Okt 02 2017

02.10.2017 – Firmware Update (Kiiminkijoki)

Firmware Update (Kiiminkijoki)


SFOS ist nun für die Early Access User erschienen. Diesmal sind zwar keine neuen Features dazu gekommen, dafür dutzende bugs behoben die auf together.jolla.com reportet wurden sowie viele Verbesserungen. Die Dropbox API wurde aktualisiert, somit funktioniert die Synchronisation wieder. 2.1.2 enthält auch die grundlegende Unterstützung für das Sony Xperia X Gerät.



  • webM/VP8 Support für Webbrowser und Galerie
  • Dropbox API auf v2 aktualisiert



Release Highlights

This list contains examples of new features (and some bug fixes) added to SailfishOS since the 2.1.1 release. The release notes of upgrade 2.1.1 (which did not roll out for all users) can we found here: https://together.jolla.com/question/164349/release-notes-211-jamsanjoki/ .


  • Dropbox support migrated from deprecated to newer V2 API.


  • Updated Android Support of Jolla Tablet and Jolla C to version 1.0.69-1 (no update for Jolla1)
  • Fixed the issue of autocaps stop working after typing ~100 characters
  • Fixed the issue of installing apps with apkd-install immediately after device boot up
  • Fixed the issue of installing apps with apkd-install immediately after installing Android Support
  • Video files sorted under correct date now, makin it easier to find them for sharing
  • Two issues with QQ aopp fixed
  • Some inprovements to show document files (.pdf, .doc, etc.) in Android apps. This may still require using an Android file manager app
  • GPS service for Android apps is more robust now
  • Vibration fixed on Android messaging apps
  • Co-operation of Tracker and Android Support at boot up improved
  • TJC: Spotify music stream is now paused on unplugging headphones
  • TJC: Android applications on Tablet follow the system language now.


  • support for webM/VP8 playback in Browser/Gallery (has been there for sometime).


  • Connecting to mobile data service harmonized
  • Network related notifications cleaned up

Device management (MDM)

Events view

  • Weather widget can save open/close state (in events view).

Input and Keyboard

  • Allow configuring which keyboard layouts get into a customer variant.


  • Network related notifications cleared up.


  • Warnings given by SSU when doing registration in SDK improved (when D-Bus is unavailable).


  • Gstreamer vulnerabilities fixed: CVE-2017-5838, CVE-2016-9811, CVE-2017-5837, CVE-2017-5839, CVE-2017-5842, CVE-2017-5844, CVE-2016-10198, CVE-2016-10199, CVE-2017-5840, CVE-2017-5841, CVE-2017-5845, CVE-2016-9809, CVE-2016-9812, CVE-2016-9813, CVE-2017-5843, CVE-2017-5848.
  • Random generated passwords must be type twice before accepting
  • Disabled the services of systemd that are not needed
  • usb-moded made to supervise if something else tries to change USB control files
  • ofono and connman logs have been protected from unauthorized access – they will not serve non-privileged processes
  • Prevent unprivileged processes from toggling flight mode.


  • Folder creation inside sub-folders fixed

Issues reported by the community at together.jolla.com and fixed in this update





Comparing Sailfish OS to

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  • droid-bin-l500d
  • remotesecurity-l10n

    Packages modified (190) (toggle all)


  • Updated : 0.8.9+91-1.29.2 — 0.8.9+92-1.29.2
  • [compat] Switch to correct systemd linking so the compat lib is no longer needed.
  • [packaging] Submodule and mass patch export for 0.8.9.


  • Updated : 1.0.63-1 — 1.0.75-1 (f5121)
  • Fix rotation of the front camera jpeg images.
  • Prevent the android status bar from appearing in every case.
  • Fix an issue with installing apps
  • Add support for f5121
  • Fix an issue with Firefox Beta for Android
  • Monitor headset plug/unplug
  • Add directory scan support in media scanner
  • Notify audio focus change when call state changes
  • Fix build flag after openssl upgrade
  • Accepts all files reported by Tracker
  • Set status bar height to 1px
  • Paint status bar in black
  • Disable the camera recording sound
  • Ignore notification timestamp if it’s 0 or not to be shown
  • Guard mAlienGpsClient access in AlienGpsService.
  • Fix crash in resource manager service
  • Implement standby operation for audio input/output
  • Fix NPE in RemoteKeyboard
  • Notify native platform when Alien finishes bootup
  • Replace dateTaken with lastModified for video item
  • Remove outdated timed-qt5 header path
  • Refactor remote keyboard


  • Updated : — 0.7.27-10.35.1.jolla
  • [service] Wait for aliendalvik to be started before trying to install apks.
  • [packaging] Empty commit to fix


  • Updated : 1.57.2-10.30.1.jolla — 1.64-10.30.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 0 of 40 strings translated (0 need review).
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.7.27
  • [l10n ] 40 of 40 strings translated (0 need review).


  • Updated : 0.0.3-10.4.1.jolla — 0.0.4-10.5.1.jolla
  • [audioflingerglue] Rename hybris.c to hybris.c.in.
  • [audioflingerglue] Update proper lib path during build.
  • [lib64] Allow for 64-bit libaudioflingerglue.
  • [services] Add support for Android 7 based ports. Fixes Mer#1732.
  • [lib64] Allow for 64-bit libaudioflingerglue.


  • Updated : 1.0.0-1.2.1 — 1.6.0-1.2.2
  • [packaging] Switch to tar_git format.
  • [update] Upgrade to v1.6.0.


  • Updated : 5.43+git5.1-1.6.2 — 5.45+git1-1.4.2
  • [packaging] enable deprecated.
  • [packaging] version 5.45.
  • [obexd] Limit Transferred DBus signalling.
  • [avrcp] add mpris support for fastforward and rewind.
  • [packaging] disable hostname plugin.


  • Updated : — 0.1.42-1.25.1
  • [buteo-sync-plugin-caldav] Add a test for date reader and force ical parsing when version is missing, fixes MER#1773.
  • [buteo-sync-plugin-caldav] Add a test for date reader, contributes to MER#1773.
  • [buteo-sync-plugin-caldav] Don’t crash if authentication failed.
  • [buteo-sync-plugin-caldav] Force ical parsing when version is missing, fixes MER#1773.
  • [buteo-sync-plugin-caldav] Handle broken upsync gracefully.
  • [buteo-sync-plugin-caldav] Handle known-orphan occurrences.
  • [buteo-sync-plugin-caldav] XML-sanitise .ics data.


  • Updated : — 0.0.28-1.17.1
  • [buteo-sync-plugin-carddav] Allow addressbook path as home set url.
  • [buteo-sync-plugin-carddav] Support Kerio addressbook collections. Contributes to MER#1751
  • [buteo-sync-plugin-carddav] Support Kerio redirects. Contributes to MER#1751


  • Updated : 1.49-10.31.1.jolla — 1.50-10.32.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 37 of 37 strings translated (0 need review).


  • Updated : — 0.11.33-1.29.1
  • [connectionagent] Align error reporting code paths.
  • [connectionagent] Cleanup ConnectionAgent logging.
  • [connectionagent] Cleanup deadcode.
  • [rpm] Increment version.
  • [connectionagent] Removed (some) unnecessary stuff
  • [connectionagent] Removed unused tetheringStarted field
  • [connectionagent] Set delayedTethering to false when clearing tetheringWifiTech pointer.
  • [connectionagent] Cleanup logging.
  • [connectionagent] Register DBus object/service in correct order.


  • Updated : 1.31+git23.12-1.47.1 — 1.31+git37.4-1.42.1
  • [connman] wifi: Don’t immediately report INVALID_KEY for auto connects.
  • [connman] Reset service error if user input is cancelled.
  • [connman] VPN issues.
  • [connman] Handle NULL network in request_input_cb.
  • [connman] Expose InputRequestTimeout.
  • [connman] Repaired switching from cellular to wifi.
  • [connman] Avoid unsigned underflow when scheduling IPHB wakeup.
  • [connman] Do not autoconnect more than one service of each type.
  • [connman] Don’t refuse hidden connect when scanning.
  • [connman] Handle any kind of security in previous_passphrase_handler.
  • [connman] Make -d option repeatable
  • [connman] Check service autoconnect flag directly.
  • [connman] Make sure cellular technology is enabled.
  • [connman] Save AutoConnect=false
  • [connman] Allow setting offline mode for now.
  • [connman] Improved autoconnect sync.
  • [connman] Use wake timers in the wifi plugin.
  • [connman] Eliminated unnecessary security warnings
  • [connman] Update autoconnect flags only via service_set_autoconnect.
  • [connman] Fix use after free in device_destruct.
  • [connman] Don’t enable AutoConnect by default.
  • [connman] Fix loading of access policy from the settings file.
  • [connman] Don’t require Favorite for auto-connect.
  • [connman] Access control for net.connman.Manager.
  • [connman] Added net.connman.Manager.CreateService method.
  • [connman] Rolled back unnecessary non-upstreamable patch


  • Updated : 1.1.8-1.37.2 — 1.2.3-1.37.1
  • [connman-qt] Emit pathChanged when path changes.
  • [connman-qt] Cleanup NetworkService interface.
  • [connman-qt] Added connecting and lastConnectError service properties.
  • [connman-qt] Pull InputRequestTimeout from D-Bus.
  • [connman-qt] Clean up parameter and return types.
  • [connman-qt] Emit countChanged after out-of-band removal of network service.
  • [connman-qt] Fix dependencies between subprojects.
  • [connman-qt] Removed build directory from the repo


  • Updated : 1.44.1-10.25.1.jolla — 1.47-10.25.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 461 of 467 strings translated (3 need review).
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.9.2
  • [l10n ] 452 of 466 strings translated (0 need review).
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.8.11
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.8.12
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.9.0


  • Updated : 1.55-10.34.1.jolla — 1.57-10.36.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 22 of 22 strings translated (0 need review).


  • Updated : — 0.11.1-10.109.5.jolla
  • [droid-configs-device] Upgrade latest upstream version
  • [zypp] Prevent removing main HA packages.
  • [l500d] Enable hfp audio configuration.
  • [l500d] Remove unused twin bthsp device configs.
  • [l500d] Ask user to reboot device after rild restart.
  • [l500d] Remove obsolete voicecall_record config.
  • [l500d] Move camera policy configuration under /usr/share/sailfish-policy.
  • [l500d] Load different stream-restore configs for bluez.
  • [sensors] Tune orientation threshold values.


  • Updated : — 0.3.3-10.5.7.jolla
  • [droid-configs-device] Upgrade latest upstream version
  • [p4903] Disable adb in diag usb mode.
  • [p4903] Relax accelerometer csd values.
  • [zypp] Prevent removing main HA packages.
  • [p4903] Add sensor-calibration-p4903 package to pattern
  • [p4903] Add mainvolume config for usbaudio mode.
  • [p4903] Add usbaudio configuration.
  • [p4903] Enable hfp audio configuration.
  • [p4903] Remove unused bthsp twin device configs.
  • [csd] Match accelerometer requirement with ODM’s standard.
  • [sensors] Change orientation thresholds.
  • [sensors] Drop gyroscope config.
  • [p4903] Add droid qtfeedback configs.
  • [p4903] Start adbd in diag usb mode.
  • [p4903] Provide root readable screen configurations.
  • [p4903] Add lipstick dconf configurations.
  • [mce] Add P4903 specific input policy configuration.
  • [p4903] Enable lipstick touch filter.
  • [p4903] Include xtt files to image.
  • [p4903] Do not disable bluetooth FTP profile.
  • [flashing] There is only one provider of tools.
  • [p4903] Add english factory setup also for ru-cert ks.
  • [p4903] Add ks extra name option to pass english factory setup.
  • [dsme] Add abootsettings ini file for passport.
  • [p4903] Remove obsolete voicecall_record config.
  • [image] Add Exchange support by default.
  • [csd] Add factory-tests.ini file.
  • [csd] Add test blacklist file.
  • [usb-moded] Remove adb function from diag mode
  • [usb-moded] Remove adb support services.
  • [camera] Set correct megapixel values for the resolutionText values.
  • [p4903] Add camera policy configuration under /usr/share/sailfish-policy.
  • [p4903] Updated bluetooth volume steps from upstream.


