] Add a link to the common pitfalls documentation to the index page.
  • [silica] Define header font to use common one.
  • [sailfish-silica] Add FormattingProxyModel
  • [sailfish-silica] Add TimepointSectionHistorical date formatting option.
  • [sailfishsilica] Component gallery/Orientation: Reflect current orientation.


  • [config] allow libdl.so.2(GLIBC_2.1)
  • [config] allow ‘QtQml.Models 2.1’,


  • [sensorfw] Fixes MER#1342. Partial revert of last change. fix standby
  • [sensorfw] Some accel outputs need a multiplier
  • [sensorfw] FIXES Explicity turn off adaptors when blanking
  • [sensorfw] Fixes MER#1272 Add start/stop to proximity evdev
  • [sensorfw] Fixes MER#1284 explicitly resume and standby, regardless of screen blank.
  • [sensorfw] Fixes MER#1298 switch proxy evdev values


  • [shared-mime-info] Add 0001-Add-audio-x-opus-ogg-mime-type.patch.


  • [packaging] Bump version to 0.21.4. Contributes to MER#1295


  • [buteo-sync-plugins-social] Don’t set recurrence on upsync if none exists. Contributes to MER#1392
  • [buteo-sync-plugins-social] Set no default reminders if required. Contributes to MER#1383
  • [buteo-sync-plugins-social] Update sync timestamp after gcal sync. Contributes to MER#1392
  • [buteo-sync-plugins-social] Use correct incidence comparison function. Contributes to MER#1392
  • [buteo-sync-plugins-social] Commit changes after all remote communication succeeds. Contributes to MER#1248
  • [buteo-sync-plugins-social] Add OneDrive token refresh sync adaptor. Contributes to MER#1297


  • [statefs-providers] Add Cellular.CallCount.
  • [statefs-providers] Fix voiceCapability
  • [statefs-providers] No need to get VoiceCallManager properties.


  • [store-client] Allow sideloading without connection to store backend.
  • [store-client] Don’t try to report uninstallation to store backend when offline. Fixes .
  • [store-client] Side loading casess fixed for InstallHandler.
  • [store-client] Fixed two race conditions regarding setting the ssu release version in time between queued transactions.
  • [store-client] Release cover image for 2.0.1.
  • [store-client] Only show uninstalled packages in startup wizard.
  • [store-client] Take epoch part into account in version comparison.
  • [store client] Abort with error notification if the OS update information could not be retrieved.

telepathy-ring * [telepathy-ring] Include IMSI property in SIM messages and calls. Contributes to MER#1303


  • [config] Do not warn about missing configuration files.


  • [tracker] fixes for libav metadata extractor.
  • [tracker-libav] check format metadata for tags and fallback to audio stream metadata
  • [tracker-libav] get metadata from audio stream instead of the format context.


  • [transferengine-plugins] Implemented OneDrive plugin.
  • [bluetooth] Fixed possible memory leak in BluetoothUploader::writeFileContent
  • [transferengine-plugins] Dropbox transfer-plugin.


  • [adb] improve adb starting
  • [systemd] Put busname in correct section.
  • [usb-moded] Assign a new USB id to the obex-less MTP profile.
  • [usb-moded] Do not print output for post services that are not started
  • [usb-moded] Do not retry network when there is no need.
  • [usb-moded] Release 0.85


  • [update] Update to version 2.27. Fixes MER#1329


  • [voicecall-ui-jolla] Continue paused hangup animation when call gets disconnected.
  • [voicecall-ui-jolla] Hide instead of just minimize call dialog if user has explicitly disconnected the call with quick app closing gesture.
  • [voicecall-ui] Show recent contacts without voicecalls.
  • [voicecall-ui] Don’t initiate USSD message when network is not available.
  • [voicecall-ui] Deactivate the call dialog when it closed.
  • [voicecall-ui-jolla] Allow dismissing call immediately after remote disconnect.
  • [voicecall] Reset multitap on other character input.


  • [wpa_supplicant] Upgrade to v2.5. Contributes to MER#1354


  • [embedlite] Add API for setting APZC’s and widget’s DPI.
  • [embedlite] Check for dereferencing null pointer
  • [xulrunner] Fix flickering in progressive paint.


  • [rpm] Move BuildRequires from macros to here.
  • [rpm] Fix build requirements.
  • [sailfish-content-ambiences] Move translations and ambience image to the ambience root.
  • [sailfish-content-ambiences] Use common RPM packaging macros for spec.
  • [sailfish-content-ambiences] Use CONFIG += sailfish-ambience configuration.
  • [rpm] Fix Version, Obsoletes, Provides, and Requires fields.
  • [rpm] Set default ambience if not set previously.
  • [sailfish-content-ambiences] Rename jolla-preload-ambiences to sailfish-content-ambiences-default.


