09.05.2016 – Firmware Update (Taalojärvi) – Offiziell Verfügbar

os_20111Firmware Update (Taalojärvi) – Offiziell Verfügbar


Weiter geht’s mit den guten Neuigkeiten! Heute ist Offiziell und für jeden das Update (Taalojärvi) freigegeben worden.


  • Cloud support: share pictures directly to your Dropbox or OneNote account
  • People: past communication events displayed on contact cards
  • Home/Events: access to Events settings added to the Events shortcuts menu
  • Home/Events: flicking between Home and Events made easier
  • Passwords: all password fields in the OS now have the opportunity to show the password
  • Settings: you can now install untrusted software without Jolla account

Android Support: 

  • Sailfish OS sharing options now added to the Android sharing menu
  • Lockscreen media controls are now available for Android media apps (e.g. Spotify)
  • Support for SMS sending through Android apps added
  • SD card support added for Android apps 


Detailtiere Information findet ihr HIER (19.01.2016) & HIER (28.04.206)