  • Updated : 0.7.3-10.20.36.jolla — 0.7.4-10.20.3.jolla
  • [policy] Rename usb source device to usbmic.


  • Updated : 0.20170404.0-10.12.1.jolla — 0.20170510.2-10.13.1.jolla
  • [droidmedia] Fix path to device mk files.
  • [droidmedia] 32bit builds for qualcomm cameras on 64bit boards.


  • Updated : — 0.78.1-1.4.2
  • [build] Update header dependencies
  • [modulebase] Allow passing NULL to module_name()
  • [modulebase] Remove unused leave_module() function
  • [modules] Use correct module context in callbacks not dispatched by DSME
  • [timers] Add dsme_create_timer() for ms resolution timeouts
  • [timers] Dispatch timers in correct module context.
  • [timers] Remove unused dsme_create_timer_high_priority() function
  • [timers] Rename dsme_create_timer() to dsme_create_timer_seconds()
  • [timers] Use Use dsme timer api instead of the glib one.
  • [dsme] Drop option to build dsme without logging
  • [dsme] Fix dsme-wdd and dsme-server command line parsing
  • [logging] Add runtime logging include/exclude control.
  • [logging] Allow fine tuned diagnostic logging.
  • [logging] Drop log-to-stdout feature
  • [logging] Drop log-to-sti feature
  • [packaging] Adjust libsystemd build requirements.
  • [iphb] Reduce journal spam during bootup.
  • [dsme] Add support for android 6 device info.
  • [abootsettings] Do not complain about missing ini-file.
  • [actdead] Do not indicate shutdown when booting to act dead.


  • Updated : 1.43.1-1.4.1 — 1.43.1+git1-1.4.2
  • [e2fsprogs] Remove the m_hugefile test as it fails to build on tmpfs workers. Fixes MER#1675


  • Updated : 0.0.30-10.11.1.jolla — 0.0.32-10.12.1.jolla
  • [eventsview-extensions] Update to new dbus import.
  • [jolla-eventsview-extensions] Move to Nemo.Connectivity import.


  • Updated : — 0.0.3-10.4.1.jolla Unmet requirements: jolla-keyboard-layout-russian
  • [rpm] Include russian and tatar keyboard layouts.


  • Updated : 1.3.4-1.19.1 — 1.3.6-1.19.1
  • [fingerterm] content no longer in resources and layouts not automatically copied.
  • [fingerterm] Don’t copy anymore layouts to user config directory on startup.
  • [fingerterm] Install QML files, icons and data under /usr/share/fingerterm instead of using resources.
  • [fingerterm] Add a minimal delay between key press and release.
  • [fingerterm] Use minimum press feedback time.


  • Updated : 0.2.12-10.28.2.jolla — 0.2.13-10.28.1.jolla
  • [geoclue-provider-hybris] Fix building for Android 7.


  • Updated : 0.0.13-1.5.1 — 0.0.14-1.5.1
  • [geoclue-mlsdb] Suppress debug output to journal by default.
  • [geoclue-provider-mlsdb] Add bounding-box information for European countries. Contributes to MER#1559
  • [mlsdbtool] add Africa
  • [mlsdbtool] Add bounding boxes for Africa. Contributes to MER#1559
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Boxes for Europe:
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Aland Islands
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Albania
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Algeria
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Andorra
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Angola
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Armenia
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Austria
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Azerbaijan
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Belarus
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Belgium
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Benin
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Bosnia and Herz.
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Botswana
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Bulgaria
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Burkina Faso
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Burundi
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Cameroon
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Canary Islands
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Cape Verde
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Central African Republic
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Ceuta
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Chad
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Comoros
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Congo
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Croatia
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Cyprus
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Czech Republic
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Denmark
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Djibouti
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Egypt
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Equatorial Guinea
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Eritrea
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Estonia
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Ethiopia
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Faroe Islands
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for France
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Gabon
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Gambia
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Georgia
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Germany
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Ghana
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Gibraltar
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Greece
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Guernsey
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Guinea
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Guinea Bissau
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Hungary
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Iceland
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Ireland
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Isle of Man
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Italy
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Ivory Coast
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Jersey
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Kazakhstan
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Kenya
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Kosovo
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Latvia
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Lesotho
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Liberia
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Libya
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Liechtenstein
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Lithuania
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Luxembourg
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Macedonia
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Madagascar
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Madeira
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Malawi
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Mali
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Malta
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Mauritania
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Mauritius
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Mayotte
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Melilla
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Moldava
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Monaco
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Montenegro
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Morocco
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Mozambique
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Namibia
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Netherlands
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Niger
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Nigeria
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Norway
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Poland
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Portugal
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Reunion
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Romania
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Rwanda
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for San Marino
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Sao Tome and Principe
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Senegal
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Serbia
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Seychelles
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Sierra Leone
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Slovakia
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Slovenia
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Somalia
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for South Africa
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for South Sudan
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Spain
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Sudan
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Swaziland
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Sweden
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Switzerland
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Tanzania
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Togo
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Tunisia
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Turkey
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Uganda
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Ukraine
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for United Kingdom
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Zambia
  • [mlsdbtool] add Bounding Box for Zimbabwe
  • [mlsdbtool] add missing ;
  • [mlsdbtool] add missing ; for Bounding Box Sudan
  • [mlsdbtool] fix Bounding Box Burundi
  • [mlsdbtool] fix Bounding Box for Libya
  • [mlsdbtool] fixing space issue in Bounding Box Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • [mlsdbtool] fix typo in Bounding Box Moldova
  • [mlsdbtool] moved Bounding Box for Finland
  • [mlsdbtool] moved Bounding Box of Kazakhstan
  • [mlsdbtool] removed doubled Bounding Box of Italy
  • [mlsdbtool] remove unneeded spaces


  • Updated : 1.10.2+git1-1.8.1 — 1.10.4-1.8.1
  • [security] Update Gstreamer to 1.10.4. Contributes MER#1779


  • Updated : 0.20170213.0-10.16.1.jolla — 0.20170510.0-10.16.1.jolla
  • [codec] Enable VP8. Fixes MER#595.
  • [droidcamsrc] Use preview size values if video size values are missing. Contributes MER#1782


  • Updated : 1.10.2-1.12.1 — 1.10.4-1.13.1
  • [security] Update Gstreamer to 1.10.4. Contributes MER#1779


  • Updated : 1.10.2+git2-1.7.2 — 1.10.4+git1-1.6.1
  • [gst-plugins-base] Fix appsrc based pipelines reporting the wrong duration.
  • [security] Update Gstreamer to 1.10.4. Contributes MER#1779


  • Updated : 1.10.2-1.7.1 — 1.10.4-1.8.1
  • [security] Update Gstreamer to 1.10.4. Contributes MER#1779


  • Updated : 0.9.0-10.26.1.jolla —
  • [hybris-adaptors] Select 1st sensor variant for each sensor type.
  • [hybris-adaptors] Use wakelock to ensure proximity data io.
  • [sensord] Use systemd notify instead of forking a daemon.
  • [sensord] Do not log successful daemon forks.
  • [systemd] Drop BusName from sensorfwd.service.


  • Updated : — 0.6.28-10.47.1.jolla Binaries added : sailfish-components-calendar-qt5 – 0.6.28-10.47.1.jolla Unmet requirements: sailfish-components-calendar-qt5 = 0.6.28
  • [jolla-calendar] Expose simplified event view page in Sailfish.Calendar import.
  • [spec] Use _smp_mflags instead of jobs macro.
  • [calendar] Avoid temporary height decrease when expanding calendar widget.
  • [jolla-calendar] Fix date clicking breaking with Sydney timezone.
  • [jolla-calendar] Update events view date labels sizes on font size change.
  • [jolla-calendar] Fix clicking on event item.
  • [jolla-calendar] Update events view model at least daily.
  • [jolla-calendar] Use native types on lighweight model.
  • [jolla-calendar] Update date widths always when model changes.
  • [jolla-calendar] Don’t reserve space for non-existent events.
  • [jolla-calendar] Remove CalendarWidget dependency on Lipstick.
  • [jolla-calendar] Allow future dated events in calendar widget.
  • [jolla-calendar] Improve calendar event display in events view.


  • Updated : 1.98-10.30.1.jolla — 1.107-10.33.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 80 of 80 strings translated (0 need review).
  • [l10n ] New files added from Jolla localization based on templates
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.6.28
  • [l10n ] 77 of 77 strings translated (0 need review).
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.6.27
  • [l10n ] 77 of 77 strings translated (0 need review).
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.6.19
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.6.22
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.6.23
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.6.24
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.6.25
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.6.26


  • Updated : — 0.4.22-10.63.1.jolla
  • [camera] Implement support for generic resolution text.
  • [jolla-camera] Hide controls while capturing video.
  • [jolla-camera] Match shutter background size to icon.
  • [camera] Make focus locked on tap to focus.
  • [jolla-camera] Do not explicitly close existing notification.
  • [jolla-camera] Select one way mode switch gesture direction.
  • [jolla-camera] Reset ISO value together with overlay reset button.
  • [camera] Change tap focus lock time from 10s to 5s.
  • [jolla-camera] Use camera device button at the same edge as shutter if possible.
  • [camera] Fix white balance and exposure labels getting clipped.
  • [camera] Fix white balance label going outside the screen.
  • [camera] Use Qt.AlignLeft/Right instead of Text.AlignLeft/Right
  • [camera] Add 16:9 resolution 8 megapixel translation. Contributes
  • [camera] Add 16:9 resolution 8 megapixel translation.
  • [jolla-camera] Fix (again) camera changing broken on d-bus request.
  • [jolla-camera] Initialise PositionSource.active in a safe manner.
  • [mdm] Disable Camera settings if Camera is not allowed.


  • Updated : 1.115.2-10.56.1.jolla — 1.126-10.56.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 53 of 54 strings translated (0 need review).
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.4.20
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.4.21
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.4.22
  • [l10n ] 66 of 66 strings translated (0 need review).
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.4.17
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.4.18
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.4.19
  • [l10n ] 66 of 66 strings translated (0 need review).
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.4.11
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.4.12
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.4.13
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.4.15


  • Updated : 1.79-10.3.1.jolla — 1.83-10.6.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 37 of 38 strings translated (0 need review).


  • Updated : 0.5.11-10.64.1.jolla — 0.5.12-10.64.2.jolla
  • [jolla-contacts] Use newer DBus module.


  • Updated : 1.111.1-10.61.1.jolla — 1.116-10.62.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 152 of 154 strings translated (0 need review).
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.5.12
  • [l10n ] 166 of 168 strings translated (0 need review).