  • [sailfish-content-browser-default] Add default bookmarks for default configuration.
  • [sailfish-content-gallery] Add default configuration package.
  • [sailfish-content-gallery] Create a common sailfish-content-downloader.
  • [sailfish-content-gallery] Drop legacy content packages.
  • [sailfish-content-gallery] Rename jolla-preload-pictures to sailfish-content-gallery-default.
  • [sailfish-content-gallery] Rename to sailfish-content-gallery-default.


  • [rpm] Added missing provides for old package.
  • [theme] Adapted to new default Sailfish theme.
  • [ambient-icons-closed] Use CONFIG += sailfish-svg2png configuration.
  • [ambient-icons-closed] Added OneDrive account icons.
  • [ambient-icons-closed] Pixel optimizations to Dropbox icons.
  • [ambient-icons-closed] Added Dropbox icons.


  • [theme-jolla-ambient] Add icon-s-setting.
  • [packaging] Split content from main package to base.
  • [rpm] Added -base packages to avoid conflicts in image creation.
  • [theme-jolla-ambient] Remove nemo-theme dependency.
  • [rpm] Fixes packaging typo.
  • [graphics-default] From jolla-ambient to sailfish-content-graphics-default.
  • [svg] Replaced Jolla’s logo with Sailfish’ one for default packaging.
  • [rpm] Cleanup unnecessary Groups.
  • [theme-jolla-ambient] Use CONFIG += sailfish-svg2png configuration.
  • [jolla-ambient] Small two-part opaque clear icon added.
  • [theme-jolla-ambient] Update icon-launcher-screenshot.
  • [jolla-ambient] Icons with scaling factor 1.25 added.
  • [theme-jolla-ambient] Add icon-launcher-screenshot.
  • [jolla-ambient] Create symlinks to earlier removed icons.


  • [dconf] Configuration file moved under vendor-variant.


  • [rpm] Obsolete profiled-settings-default.
  • [rpm] Provide and obsolete profiled-settings-sailfish.
  • [sailfish-content-tones] Rename jolla-ringtones.spec to sailfish-content-tones-default.spec.
  • [profiled] Profiled settings added.
  • [sailfish-content-tones] .spec and .pro files renamed.
  • [sailfish-content-tones] Change the package name and set the Provides/Obsoletes lines.

Packages obsoleted

  • ambient-icons-closed-common
  • jolla-ambient-common
  • jolla-gold
  • jolla-ringtones

Packages removed

  • ambient-icons-closed
  • gst-av
  • gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg
  • gstreamer1.0-libav
  • jolla-ambient
  • jolla-gold
  • jolla-ringtones
  • upower
  • wireless-tools

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  1. Danke für die Info. Sieht gut aus.

    Freue mich, dass es hier weiter geht, mit Informationen.

    Aufgrund der Lage, scheinen viele Projektseiten auf Eis gelegt!
    Aber es hilft halt nichts, wenn viele nur eine kurze Geduldsspanne haben.

    Schade eigentlich für Denjenigen und in Folge dem Projekt.

    Bitte weiter so, hoffe auf ein gutes Ende.

    Hab Dank


    1. Richtig! Zugegeben, auch ich hatte ein Tief und keine Lust mehr die Seite weiter zu führen. Aber nach der “Finanzspritze” einem Investoren sowie die Info von Intex über Twitter gab mir wieder die Lust weiter zu machen 🙂

  2. Gibt es eigentlich Informationen darüber wann das Firmware Update (Taalojärvi) auch stable herauskommen wird?
    Hatte mich im Januar sehr darüber gefreut, dass es mit der Entwicklung von Sailfish Os weiter geht.

    1. Hallo Tuxnix, leider gibt es keinen weiteren Informationen zum release dieser Firmware. Wenn du jedoch die Firmware jetzt schon nutzen möchtest, kannst du dich ja eintragen lassen damit du die Firmware auch auf dein Smartphone nutzen kannst. Vielleicht überspringt Jolla dieses Update und geht zum nächsten über. Da “angeblich” das Intex Smartphone am 25.4. in Indien Startet, muss spätestens dort die neue Firmware mit Dual Sim Support erscheinen…. sofern es nicht wieder verschoben wird, was wir von Jolla schon bestens kennen 😉

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