  • Updated : — Unmet requirements: libnemodbus.so.2
  • [devicelock] Fix an error where a security code be set when changing a config value.
  • [devicelock] Reset unlock attempt counter on upgrade.
  • [sailfish-mdm] Enforce device reset policy.
  • [devicelock] Write a marker file if external storage should be wiped on device reset.
  • [devicelock] Ensure settings required for validation are initialized first.
  • [devicelock] Use term security code instead of lock code.
  • [devicelock] Add an option for device management to irreversibly lock a device.
  • [devicelock] Emit feedback when a security code is due to expire soon.
  • [devicelock] Enable code generation configuration options.
  • [devicelock] Fix authentication error when entering an incorrect code.
  • [devicelock] Fixup default show notifications value.
  • [devicelock] Don’t report the number of failed attempts if no maximum is set.


  • Updated : 1.27-10.19.1.jolla — 1.30-10.21.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 7 of 7 strings translated (0 need review).


  • Updated : 0.3.23-10.75.1.jolla — 0.3.25-10.75.1.jolla Unmet requirements: sailfish-components-calendar-qt5
  • [jolla-email] Allow showing synced invitation events.
  • [jolla-email] Move to Nemo.Connectivity import.


  • Updated : 1.130.1-10.44.1.jolla — 1.136-10.45.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 148 of 149 strings translated (1 need review).
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.3.25
  • [l10n ] 148 of 149 strings translated (1 need review).
  • Updated : 1.69-10.41.1.jolla — 1.72-10.44.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 35 of 35 strings translated (0 need review).
  • Updated : 0.0.9-10.3.3.jolla —
  • [jolla-gallery-extensions] Migrate to Dropbox V2 API.
  • [jolla-gallery-extensions] Move to Nemo.Connectivity import.
  • Updated : 1.13-10.7.1.jolla — 1.14-10.8.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 10 of 10 strings translated (0 need review).
  • Updated : 1.94-10.49.1.jolla — 1.97-10.52.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 18 of 18 strings translated (0 need review).
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.2.8


  • Updated : 0.6.10-10.61.1.jolla — 0.6.11-10.60.1.jolla Binaries added : jolla-keyboard-layout-kazakh – 0.6.11-10.60.1.jolla, jolla-keyboard-layout-indian – 0.6.11-10.60.1.jolla, jolla-keyboard-layout-russian – 0.6.11-10.60.1.jolla, jolla-keyboard-layout-chinese – 0.6.11-10.60.1.jolla, jolla-keyboard-layout-all – 0.6.11-10.60.1.jolla, jolla-keyboard-layout-western – 0.6.11-10.60.1.jolla
  • [jolla-keyboard] Split layouts into smaller subpackages.


  • Updated : 1.33-10.24.1.jolla — 1.35-10.26.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 15 of 15 strings translated (0 need review).


  • Updated : 0.3.20-10.45.2.jolla — 0.3.21-10.44.1.jolla
  • [mediaplayer] add bluez5 support for fastforward and rewind.


  • Updated : 1.72-10.24.1.jolla — 1.76-10.27.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 64 of 64 strings translated (0 need review).
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.3.21
  • [l10n ] 64 of 64 strings translated (0 need review).
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.3.20


  • Updated : 0.6.58-10.74.1.jolla —
  • [messages] Restore visiblity of previous messages when returning to a draft.
  • [jolla-messages] Fix messages outbound SMS and IM error state.


  • Updated : 1.116-10.62.1.jolla — 1.120-10.65.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 92 of 92 strings translated (0 need review).
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.6.59
  • [l10n ] 92 of 92 strings translated (0 need review).


  • Updated : — 0.9.6-10.32.1.jolla
  • [notes] Try and detect the character encoding of text files.


  • Updated : 1.56-10.22.1.jolla — 1.60-10.25.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 18 of 18 strings translated (0 need review).
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.9.6
  • [l10n ] 18 of 18 strings translated (0 need review).


  • Updated : — 1.1.8-10.36.2.jolla
  • [conf] Format QtInfoMsg messages.
  • [user-session] Expect ‚inactive‘ when starting user-session.
  • [pam] Do common system-auth tasks before autologin specific ones.


  • Updated : —
  • [jolla-settings-accounts-extensions] Update Dropbox provider.
  • [settings-accounts] Adapt to newer dbus module import.
  • [jolla-settings-accounts] Remove Google Talk (GChat) service.
  • [jolla-settings-accounts] Move to Nemo.Connectivity import.


  • Updated : 1.155.1-10.75.1.jolla — 1.160-10.76.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 335 of 335 strings translated (0 need review).
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.3.14


  • Updated : 1.70.1-10.38.1.jolla — 1.72-10.38.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 13 of 13 strings translated (0 need review).


  • Updated : 1.56-10.39.1.jolla — 1.57-10.40.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 0 of 9 strings translated (0 need review).


  • Updated : —
  • [jolla-settings-networking] Open Connection Selector when dimmed mobile data switch is tapped.
  • [jolla-settings-networking] Enforce tethering policy.
  • [jolla-settings-networking] Remove invalid code lines.
  • [jolla-settings-networking] Avoid compiling EditMobileNetworkPage until it is opened.
  • [jolla-settings-networking] Cleanup mobile data mainpage.
  • [jolla-settings-networking] Use DataConnection component for activate mobile data.
  • [rpm] Increment version and requirements.
  • [jolla-settings-networking] Guard Internet sharing with mobile data autoConnect.
  • [jolla-settings-network] Write Chap in uppercase CHAP.
  • [jolla-settings-network] Add authentication method selector to network edit pages.
  • [jolla-settings-networking] Do not enable Internet sharing without mobile data.
  • [multisim] Disable voice sim selection combobox when no sims inserted.
  • [jolla-settings-networking] Repaired another mobile data switch.
  • [jolla-settings-networking] Repaired the mobile data switch on single sim phones.
  • [jolla-settings-networking] Fix first time mobile data connection.
  • [jolla-settings-networking] Clean up project config.
  • [wlan] Fix wlan policy value getting inverted.
  • [wlan] Align policy naming.
  • [mobilenetwork] Added new string for the „unregistered“ status.


  • Updated : 1.170.2-10.69.1.jolla — 1.185-10.69.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 374 of 374 strings translated (0 need review).
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.4.7
  • [l10n ] 371 of 374 strings translated (0 need review).
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.4.6
  • [l10n ] 371 of 374 strings translated (0 need review).
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.4.1
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.4.2
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.4.3
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.4.5
  • [l10n ] 299 of 367 strings translated (1 need review).
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.3.76
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.3.77
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.3.80
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.3.81


  • Updated : 1.55-10.31.1.jolla — 1.62-10.34.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 49 of 49 strings translated (0 need review).
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.1.8
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.1.9
  • [l10n ] 48 of 48 strings translated (0 need review).


  • Updated : 1.41-10.27.1.jolla — 1.42-10.28.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 23 of 23 strings translated (0 need review).


  • Updated : —
  • [jolla-settings-system] Pass Ofono SimManager to the Pin input page when changing sim pin.
  • [devicelock] Cancel a security code change if settings loses focus.
  • [jolla-settings-system] Cancel a security code change if settings loses focus.
  • [developermode] Add dummy developer mode setting for easier debugging
  • [developermode] Polish developer mode transitions.
  • [sailfish-mdm] Indicate when device reset is disabled by mdm.
  • [jolla-settings-system] Optimize system settings page loading times.
  • [jolla-settings-system] Tune PIN input layout on larger displays.
  • [settings-system] Show IMEI ID (software version) on About Settings page.
  • [settings-system] Show IMEI software version on About Settings page.
  • [settings-system] Avoid error when swiping settings to background with device lock page.
  • [settings-system] Make DeviceLockQuery mostly responsible for pagestack.
  • [devicelock] Use term security code instead of lock code.
  • [devicelock] Fix suggested code not showing on first prompt.
  • [devicelock] Show security code suggestions if provided.
  • [jolla-settings] Don’t ask for lock code if there was no change.
  • [devicelock] Don’t persist the lock code last chance red highlight.
  • [settings-system] Exit GPS flight mode whenever gps gets somehow enabled.
  • [about] Split license text to two files.
  • [simpin query] Check if puk requested first time.
  • [jolla-settings-system] Align policy naming.
  • [jolla-settings-system] Increase libsailfishpolicy version requirement.
  • [developermode] Update IP address label when developer mode page is re-opened.
  • [devicelock] Show the number of failed attempts.
  • [mdm] Fix MDM disclaimer fade in.
  • [storage] Don’t show the ‚New Folder‘ option for unmounted partitions.


  • Updated : 1.228.5-10.87.1.jolla — 1.243-10.86.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 461 of 461 strings translated (0 need review).
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.11.66
  • [l10n ] 429 of 461 strings translated (6 need review).
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.11.65
  • [l10n ] 461 of 461 strings translated (0 need review).
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.11.62
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.11.63
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.11.64
  • [l10n ] 440 of 461 strings translated (8 need review).
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.11.59
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.11.60
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.11.61
  • [l10n ] 460 of 460 strings translated (0 need review).
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.11.53
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.11.54
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.11.55
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.11.57


  • Updated : 1.120.2-10.61.1.jolla — 1.128-10.61.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 43 of 43 strings translated (0 need review).
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.3.30


  • Updated : 0.4.59-10.47.1.jolla — 0.4.61-10.47.1.jolla
  • [jolla-vault] Avoid compiling NewBackupRestoreDialog until needed.
  • [jolla-vault] Adapt to newer dbus module version.


  • Updated : 1.92.2-10.47.1.jolla — 1.98-10.47.1.jolla
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.4.61
  • [l10n ] 85 of 85 strings translated (0 need review).


  • Updated : 5.24.0+git12-1.4.1 — 5.24.0+git13-1.5.1
  • [bluez-qt] Fix crash after unloading the obex manager.


  • Updated : 5.24.0+git12-1.4.1 — 5.24.0+git13-1.5.1
  • [bluez-qt] Fix crash after unloading the obex manager.


  • Updated : 1.13-1.7.1 — 1.13+git1-1.7.2
  • [libaccounts-qt] Retarget upstream repo url. Contributes to MER#908


  • Updated : 11.8+git2-1.9.6 — 11.8+git3-1.10.1
  • [codec] Enable VP8 decoding for thumbnailing purposes. Contributes MER#595.


  • Updated : 1.7-1.4.1 — 1.8-1.5.1
  • [l10n ] 0 of 3 strings translated (0 need review).


  • Updated : 1.0.22-1.15.1 — 1.0.24-1.14.1
  • [glibutil] Added gutil_strv_strip function
  • [glibutil] MER#1437
  • [glibutil] Added a few more GUtilIntArray functions
  • [glibutil] MER#1437
  • [glibutil] Refresh symbolic link on every build


  • Updated : 1.0.8-1.2.1 — 1.0.9-1.2.1
  • [debian] Changed source format
  • [gofonoext] Do not query D-Bus properties from ofono. MER#1785
  • [gofonoext] MER#1448


  • Updated : 1.0.11-1.7.1 — 1.0.16-1.7.1
  • [libgrilio] Added grilio_channel_drop_request.
  • [libgrilio] Added more information to the debug log
  • [libgrilio] Added „owner changed“ and „pending“ signals.
  • [libgrilio] Submit blocking request only when nothing is pending.
  • [libgrilio] Added serialized mode.
  • [libgrilio] Added transaction mode.
  • [libgrilio] Allow individual blocking requests.
  • [libgrilio] Log request ids in hex
  • [libgrilio] Added grilio_request_set_retry_func.
  • [libgrilio] MER#1438
  • [libgrilio] Added grilio_request_array_xxx_new functions
  • [libgrilio] Added test for invalid UTF-8
  • [libgrilio] Fixed handling of invalid UTF-8
  • [libgrilio] Improved GRilIoQueue test coverage
  • [libgrilio] MER#1438
  • [libgrilio] Handle couple of rare corner cases
  • [libgrilio] Mark completed requests as DONE
  • [libgrilio] MER#1438
  • [libgrilio] Removed ril-test
  • [libgrilio] Switched tests to g_test framework


  • Updated : 1.0.5-1.2.1 — 1.0.6-1.2.1
  • [gsupplicant] Include <gio gio.h=““> only when it’s necessary. </gio>


  • Updated : — Binaries added : libhybris-detritus-devel –, libhybris-detritus – Unmet requirements: libcamera.so.1, libsf.so.1, libwifi.so.1, libis.so.1, libmedia.so.1
  • [hybris] hook alloc/free methods and add a quirk for adreno blobs. MER#1759
  • [packaging] update back to upstream version
  • [packaging] Update .spec as per upstream (WIP)
  • [hybris] Build with a fix for browser crashing on 64bit hw. MER#1759


  • Updated : 0.15.1b-1.1.5 — 0.15.1b-1.2.1
  • [packaging] add missing patch. Contributes to MER#1453
  • [packaging] add rpm folder to use tar_git. Contributes to MER#1453
  • [packaging] Change inline pkgconfig entry to fix build
  • [mer] Convert libid3tag to tar_git. Contributes to MER#1453


  • Updated : 1.4.0-1.12.1 — 1.5.0-1.12.1
  • [keepalive] Move to Nemo.KeepAlive import.


  • Updated : 0.4.0-1.8.1 — 0.5.0-1.8.1
  • [libngf-qt] Move to Nemo.Ngf import.


  • Updated : 0.4.6-10.9.1.jolla — 0.4.7-10.9.1.jolla
  • [qapk] Don’t assume the names of the parent nodes of intent-filter.


  • Updated : 0.91-1.35.1 — 0.92-1.35.1
  • [libqofono] Expose softwareVersionNumber in QOfonoModem.
  • [libqofono] Replaced hardcoded literals in QOfonoModem with QString constants
  • [libqofono] Updated MCC list. MER#486


  • Updated : 1.0.18-1.14.1 — 1.0.19-1.14.1
  • [libqofonoext] Support for ModemManager interface version 8.


  • Updated : 1.7git174.1ef44b5-1.1.7 — 1.7git174.1ef44b5-1.2.1
  • [submodule] Updated to new repository url. Contributes to MER#908


  • Updated : — 0.36.8-10.126.1.jolla
  • [notification] Show unremovable notification with no action as not interactive.
  • [connectivity] Do not remove network service when connecting.
  • [connectivity] Go to connecting state when connectService called.
  • [lipstick-jolla] Use adjusted setter name for interactiveExpected.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Clean up network connection related notifications.
  • [connectivity] When connecting to network, close Connection Selector when connected.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Fix reference errors.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Switch ConnectionSelector to use DataConnaction component.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Tolerate mobile data errors for a while.
  • [lipstick-jolla] Restore weather banner state on restart.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Allow flicking to main lock screen when opening device lock view with power key double tap shortcut.
  • [lockscreen] Inform mce when expecting interaction.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Don’t publish „Problem with Connection“ notification.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Cleanup deadcode from ConnectionSelector.
  • [connectivity] Fix WLAN password fields becoming unfocusable after display off.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Don’t use shared instance of NetworkManager.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Reset current wifi service item on ListView.onRemove
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Improve guarding of autoConnect -> requestConnect sequence.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Enable mobile data only connection selector.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Retry enabling mobile data upon carries lost.
  • [lipstick-jolla] Fix device lock expiration plurals.
  • [devicelock] Update translation text for expiration notifications.
  • [homescreen] Give the correct layer focus after dismissing lockscreen.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Re-enable SIM selector touch after leaving Events shortcut housekeeping.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Do not explicitly close previous notifications before updating.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Restart notification timer.
  • [homescreen] Don’t allow ambience transitions to be interrupted by changing the ambience.
  • [devicelock] Show a notification when the security code is due to expire.
  • [jolla-lipstick] Events view scrollable area to include no notifactions text.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Don’t check connman’s state when connecting to unused mobile network.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Show sim reboot dialog also with multi sim device.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Show sim reboot dialog when present sim count changes.
  • [peekfilter] Calculate progress from absolute progress.
  • [peekfilter] Clear activation threshold when user does a quick swipe.
  • [peekfilter] Reduce peekfilter threshold from 14mm to 10mm.
  • [homescreen] Close cover windows instead of the application windows.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Avoid moving above lock screen widgets when hiding the camera icon.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Show lockscreen notification icons on unlocked / locked cases.
  • [homescreen] Hide the lockscreen camera when the display turns off.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Align policy naming.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Increase libsailfishpolicy version requirement.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Hide camera quick access hint icon in lower power mode.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Centralise events view timeouts.
  • [homescreen] Fix USB dialog blocking connection dialog during startup wizard.


  • Updated : 1.190.2-10.74.1.jolla — 1.204-10.74.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 165 of 165 strings translated (0 need review).
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.36.4
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.36.6
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.36.7
  • [l10n ] 165 of 170 strings translated (0 need review).
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.35.10
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.35.4
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.35.5
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.35.7
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.35.8
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.35.9
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.36.0
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.36.2
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.36.3
  • [l10n ] 171 of 172 strings translated (0 need review).
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.34.78
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.35.0
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.35.2
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.35.3
  • [l10n ] 169 of 169 strings translated (0 need review).
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.34.66
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.34.77


  • Updated : — 0.32.2-1.84.1
  • [notifications] Restrict access to persistent notifications.
  • [lipstick] Change interactionExpected name as more proper setter.
  • [lipsticksettings] Add interactive lockscreen signaling.
  • [lipstick] Update notification also when replacing an existing notification.
  • [lipstick] Fix launcher folder model app unblacklisting.
  • [lipstick] Fix crash when a surface is destroyed while a key is being held.
  • [lipstick] Allow the volume up and down keys too be pressed simultaneously.
  • [touchscreen] Filter events based on mce input policy signals.
  • [volume] Filter events based on mce input policy signals.
  • [lipstick] Use Systemd’s dbus API for starting and stopping vpn.
  • [notifications] Add x-nemo-suppress-display-on hint.
  • [notifications] Do not cancel display wakeups.
  • [notifications] Suppress display wakeup for usb cable disconnect.


  • Updated : 1.55.1-10.34.1.jolla — 1.58-10.35.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 26 of 26 strings translated (0 need review).


  • Updated : 1.03-10.3.6.jolla — 1.03-10.4.1.jolla
  • [license] Unify open source licenses.
  • [packaging] Convert from gitpkg/pristine-tar to tar_git.


  • Updated : 4.1.24-1.17.1 — 4.1.25-1.17.1
  • [mapplauncherd] Remove systemd compat lib dependency.


  • Updated : 0.0.5-1.5.1 — 0.0.7-1.5.1
  • [packaging] include LGPLv2.1 license.


  • Updated : — 0.0.21-10.16.1.jolla
  • [mapplauncherd-privileges-jolla] Remove ssu and pkcon privileges.


  • Updated : 1.87.0-1.8.2 — 1.89.0-1.7.1
  • [display] Do not repeatedly warn about scheduler change failures
  • [inactivity] Allow activity when interaction is expected.
  • [inactivity] Do not allow activity while lockscreen is active
  • [inactivity] Skip activity renew instead of switching to inactivity
  • [tklock] Cancel display blanking on lockscreen interaction.
  • [tklock] Do not blank when dismissing alarm with side swipe.
  • [dbus] Drop unused async pid query functionality
  • [dbus] Enablers for limiting dbus methods to privileged clients.
  • [mcetool] Do not silently ignore D-Bus errors from mce.
  • [radiostates] Deny radio control from unprivileged clients.
  • [dbus] Add dbus send helper variant with controllable reply timeout
  • [dbus] Normalize DBusError initialization and cleanup
  • [dbus] Use closable private D-Bus connection
  • [display] Add state machine to deal with compositor ipc. Fixes MER#1771
  • [mce] Add valgrind mode to ease memory leak debugging
  • [mce] Use sigaction() for registering signal handlers.
  • [dsme] Avoid recursion during dsmesock disconnecting.
  • [dbus] Track devicelock service availability.
  • [powerkey] Skip device lock requests while the service is not up.
  • [tklock] Handle devicelock availability changes.


  • Updated : 0.0.2-1.2.1 — 0.0.4-1.3.1
  • [mer-qdoc-template] Fix qdoc getting confused on new Qt macros.
  • [mer-qdoc-template] Install to /usr/share/mer-qdoc-template.


  • Updated : 20131125+git58.3-1.36.1 — 20131125+git62-1.33.1
  • [mbpi] Use PAP authentication for Beeline MMS (Russia).
  • [mbpi] Allow apn/authentication element in serviceproviders.xml
  • [mbpi] Sonera is no more. MER#902
  • [mbpi] Changed Beeline AP names to the official ones.
  • [mbpi]Added a2mobile MVNO and remove Nordisk Polska (POLAND)
  • [mbpi]Added Mobile Vikings MVNO
  • [mbpi] Housekeeping


  • Updated : 0.0.10-1.7.1 — 0.0.11-1.7.1
  • [password-manager] Register DBus object/service in correct order.


  • Updated : 0.2.20-1.12.2 — 0.2.21-1.10.1
  • [nemo-qml-plugin-calendar] Allow searching for imported events.


  • Updated : 0.2.0-1.12.2 — 0.2.1-1.13.1
  • [docs] Fix building documentation with Qt 5.6.


  • Updated : 0.0.7-1.5.8 — 0.0.12-1.7.1 Binaries added : nemo-qml-plugin-connectivity-devel – 0.0.12-1.7.1 Unmet requirements: libnemoconnectivity.so.0
  • [nemo-connectivity] Expose presentSimCount.
  • [rpm] Add ldconfig post(un) calls.
  • [nemo-connectivity] Add DataConnection component.
  • [nemo-qml-plugin-connectivity] Move to Nemo.Connectivity import.
  • [connectivity] Don’t create duplicate interface objects.


  • Updated : 2.1.8-1.17.1 — 2.1.11-1.17.1
  • [nemo-qml-plugin-dbus] Warn when dbus 1.0 module is used.
  • [nemo-qml-plugin-dbus] Properly link package and .pc version.
  • [spec] Use _smp_mflags instead of jobs macro.
  • [docs] Fix building documentation with Qt 5.6.


  • Updated : — 0.2.9-1.7.1 Unmet requirements: libnemodbus.so.2
  • [devicelock] Add an option to clear external storage on device reset.
  • [devicelock] Ask user to confirm a generated code twice.
  • [devicelock] Use term security code instead of lock code.
  • [devicelock] Add a permanent manager lockout state.
  • [devicelock] Add feedback about soon to expire codes.
  • [devicelock] Introduce an option for suggesting security codes.
  • [devicelock] Reorder nemodevicelock{,-host} libraries for symbol lookup.
  • [devicelock] Don’t lock the device immediately on screen blank during a call.
  • [devicelock] Emit the locked signal if the connection to device lock is lost.


  • Updated : — 0.2.2-10.3.1.jolla
  • [nemo-qml-plugin-email] Add a test case for folder ordering in FolderListModel, contributes to MER#1778
  • [nemo-qml-plugin-email] Allow more than one level of folder nesting, fix MER#1778
  • [nemo-qml-plugin-email] Fix email account creation.


  • Updated : 1.1.0-1.17.2 — 1.1.1-1.18.1
  • [docs] Fix building documentation with Qt 5.6.


  • Updated : —
  • [nemo-qml-plugin-systemsettings] Fix crash in OpenVPN file import.
  • [nemo-system-settings] Implement synchronous initialisation of LocationSettings.


  • Updated : 0.3.3-1.17.2 — 0.3.5-1.18.1
  • [docs] Fix building documentation with Qt 5.6.
  • [thumbnailer] Destroy thumbailer loader alongside the window it is attached to. Fixes MER#1788


  • Updated : 1.21-10.17.1.jolla — 1.22-10.18.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 7 of 7 strings translated (0 need review).


  • Updated : 0.91.2-10.6.2.jolla — 0.91.3-10.7.1.jolla
  • [droid-vibrator] Add support for new Android vibrator API.


  • Updated : — 0.9.7-10.68.1.jolla
  • [patterns] Ensure libsb2 is installed in i486 build targets.
  • [patterns-non-oss] Pull in all keyboard layouts.


  • Updated : 1.19+git7.8-1.57.2 — 1.19+git23-1.52.1
  • [ril] Block requests while UICC subscription is in progress.
  • [ril] Don’t start radio caps switch until SIM I/O calms down.
  • [ril] Handle the case of one of the SIMs missing.
  • [ril] If SET_UICC_SUBSCRIPTION times out, drop (rather than cancel) it.
  • [ril] Made GSM_GET_BROADCAST_SMS_CONFIG blocking.
  • [ril] Made PIN requests blocking.
  • [ril] Made SET_SUPP_SVC_NOTIFICATION blocking.
  • [ril] Make radio capability switch more reliable.
  • [ril] Make RIL_REQUEST_RADIO_POWER blocking.
  • [ril] Notify the UI if the capability switch transaction fails.
  • [ril] Poll data call state if DEACTIVATE_DATA_CALL request fails.
  • [ril] Serialize requests at startup.
  • [ofono] Switch USSD state from USER_ACTION to IDLE.
  • [ofono] Workaround for broken MMS proxy IP address.
  • [ril] Fixed voicecall problem introduced by commit 351ac1e9.
  • [ofono] Added ANY and NONE authentication methods.
  • [ofono] Allow to compile unit tests with coverage enabled
  • [ofono] Reset authentication method together with other context settings.
  • [ril] Respect the authentication algorithm option.
  • [rpm] Require mobile-broadband-provider-info at runtime
  • [test] Improved provisioning test coverage
  • [ofono] Expose IMEI SV via org.nemomobile.ofono.ModemManager.
  • [ril] Added SetRadioCapability config option.
  • [ril] Notify rild when we don’t need mobile data.
  • [ril] Start using SET_RADIO_CAPABILITY.
  • [ofono] debuglog plugin -> sailfish_debuglog.
  • [ofono] push-forwarder -> sailfish-pushforwarder.
  • [ofono] Renamed jolla-rilmodem configure option into sailfish-rilmodem.
  • [ofono] Renamed sailfishos configure option to sailfish-bt.
  • [ofono] Renamed Sailfish OS specific provision plugin to sailfish_provision.
  • [rpm] Drop the .changes file
  • [ril] Keep hangup D-Bus request pending until RIL hangup completes.
  • [ril] Added assert in ril_sim_card_status_parse
  • [ril] Don’t auto-select the data sim on a multisim phone.
  • [packaging] Fix passing -j to make.
  • [ril] Allow (some) DEVICE_IDENTITY requests to time out.
  • [ril] Use DEVICE_IDENTITY request instead of GET_IMEI.
  • [simfs] Prevent a crash in sim_fs_notify_file_watches.
  • [ril] Improved detection of permanently locked SIM cards.
  • [ril] Query PUK retry count.
  • [sim] Allow plugins to use puk2pin() function
  • [ril] Always refresh SIM status from query_passwd_state.
  • [ril] Housekeeping
  • [ril] Added „technologies“ configuration option.


  • Updated : 1.3.5-1.19.2 — 1.3.6-1.19.1 Binaries added : ohm-plugin-route-devel – 1.3.6-1.19.1
  • [build] Generate and install route extension files.
  • [packaging] Package new ohm-plugin-route-devel.
  • [route] Add pkgconfig file for headers.
  • [route] Move D-Bus strings to separate header.


  • Updated : 0.1.4-1.2.4 — 0.1.4-1.3.1
  • [openobex] Fix null pointer ref and socket buffer size.
  • [packaging] Change submodule url.


  • Updated : — 0.9.7-10.3.1.jolla Unmet requirements: jolla-keyboard-layout-all
  • [patterns] Ensure libsb2 is installed in i486 build targets.
  • [patterns-non-oss] Pull in all keyboard layouts.


  • Updated : 1.0.7-10.1.1.jolla — 1.0.8-10.2.1.jolla
  • [packaging] Update submodule after repository move.


  • Updated : 1.0.5-1.6.4 — 1.0.6-1.7.1
  • [systemd] Handle D-Bus autostart via systemd.


  • Updated : 8.0.59-10.18.2.jolla — 8.0.60-10.19.1.jolla
  • [common] Fix output channel conversion.
  • [common] Have correct type for function.
  • [sink] Fix segfault when running standalone sink.


  • Updated : 8.0.59-10.37.2.jolla — 8.0.60-10.38.1.jolla
  • [common] Fix output channel conversion.
  • [common] Have correct type for function.
  • [sink] Fix segfault when running standalone sink.


  • Updated : 1.4.0-1.5.1 — 1.5.1-1.6.1
  • [pyotherside] Update to 1.5.1. Contributes to MER#1746


  • Updated : 1.57-10.27.1.jolla — 1.58-10.28.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 76 of 76 strings translated (0 need review).


  • Updated : 1.14-10.9.1.jolla — 1.15-10.10.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 70 of 70 strings translated (0 need review).


  • Updated : 1.28-10.2.1.jolla — 1.29-10.3.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 6 of 6 strings translated (0 need review).


  • Updated : 0.2.0-10.1.1.jolla — 0.2.1-10.2.1.jolla
  • [packaging] Updated URL after repository move.


  • Updated : 5.6.2+git13-1.33.5 — 5.6.2+git16-1.35.1
  • [mer] Add an environment variable for disabling GL_BGRA use in read-pixels.
  • [mer][qtbase] Add an environment variable for disabling GL_BGRA use in read-pixels.
  • [mer][qtnetwork] Cleanup unused member variable
  • [mer][qtnetwork] Make qconnman bearer to tolerate late connman start.
  • [mer] Bring systrace up to recent api so it can work again.
  • [mer] Eliminated annoying D-Bus warning.


  • Updated : 0.0.6-10.3.1.jolla — 0.0.7-10.8.1.jolla
  • [qt5-feedback-haptics-droid-vibrator] Add support for new Android vibrator API.
  • [qt5-feedback-haptics-droid-vibrator] Rename private variable.


  • Updated : —
  • [hwc] Ensure the vsync thread is not running after the context is destroyed.
  • [hwcomposer] Add systraces to v11.


  • Updated : 5.6.2+git7-1.42.2 — 5.6.2+git9-1.42.1
  • [mer][qtdeclarative] Add an environment variable to disable use of BGRA textures.
  • [qtdeclarative] Add an environment variable to disable use of BGRA textures.
  • [mer] Let qtdeclarative-devel require qml-rpm-macros.
  • [mer] Let qtdeclarative require qml-rpm-macros.


  • Updated : 5.2.1+git15-1.13.3 — 5.2.1+git16-1.14.1
  • [sensorfw] Fix initial proximity sensor state evaluation.


  • Updated : 5.4.0+git44-1.46.3 — 5.4.0+git45-1.47.1
  • [mer] Add systrace trace points in a few crucial places.


  • Updated : 0.6.6-10.5.3.jolla — 0.7.2-10.3.1.jolla
  • [customcontext] Make hybris textures work on devices without BGRA. MER#1760


  • Updated : 0.0.22-10.12.1.jolla — 0.0.23-10.12.1.jolla
  • [qa-feedback] Update to newer dbus module.


  • Updated : 1.15.14-10.6.2.jolla — 1.15.16-10.4.1.jolla
  • [sailfish-browser] Reset content height based margins back when vkb margins are reset.
  • [sailfish-browser] Throttle setting of bottom margin.
  • [sailfish-browser] Fix user-agent override pattern matching.
  • [user-agent] Update preprocessed user agent overrides.
  • [user-agent] Update user-agent overrides for 38.8.0 engine.


  • Updated : 1.113.1-10.59.1.jolla — 1.117-10.60.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 34 of 52 strings translated (0 need review).
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 1.15.12


  • Updated : 0.2.8-10.54.1.jolla —
  • [sailfish-components-accounts] Migrate to Dropbox V2 API.


  • Updated : 1.40-10.29.1.jolla — 1.42-10.31.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 0 of 9 strings translated (0 need review).


  • Updated : 0.2.9-10.36.1.jolla — 0.2.10-10.37.1.jolla
  • [components-bluetooth] Use newer dbus module.


  • Updated : 1.53-10.30.1.jolla — 1.55-10.32.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 34 of 34 strings translated (0 need review).


  • Updated : 1.99-10.44.1.jolla — 1.103-10.47.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 129 of 131 strings translated (0 need review).


  • Updated : 0.1.0-10.16.3.jolla — 0.1.1-10.17.1.jolla
  • [components-email] Use newer DBus module version.


  • Updated : 1.40-10.26.1.jolla — 1.41-10.27.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 3 of 3 strings translated (0 need review).


  • Updated : — 0.1.13-10.6.1.jolla
  • [filemanager] Show the new folder option by default.


  • Updated : 1.18-10.8.1.jolla — 1.22-10.10.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 35 of 35 strings translated (0 need review).
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.1.12
  • Updated : 1.67-10.35.1.jolla — 1.70-10.38.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 52 of 52 strings translated (0 need review).
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.1.18


  • Updated : 0.3.1-10.24.2.jolla — 0.3.2-10.25.1.jolla
  • [docs] Fix missing table of contents (QHP).


  • Updated : 1.59.1-10.34.1.jolla — 1.61-10.33.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 33 of 33 strings translated (0 need review).


  • Updated : 1.13-10.9.1.jolla — 1.14-10.10.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 14 of 14 strings translated (0 need review).


  • Updated : 1.44.1-10.31.1.jolla — 1.54-10.31.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 691 of 691 strings translated (0 need review).


  • Updated : 0.3.8-10.3.2.jolla — 0.3.9-10.5.1.jolla
  • [sailfish-components-weather] Use ConnectionHelper to retry model refresh after the connectivity has been established.


  • Updated : 1.17-10.3.1.jolla — 1.19-10.5.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 65 of 65 strings translated (0 need review).


  • Updated : 1.7-10.5.1.jolla — 1.9-10.7.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 37 of 37 strings translated (0 need review).
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.0.17
  • [l10n ] 37 of 37 strings translated (0 need review).
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.0.16


  • Updated : 0.4.12-10.6.1.jolla — 0.4.13-10.7.1.jolla
  • [ssu] Use ssu-sysinfo instead of ssu dbus api.


  • Updated : 0.4.12-10.2.1.jolla — 0.4.13-10.3.1.jolla
  • [ssu] Use ssu-sysinfo instead of ssu dbus api.


  • Updated : 1.10.1-10.10.1.jolla — 1.11-10.10.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 18 of 18 strings translated (0 need review).


  • Updated : 0.9.1-10.19.1.jolla — 0.9.2-10.18.1.jolla
  • [jolla-ambient] Use bigger camera shutter key icons.


  • Updated : 0.0.6-10.4.9.jolla — 0.0.7-10.5.1.jolla Unmet requirements: libnemodbus.so.2
  • [fpd] Make it build in OBS.


  • Updated : 0.1.28-10.13.2.jolla — 0.1.29-10.12.1.jolla
  • [sailfish-eas] Improve logging output to aid debugging.
  • [sailfish-eas] Support meeting request invitation emails.


  • Updated : 1.65.1-10.34.1.jolla — 1.69-10.35.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 88 of 88 strings translated (0 need review).
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 1.1.27


  • Updated : — 0.2.49-10.4.1.jolla Unmet requirements: libnemodbus.so.2
  • [sailfish-mdm] Add value argument for PolicyValue::enforcePolicy.
  • [sailfish-mdm] Fix bug in gpsEnabledChanged reporting.
  • [sailfish-mdm] Fix build break.
  • [sailfish-mdm] AccessPolicy API should avoid tracking policy values not used by the client.
  • [sailfish-mdm] Add device reset policy.
  • [sailfish-mdm] Add internet sharing (tethering) policy.
  • [devicelock] Add an option to clear external storage on device reset.
  • [sailfish-mdm] Improve mdm-text-client.
  • [sailfish-mdm] Make nemo proxy quit when unused.


  • Updated : 1.79-10.31.1.jolla — 1.82-10.33.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 58 of 58 strings translated (0 need review).


  • Updated : 1.38.2-10.25.1.jolla — 1.43-10.26.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 97 of 98 strings translated (0 need review).


  • Updated : 2.1.1-10.43.26.jolla — 2.1.2-10.44.3.jolla
  • [version] Change name for 2.1.2 (Kiiminkijoki).


  • Updated : 0.2.2-10.14.1.jolla — 0.2.3-10.14.2.jolla
  • [sailfish-weather] Use newer dbus module version.


  • Updated : 1.11-10.11.1.jolla — 1.14-10.14.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 23 of 23 strings translated (0 need review).


  • Updated : — 0.24.22-10.93.1.jolla
  • [sailfish-silica] doc: Fix supported icon sizes listing.
  • [silica] Fix quickSelect mis-firing on pull up menus.


  • Updated : 1.81-10.46.1.jolla — 1.84-10.49.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 81 of 82 strings translated (0 need review).
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.24.18


  • Updated : 0.9.13-10.62.17.jolla — 0.10.0-10.61.4.jolla
  • [policy] Add bthfp placeholder configs.
  • [policy] Remove unused twin bthsp configs.


  • Updated : 1.0-10.2.1.jolla — 1.0.1-10.2.1.jolla
  • [packaging] Update URL after repository move.


  • Updated : 1.47-10.25.2.jolla — 1.47.1-10.24.1.jolla
  • [packaging] Update URL after repository move.


  • Updated : —
  • [sdk-manage] Fix usage outside of home directory.
  • [sdk-manage] Fix installing/removing toolchains.
  • [packaging] Update URL after repository move.


  • Updated : 0.1-10.1.1.jolla — 0.1.1-10.2.1.jolla
  • [packaging] Fix URL after repository move.


  • Updated : 0.6.25-10.3.2.jolla — 0.6.27-10.5.1.jolla
  • [packaging] Update URL after repository move.
  • [webapp] Fix using capitals in messages.


  • Updated : 0.9.0-1.31.1 —
  • [hybris-adaptors] Select 1st sensor variant for each sensor type.
  • [hybris-adaptors] Use wakelock to ensure proximity data io.
  • [sensord] Use systemd notify instead of forking a daemon.
  • [sensord] Do not log successful daemon forks.
  • [systemd] Drop BusName from sensorfwd.service.


  • Updated : 0.21.4-1.8.1 — 0.21.5-1.8.1
  • [packaging] Change submodule url.


  • Updated : 1.33-10.21.1.jolla — 1.35-10.23.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 14 of 14 strings translated (0 need review).


  • Updated : 0.1.61-10.27.1.jolla —
  • [buteo-sync-plugins-social] Update Dropbox Backup plugin to V2 API.
  • [buteo-sync-plugins-google] Extract attendee information in gcal sync.
  • [buteo-sync-plugins-social] Store GCal ID in custom property.
  • [spec] Use _smp_mflags instead of jobs macro.


  • Updated : 0.42.2-1.35.9 — 0.43.0-1.36.1
  • [ssu] Use consistently const QString & on interfaces.
  • [ssucli] Improve warnings when D-Bus is unavailable.


  • Updated : 0.11.27-10.98.2.jolla — 0.11.28-10.96.1.jolla
  • [store-client] Release cover image for 2.1.2.


  • Updated : 1.113.1-10.54.1.jolla — 1.116-10.55.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 154 of 154 strings translated (0 need review).
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.11.26


  • Updated : 5.6.50-1.2.6 — 5.6.50-1.3.1
  • [packaging] change upstream to use git://
  • [packaging] Change submodule to merproject mirror.


  • Updated : 225+git3.1-1.17.3 — 225+git5-1.15.1
  • [pam_systemd] Add timeout=seconds argument.
  • [systemd] Add explicit disables for things that were disabled on clean builds.
  • [systemd] Drop: machined and importd.
  • [systemd] Drop: nss-myhostname, sysv init compat, hibernate.
  • [systemd] Drop: quotacheck, firstboot, backlight.
  • [systemd] Drop: timedated, localed, networkd.
  • [systemd] Drop: zsh completions.
  • [update] Update to systemd version 208.
  • [rpm macros] support old rpm macro location
  • [packaging] bootchart.conf moved to systemd-config-mer package
  • [new-patch] Added support to configurable timemouts and startlimits
  • [tests] Update tests.xml to match systemd version 208 tests
  • [packaging] dropped x permissions from normal user for systemctl-user command
  • [new-patch] Added systemd-208-fix-restart.patch to fix restart logic
  • [patch] Added systemd-208-count-only-restarts.patch
  • [patch] Add do-not-pull-4-megs-from-stack-for-journal-send-test patch
  • [packaging] Own systemd install directories.
  • [patch] Support additional argument in reboot
  • [patch] Remove unused systemd-187-reintroduce-support-for-deprecated-oom.patchpatch
  • [patch] Add patch from upstream: Don’t wait for new data from the sensor
  • [systemd] Fix potential boot delay and cause for boot failures. Fixes MER#1088
  • [packaging] Add libtool to BuildRequires in .spec.
  • [PATCH] [packaging] Add libtool to BuildRequires in .spec.
  • [packaging] Fix wrong months in systemd.changes.
  • [bootchart] Add upstream patch to fix bootchart crash.
  • [spec] Add psmisc dependecy because of used pidof tool.
  • [systemd] Add ./.libs to library linking path. Fixes MER#1612
  • [systemd] Add ./.libs to library linking path. Fixes MER#1612
  • [packaging] Drop unneeded usbutils build dep.
  • [packaging] Drop unneeded usbutils build dep.


  • Updated : 0.1.8-10.47.1.jolla —
  • [transfer-engine-plugins] Migrate Dropbox to V2 API.


  • Updated : 1.76-10.44.1.jolla — 1.78-10.46.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 64 of 64 strings translated (0 need review).


  • Updated : 0.86.0+mer13-1.31.1 — 0.86.0+mer15.1-1.33.1
  • [debug] Do diagnostic logging for each D-Bus signal broadcast
  • [debug] Optionally include file/line/function info when logging to stderr
  • [modesetting] Write dummy value to clear ffs function list.
  • [dsme] Avoid recursion during dsmesock disconnecting.
  • [android] Get usb serial number from kernel command line.
  • [dsme] Enlist as dsme process watchdog client.
  • [dsme] Verify modesettings on each processwd heartbeat.
  • [modesetting] Do not use „none“ as usb function
  • [modesetting] Log origin of sysfs writes in debug verbosity.
  • [modesetting] Track expected sysfs control file content.
  • [packaging] Adjust libsystemd build requirements
  • [usb-moded] Do not redirect stderr to /dev/null when logging to stderr


  • Updated : — 0.10.11-10.78.2.jolla
  • [voicecall-ui-jolla] Make the dismiss action clearly visible on the call ended view.
  • [voicecall-ui] Add Dialog to CallPrompt component name
  • [voicecall-ui-jolla] Ask user to reboot device after rild restart.


  • Updated : 1.150.1-10.70.1.jolla — 1.151-10.68.1.jolla
  • [l10n ] 199 of 199 strings translated (0 need review).
  • [tpl ] translation templates update for 0.10.11 Packages added (7)(toggle all)


  • Binaries added : droid-config-f5121-pulseaudio-settings – 0.0.38-10.6.6.jolla, droid-config-f5121-patterns – 0.0.38-10.6.6.jolla, droid-config-f5121-bluez5 – 0.0.38-10.6.6.jolla, droid-config-f5121-bluez4 – 0.0.38-10.6.6.jolla, droid-config-f5121-policy-settings – 0.0.38-10.6.6.jolla, droid-config-f5121 – 0.0.38-10.6.6.jolla, droid-config-f5121-preinit-plugin – 0.0.38-10.6.6.jolla, droid-config-f5121-out-of-image-files – 0.0.38-10.6.6.jolla, droid-config-f5121-sailfish – 0.0.38-10.6.6.jolla, droid-config-f5121-kickstart-configuration – 0.0.38-10.6.6.jolla, droid-config-f5121-ssu-kickstarts – 0.0.38-10.6.6.jolla, droid-config-f5121-flashing – 0.0.38-10.6.6.jolla
  • Unmet requirements: f5121-bluez-configs, config(droid-config-f5121) = 0.0.38-10.6.6.jolla, droid-config-f5121 = 0.0.38-10.6.6.jolla, droid-config-f5121 = 0.0.38
  • [f5121] Do not filter lid sensor reporting based on als state.
  • [f5121] Ensure make_ext4fs is executable.
  • [f5121] Relax upstream versioning.
  • [sensors] Re-enable Hall sensor as f5121 really does have one.
  • [mce] Add doubletap configuration file for f5121.
  • [mce] Add doubletap settings file for f5121.
  • [f5121] Add aliendalvik-feature to suggested feature.
  • [theme] Increase launcher icon size and sync pixel ratios.
  • [touch] Automatically scale start drag distance if pixel ratio is known.
  • [upstream] Update latest droid-configs-device
  • [f5121] Add apkd-config-home to pattern.
  • [f5121] Include f_bcmdhd_apsta.bin and fw_bcmdhd.bin binaries to image.
  • [f5121] Move vendor mounting systemd link to the right place.
  • [f5121] Make binary blobs from the zip file executable.
  • [f5121] Prevent future droid-system updates from failing with „Read-only file system“.
  • [f5121] Install the mount unit properly.
  • [f5121] Provide make_ext4fs separately due to conflict with package’s noarch.
  • [f5121] Fix OBS build.
  • [camera] Higher camera resolutions enabled with v11 blobs.
  • [f5121] Generate oem.img from SW binaries and flash it to cache partition.
  • [f5121] Mount cache under /system/vendor.
  • [droid-configs-device] Upgrade latest upstream version
  • [zypp] Prevent removing main HA packages.
  • [f5121] Add factory reset support F5121.
  • [shutdown] Update droid-configs-device for droid-hal-init shutdown.
  • [f5121] Improve vkb haptics.
  • [camera] Default front 4:3 viewfinder resolution had a green bar.
  • [camera] Enable flashlight.
  • [camera] Set a default front 4:3 viewfinder resolution that doesn’t show a green bar at the edge.
  • [sensors] Disable Hall sensor as f5121 doesn’t actually have one.
  • [wlan] Systemd service for macaddrsetup. Bring wlan0 up before connman starts so the change takes effect.
  • [f5121] Provide root readable screen configurations.
  • [f5121] Fix mute phonecall issue.
  • [f5121] Make hybris textures work on devices without BGRA.
  • [obs] Take products from OBS :dhd subproject.
  • [camera] 8mpix configuration.
  • [camera] 8mpix configuration.
  • [f5121] Initial CSD hw-settings.
  • [f5121] Initial CSD hw-settings.
  • [f5121] Remove custom hangup reasons.
  • [f5121] Add remote hangup reason.
  • [patterns] Add everything that upstream libhybris gives, for now.
  • [camera] Add better viewfinder resolution.
  • [f5121] Add jolla store apps by default on imager.
  • [f5121] Add more flashing instructions.
  • [camera] Initial camera configs.
  • [f5121] Add pulseaudio and gstreamer droid packages to hw pattern.
  • [f5121] Use Sony vendor id on flashing script.
  • [f5121] Fix typo in kickstart attachment.
  • [f5121] Initial kickstart configuration with LVM.
  • [dhc] Update upstream droid-hal-configs
  • [f5121] Add usb config files.
  • [f5121] Clean up patterns according to droid-configs upstream template.
  • [f5121] Add GPS packages to the patterns.
  • [f5121] Clean up GStreamer 0.10 packages from pattern.
  • [f5121] Clean up usb-moded configs.
  • [f5121] Provide ofono-configs.
  • [f5121] Update upstream droid-configs-device
  • [f5121] Add csd and sd-utils to pattern.
  • [f5121] Add ofono config.
  • [f5121] Add symbolic link to android sensors configs.
  • [f5121] Add udev rule for /dev/block/bootdevice.
  • [f5121] Add udev rule for touch driver.
  • [dcd] Patterns and compositor config


  • Binaries added : droid-hal-f5121 – 0.1.5-10.1.1.jolla, droid-hal-f5121-kernel-modules – 0.1.5-10.1.1.jolla, droid-hal-f5121-tools – 0.1.5-10.1.1.jolla, droid-hal-f5121-kernel – 0.1.5-10.1.1.jolla, droid-hal-f5121-detritus – 0.1.5-10.1.1.jolla, droid-hal-f5121-devel – 0.1.5-10.1.1.jolla
  • Unmet requirements: droid-hal-f5121-detritus
  • [f5121-kernel_sony_msm] Add Android logger driver.
  • [f5121-kernel_sony_msm] Add bolek’s extra fs modules.
  • [f5121-kernel_sony_msm] Add getrandom and memfd_create syscall for arm32.
  • [f5121-kernel_sony_msm] Enable Android logger driver.
  • [f5121-system_core] Add late-init to get charging UI in acting dead mode.
  • [manifest] Update to include wlan mac and shutdown fixes.
  • [blobs] Updated from public SW_binaries_for_Xperia_AOSP_M_MR1_v10.
  • [f5121] Use upstream broadcom/wlan.
  • [f5121][kernel] Re-enable IKCONFIG.
  • [blobs] Updated for public SW_binaries_for_Xperia_AOSP_M_MR1_v10.
  • [f5121] Add nxpnfcc_fw
  • [f5121] New BSP (android-6.0.1_r79 + Sony repos and patches 20170510).
  • [bionic] (hybris) Allow libc.so to be initialized from libhybris.
  • [dhd] Fix case of lunch combo and device names being different.
  • [dhd] Correct Java compiler version for OBS.
  • [dhd] Fix OBS build.
  • [dhd] Switch SW binaries to v10.
  • [f5121] Add busybox
  • [f5121] Make into the droid-hal manifest


  • Binaries added : droid-hal-f5121-img-recovery –, droid-hal-f5121-img-boot –
  • Unmet requirements: droid-config-f5121-flashing
  • [f5121] Initial packaging of droid-hal-img-boot.


  • Binaries added : droid-hal-prjconf-f5121 – 0.0.3-10.2.1.jolla
  • [prjconf] Resolve droid-glibc-tools by default.
  • [prjconf] Resolve droid-config-f5121-bluez5 by default.
  • [CM] Add prjconf for f5121.


  • Binaries added : droid-hal-version-f5121-doc – 0.0.1-10.2.12.jolla, droid-hal-version-f5121 – 0.0.1-10.2.12.jolla
  • Unmet requirements: config(droid-hal-version-f5121) = 0.0.1-10.2.12.jolla
  • [dvd] Initial content.


  • Binaries added : droid-src-f5121-vendor – 0.0.1-10.1.1.jolla, droid-src-f5121-bionic – 0.0.1-10.1.1.jolla, droid-src-f5121-prebuilts-sdk – 0.0.1-10.1.1.jolla, droid-src-f5121-system – 0.0.1-10.1.1.jolla, droid-src-f5121-external – 0.0.1-10.1.1.jolla, droid-src-f5121-libcore – 0.0.1-10.1.1.jolla, droid-src-f5121-kernel – 0.0.1-10.1.1.jolla, droid-src-f5121-bootable – 0.0.1-10.1.1.jolla, droid-src-f5121-dhs-utils – 0.0.1-10.1.1.jolla, droid-src-f5121-abi – 0.0.1-10.1.1.jolla, droid-src-f5121-frameworks – 0.0.1-10.1.1.jolla, droid-src-f5121-device – 0.0.1-10.1.1.jolla, droid-src-f5121-prebuilts-misc – 0.0.1-10.1.1.jolla, droid-src-f5121-hardware – 0.0.1-10.1.1.jolla, droid-src-f5121-dhs-full – 0.0.1-10.1.1.jolla, droid-src-f5121-prebuilts-tools – 0.0.1-10.1.1.jolla, droid-src-f5121-dhs-rootdir – 0.0.1-10.1.1.jolla, droid-src-f5121-dhs-makefile – 0.0.1-10.1.1.jolla, droid-src-f5121-prebuilts-clang-linux-x86 – 0.0.1-10.1.1.jolla, droid-src-f5121-build – 0.0.1-10.1.1.jolla, droid-src-f5121-prebuilts-gcc-linux-x86 – 0.0.1-10.1.1.jolla, droid-src-f5121-libnativehelper – 0.0.1-10.1.1.jolla, droid-src-f5121-prebuilts-ndk – 0.0.1-10.1.1.jolla
  • [f5121] Add droid-src repo as rpm/.


  • Binaries added : droid-system-f5121 –
  • [f5121] Built with latest sony repos (incl new bt-fm) and no blobs.
  • [system] Rebuilt on latest BSP.
  • [f5121] Update system files under sparse directory from system image built with Sony v10 blobs. Minimal manifest for Sailfish build.

Okt 01 2017

[Howto] Sony Xperia X – Teil 2 – Sailfish OS (Community) Installieren

[Howto] Sony Xperia X – Teil 2 – SailfishOS (Community) Installieren




  • Jolla’s Image (Sailfish OS 2.1.3) wird man wahrscheinlich über das Sony Tool EMMA auf das Gerät bespielen. Das würde bedeuten, dass man sein Gerät erst mal auf seinen Original zustand bringen muss. Das erkläre ich euch im dritten Teil.
  • Die Community Version (Sailfish OS des Image ist nicht die Final Version die Jolla später herausbringt. Das bespielen wird ebenso anders verlaufen. Es dient um euch einen ersten Eindruck zu erhalten. Des Weiteren könnt ihr den Devs dabei helfen Bugs zu beheben.
  • Beachtet das einige Funktion nicht richtig oder gar nicht funktionieren. Z.B. Kamera-Taste und Fingerprint und co.



  • Falls ihr euch ein neuen Sony Xperia X zugelegt habt, müsst ihr euer Gerät zunächst vorbereiten. Lest und befolgt den ersten Teil der Tutorial reihe.
  • Für das aufspielen des Image wird Linux Betriebssystem benötigt.




Sailfish OS Flashen

  • Entpackt die „SailfishOS-“
  • fügt die „make_ext4fs“ sowie die AOSP „SW_binaries_for_Xperia_AOSP_M_MR1_3.10_v12_loire.zip“ in den entpackten Ordner.
  • öffnet das Terminal und wechselt in den Ordner wo ihr die Datei entpackt hat. Bsp: cd ~/Downloads/SailfishOS-
  • nun geben wir die „flash.sh“ sowie „make_ext4fs“ rechte um sie ausführen zu können.
  • sudo chmod +x flash.sh
  • sudo chmod +x make_ext4fs
  • Als nächstes fährt ihr das Sony Gerät herunter. Schließt das das USB Kabel an dem Rechner. Haltet beim Sony Gerät die VOL-PLUS-Taste gedrückt und schließt das microUSB Kabel an um ins Fast Boot Mode zu gelangen.
  • führt nun im Termial die flash.sh aus: sudo ./flash.sh
  • Der Flashvorgang wird nun gestartet und ende nach wenigen Minuten.
  • Nach dem Flashvorgang sollte Sailfish OS nun Starten. Falls euer Gerät im Bootloop hängt schaltet das Gerät komplett ab in dem ihr die Power+Volumen-PLUS+Volumen-Minus gemeinsam gedrückt haltet bis das Gerät drei mal Vibriert. Haltet nun wieder die Volumen-PLUS-Taste und schließt das microUSB Kabel ans PC.
  • Im Terminal geben wir folgendes ein: sudo fastboot boot hybris-recovery.img
  • Auf dem Display wird nun eine IP-Adresse angezeigt. Diese geben wir nun ein: telnet
  • Wählt Option 1 um das Gerät auf Werkeinstellung zurück zu setzen (Factory Reset).
  • Nun sollte das Sony ins Sailfish OS Booten.


Zusätzliche Funktion freischalten

  • Einige Funktionen wie z.B. Bluetooth, 6 statt 2 CPU Cores und Doubletap um das Display aufzuwecken kann man Manuell freischalten. Die Features werden später wohl in das Community Image hinzugefügt.
  • Alles unten angegeben befehle müssen immer als root ausgeführt werden.
  • Startet am besten bei jeder Feature Freischaltung das Gerät neu in dem ihr im SFOS Terminal reboot eintippt


Als Root anmelden

  • öffnet das Terminal im Sailfish OS und meldet euch als Root an: devel-su
  • solltet ihr das Password nicht kennen, so könnt ihr euch ein neuen erstellen unter „Einstellung > Entwickler Modus“


Aktuelle Pakete Installieren

  • ssu lr; zypper ref; zypper up


Bluetooth Aktivieren

  • zypper ref
  • zypper dup
  • zypper in bluetooth-rfkill-event-hciattach


Doubletab um das Display aufzuwecken

  • pkcon install mce-tools
  • mcetool –set-doubletap-mode=show-unlock-screen
  • mcetool -i disabled
  • mcetool -z always


CPU: 6 statt 2 Cores

  • um alle 6 Cores nutzen zu können müsst ihr folgende Datei bearbeiten: /init.loire.pwr.rc
  • Im Terminal: cd
  • vi /init.loire.pwr.rc
  • fügt nun folgende Zeilen am ende ein und speichert es ab:

# enable all CPUs here, until we can do this in power management

write /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpuquiet/nr_min_cpus 4
write /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpuquiet/nr_power_max_cpus 6
write /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpuquiet/nr_thermal_max_cpus 6
write /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpuquiet/rqbalance/balance_level 40
write /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpuquiet/rqbalance/nr_run_thresholds „50 100 150 400 450 4294967295“
write /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpuquiet/rqbalance/nr_down_run_thresholds „0 25 75 125 375 425“


  • startet das Gerät neu: reboot

Sep 27 2017

Sailfish X – Neues Flashing Tool und Verkaufsstart

Sailfish X – Neues Flashing Tool und Verkaufsstart



Update 28.09.17:

Gerüchte zufolge soll das neue Flashing Tool „Emma“ sein und nur unter Windows OS zur Verfügung geben. Linux/Mac User müssen auf Virtuelle Maschine zurück greifen. Mehr Infos werden wir sicherlich in den kommenden Tagen erhalten.



Jolla verschickt seit gestern weitere Newsletter und gibt etwas mehr Infos bezüglich Sailfish X.


Hier eine freie Übersetzung:


Danke an deine Interesse an Sailfish X und das Abonnieren des Newsletters

Es gab kürzlich technische Änderungen in der Installationsablauf von Sailfish X auf dem Sony Xperia X. Sony hat einen neuen weg gefunden wie man die Software auf die Geräte Flashen kann. Was uns und auch euch neue Möglichkeiten bietet wie z.b. Flashen unter Windows Betriebssystem. Es wird zeit in Anspruch nehmen dies ausgiebig zu testen.

Auf Grund dieser Aktuellen Entwicklungen und der Testphase haben wir uns entschlossen den Sailfish X Verkaufstart um eine Woche zu verschieben, sprich vom 27.9 auf dem 4.10. Der Spätere Verkaufsstart beeinflusst jedoch nicht die Veröffentlichung des Image zum 11.10.

Wir werden weitere Details in kürze veröffentlichen.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,


Original E-Mail:

Sep 18 2017

Jolla MeetUp in Budapest

Jolla MeetUp in Budapest


Am Sonntag den 17.09.17 war ein weiterer Sailfish OS MettUp in Budapest (Ungarn). Auch Pawel (ExPlit) war diesmal mit dabei und bringt uns ein paar Fotos und Neuigkeiten mit. (danke dafür!)

Hier einige Bilder mit Kommentaren, weiter unten findet ihr weitere interessante Neuigkeiten.


LG Smartwatch

Leider ist die Uhr weiterhin nur ein „Proof of concept“ – Ob Jolla das Image irgendwann mal frei gibt bzw. Verkauft ist bis dato noch ungewiss.


Zwei weitere LG Smartwatch Modelle worauf anscheinend SFOS läuft.


Jala Accione 8

Etwas neues erfahren wir nun über Jala’s Accione 8.

Das Gerät hat die Version Sailfish OS 2.1.3.x (Kymijoki) Vorinstalliert. Jedoch ist es noch nicht bekannt ob die Firmware auch pünktlich in der Verkaufsversion vorinstalliert sein wird. Das Gehäuse besteht aus einem Stück Aluminium. Somit wir das austauschen des Akkus erschwert.


Anders als bei INOI R7 bekommt das Accione 8 mit Aliendalvik Support. Somit kann wie von SFOS-Geräte gewohnt Android Applikationen Installieren werde.


Mehr zur Hardwareinformation hat Pawel durch AIDA64 herausbekommen 🙂

Es war uns mehr oder weniger schon klar das die Hardware sehr dem Intex/JollaC und INOI ähnelt. Aber hier haben wir nun die Bestätigung:

  • CPU: Quad Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 212 (msm8909v2) –  4x ARM Cortex A-7 @ 1,3Ghz
  • GPU: Adreno 304
  • 5″ HD-Display 720×1280 Auflösung und 293 Pixeldichte
  • 16GB Speicher (2GB Systemspeicher, 9,5GB Internen Speicher)
  • 2GB RAM
  • Beschleunigungssensor, Kompass, Lichtsensor, Orientierungssensor, Annäherungssensor, Rotationssensor
  • Fehlende Sensoren: Gyroskop, Magnetometer
  • Akku: 2500mAh (nicht Wechselbar)
  • Android HAL Version 7.1.2
  • Device ID: hy004


Interessant das man schon Android 7 als Basis genommen hat. Doch Aliendalvik wird dennoch weiterhin wie bei JollaC und demnächst Xperia X „nur“ Android Apps/Games bis Android Version 4.4.4 Unterstützen.


Weitere interessante Neuigkeiten :

  • SFOS funktioniert technisch mit dem Sony Xperia X (Dual Sim). Jedoch erst einmal nur mit eine Sim-Karte. Des Weiteren können Sie nicht versprechen, dass ein SFOS Image für das Dual Sim Gerät jemals offiziell erscheinen wird.
  • Korrektur: Jolla sucht einen Vendor aus der EU der Geräte mit SFOS in Europa Vermarktet.
  • Das Accione wird Aliendalvik Support enthalten (siehe Bild oben)
  • Jala plant wohl auch ein zweites Smartphone auf dem Markt zu bringen. Es soll Hardware technisch besser als das oben gezeigte Accione 8 sein. Mehr werden wir vielleicht am 13.Oktober.17 erfahren.
  • INOI möchte weiterhin kein Aliendalvik Support haben. Es bleibt also weiterhin ein reines SFOS für den Russischen Markt.
  • Durch den security code bug wird SFOS 2.1.2.x wohl möglich demnächst schon ausgerollt.
  • Fairphone erhält ein drittes Angebot sobald das Xperia X Image erschienen ist.
  • Es ändert nichts an Jolla’s Eigenständigkeit durch den Erwerb der Anteile von Rostelkom
  • Jolla plant ein MeetUp in Berlin!


Vielen dank Pawel das du uns ein paar Infos und Fotos mitbringen konntest 🙂


Sami Pienimäki und Pawel 🙂

Und weitere MeetUp teilnehmen

Sep 07 2017

Jala’s ACCIONE Vorstellung am 13.10.17

Jala’s ACCIONE Vorstellung am 13.10.17 ?


Ein überraschender Tweet von Accione_Jala – übersetzt „Eine neue Ära erwacht„.

Auf dem Banner „das Erwachen zu einer neuen Ära“ – ACCIONE – 13.10.2017.

Die Südamerikanische Firma „Jala“  wird wohl möglich das schon auf der Mobile World Congress vorgestellte ACCIONE Smartphone mit Sailfish OS am 13.10.17 Präsentieren. Auf der ACCIONE Webseite findet man Termine zu diverse Veranstaltungen die zwischen dem 12.10. und 14.10.17 stattfinden.

Bis auf ein paar Details sind noch keine weiteren Spezifikation bekannt:

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC
  • ca. 5″ Display
  • USB-Typ-C Anschluss
  • Fingerabdrucksensor
  • Sailfish OS mit Android 7 basierten Unterbau
  • Erhältlich höchstwahrscheinlich nur in Südamerika
  • Preislich soll es $110 kosten (Quelle)


Vom Preis her kann man sich schon vorstellen, dass das Gerät eine ähnliche Hardware haben wird wie die des Intex/Jolla C bzw. INOI R7.

hoffen wir auf baldige weitere Information 🙂

Aug 29 2017

29.08.2017 – Firmware Update (Jämsänjoki)

Firmware Update (Jämsänjoki)



Update 31.08.17

Das Update wurde mittlerweile wieder zurück gezogen weil es ein Problem mit dem Sicherheitscode hatte. Jolla versucht das Problem so schnell wie möglich zu beheben und gibt das Update dann wieder frei.



Heute hat Jolla nun endlich die Firmware 2.1.1 (Jämsänjoki) für jeden freigegebene.

Was das Update beinhaltet könnt ihr hier lesen:

Aug 25 2017

Sailfish X – Alle Details

Sailfish X – Alle Details


Vesa-Matti Hartikainen hat soeben ein neue Beitrag Veröffentlicht. Er gibt nun nahezu alle fehlende Information über Sailfish X aka Sailfish OS für Xperia X frei.


Er schreibt, dass man im Video gut erkennen kann, dass die meisten Funktionen bzw. die Funktionalität gut und reibungslos ablaufen. Mobile Daten und die Kamera funktionieren sehr gut und auch Aliendalvik (Android Unterstützung) wird bereits Unterstützt. Da es sich aber um ein langfristiges Entwicklungsprojekt handelt, gibt es noch einige Features, die im ersten Software-Release nicht offiziell unterstützt werden. Einige dieser Features sind bereits in der Software enthalten, doch funktionieren eventuell nicht richtig. Die Funktionen die in der ersten Version nicht unterstützt werden sind: Bluetooth, neue Sensoren (z.B. Barometer, Stufenzähler), Fingerabdruck und FM-Radio. Ein weiteres Ziel ist es ein Installations-Tool zu Entwickeln was dem User vereinfacht von Android auf Sailfish OS zu wechseln, doch am Anfang braucht man einen Linux-PC und etwas Erfahrung mit der Benutzung eines Kommandozeilen-Tools (Terminal).

In der kommende Woche wird man auch die Hardware-Adaption Quellcode-Repositories für das Xperia X freigeben und eine Anleitung wie man sich sein eigenes SFOS Image aus den Quellen zusammen stellt. Somit kann die Community bei den fehlenden Features gern mit beitragen.


Im September geht es los!

Hier sind die harten Fakten, die du wissen musst:

Verkaufsstart: 27. September 2017

Was bekommst du alles:

  • Sailfish OS Image um es auf dein Xperia Gerät zu Flashen – Unser ziel ist es ein fertiges Image bis 11 Oktober als download anzubieten.
  • Android Support, Worterkennung in der Texteingabe-Tastatur und MX Exchange Support als download im Jolla Store.
  • Software Updates für ein Jahr, danach folgt ein Fortsetzungsprogramm
  • Detailtiere Anleitung und Support für die Downloads und Installation.
  • Jolla Kundendienst

Verfügbarkeit: EU, Norwegen, Schweiz; USA & Kanada
Preis: 49,90€ (Inkl. MwSt.)

Zusätzlich müsst ihr ein Sony Xperia X (Single SIM Version) erwerbe. Wichtig: Die Geräte dürfen kein Sim/Net-Lock haben! Andernfalls funktioniert das das Image nicht.


Was aber mit der Fortsetzungsprogramm auf sich hat ist noch nicht bekannt. Leider Fehlt die Information ob und wie viel es kosten wird ein weiteres Jahr Support zu erwerben.


Aug 24 2017

24.08.2017 – Firmware Update (Jämsänjoki) – early access

Firmware Update (Jämsänjoki) – early access


nach genau ein Monat ist das nächste und relative kleine Update erschienen. Es wurde OpenVPN Funktion verbessert.

Aug 06 2017

INOI R7 von innen

INOI R7 von innen


Ich hab für uns mal das INOI R7 geöffnet und ein paar Bilder von innen geschossen 🙂

Ihr Findet die Bilder unter „INOI > R7 – Intern

Viel Spaß 🙂

Jul 28 2017

28.07.2017 – Firmware Update (Jämsänjoki) – early access

Firmware Update (Jämsänjoki) – early access


Nach dem „kleinen“ Update Desaster mit ist nun ein weiteres erschienen. Die Version .23 lies z.B. das INOI R7 Geräte nicht mehr starten und blieb am Bootlogo hängen. Diverse Jolla C User beschwerten sich ebenfalls mit dem gleichen Phänomen, wobei das durch ungenügend Internen speicher verursacht wurde. Das Problem mit dem TOHKBD2 (Keyboard) besteht weiterhin, denn systemd wurde mit der Version 2.1.1 aktualisiert wodurch die TOHKBD2 Software nicht mehr richtig kompatibel ist.

Jolla hat nun zusätzlich darauf hingewiesen, dass es diesmal ein GROßES Update sei und viele Hauptbibliotheken aktualisiert werden. Man soll das Gerät diesmal lieber am Netzteil hängen lassen weil die Aktualisierung bis zu 10 Minuten dauern kann.

Auf dem INOI R7 wurde das Update zwar noch nicht angeboten, jedoch habe ich es via Terminal Installieren können.