27.12.2013 – Firmware Update (Maadajävri)

1os_1025+drunterFirmware Update (Maadajävri)


What´s new
* Google calendar sync to your Jolla (one way)
* Camera support in Android apps
* Updating/uninstalling apps from Yandex store
* Camera now supports all 4 orientations
* Advanced recovery mode (Info ganz unten)
* Ability to accept any server certificates during Exchange ActiveSync account setup

Fetch the update
If your Jolla is connected to WLAN network, an OS update notification should pop up shortly.
If you just can’t wait, you can manually trigger an OS update check as follows:

* Open Settings app
* Go to System Settings -> About Product
* Pull down the pulley menu and select ‘Check for update’
* Once an OS update notification is received, tap on it and follow the instructions.

Highlights of improvements:

* Improvements in exposure time and auto focus in low light conditions
* Improved switching from rear to front camera

* Connection switcher in Settings no longer sticks even when the network is not fully registered
* Static IP settings bug fixed
* Access point selection steps can be reversed without causing an issue.
* Retries are now possible if you input a wrong WLAN password

Home / Events / Notifications
* Only important notifications (missed call, chat, messages, mails) are shown on Lock screen,
all notifications are visible in Events
* Facebook and Twitter notifications no longer have LED indicators
* Disabling Facebook/Twitter feeds now removes them from Events
* Better support for high flow of tweets
* Twitter feeds now show the real name of the user
* Notification clearing improved
* Updates no longer re-appear after reboot
* USB mode selection is no longer shown when device is locked/suspended
* Fixes an issue where Home displayed as a long scrollable list
* Entering incorrect code on device lock screen now has haptic feedback

* Improvements in jolla account creation steps

* Call volume can now be adjusted before outgoing call is answered
* Phone call UI does not show Bluetooth indicator when connected to a device that does
not support phone call audio
* Previous caller’s avatar no longer flickers before the current caller’s avatar is displayed
* When powering up the device now registers directly to 3G instead of first registering to
2G and then switching to 3G

* Messages application keeps the active page and message text when re-activated from Launcher
* Message notifications now remain cleared and group correctly after rebooting
* Modifying contacts now shows available message conversation options immediately
* Imported contacts with unknown IM accounts no longer appear as apparently usable messaging options
* Multiple recipients can now be picked from favorites
* Words with a dot in the middle are no longer recognized as a URL when entering the message

* Phone numbers with dialling card prefixes are no longer merged with their un-prefixed versions
* Fixed confusing behaviour while editing contacts that have only nickname
* Search results in People are now correctly highlighted

* Uninstalling the app cancels outstanding alarms
* Clock now shows the correct time in alarm list and cover for all timezones

* OBEX push requests from trusted devices are now automatically accepted
* A more informative progress bar is shown during BT discovery

* Minor UI fixes and performance improvements
* WebGL performance improved significantly
* Fixes an issue where browser stopped to open links

Store client
* System update check is only done over a WLAN connection
* Connection dialog and status indication no longer suggest that a check is in progress without a connection
* Speed up app installation process

* Time display in Settings now respects the selected time zone
* UTC offset shown now takes DST into account
* Developer mode: Fingerterm default settings are more user friendly
* USB default mode of “Always ask” is respected even after unlocking the device

* Improves support for accounts where service username is different from email address
* Improves standard folders handling
* Fixes an issue in the communication with SMTP servers that don’t require authentication
* Fixes an issue related to email sending for some servers using ecrypted
password(CRAM-MD5) for authentication
* Fixes an issue in attachments handling in POP3 accounts
* Fixes an issue in email deleting in POP3 accounts
* Fixes an issue related to email signature handling in draft emails
* Fixes an issue in the unread email count for local only folders
* Fixes an issue that prevents long email subjects to be shown in the email info view
* Fixes an issue related to opening a html email via notification
* Fixes an issue realated to replying to html only emails

Exchange ActiveSync
* Improved error reporting when an account can’t be configured

* Opening a document from a mail attachment works even if another document is being viewed.
* Documents from transfer UI can now be opened with Office app

* Start time of the first calendar appointment now displays correctly
* Calendar alarms are now visible in silent mode
* Some situations causing a crash or hang are now fixed

Android runtime
* Audio and video are now in sync when watching videos in Netflix or other video applications
* Fixed issue where remote keyboard stops occasionally
* Location status is now checked before attempting to search for GPS
* Fixed issue where typed characters appended to an underlined word in predictive keyboard
* Applications using audio integrate better with native SailfishOS apps
* Network state detection improvements
* Application pause/resume improvements

Recovery mode
If a factory reset cannot be performed or if the device has booting issues,

* Unplug USB cable and turn off device
* Press volume down and power on the device
* Plug in USB cable and using USB networking telnet to or and follow the instructions

Note: it is still possible to break the Recovery mode in developer mode.

Known issue
Some of the android apps are still unable to connect to mobile data network if the SIM PIN code
is entered after a measurable delay on boot up. This is due to the incorrect 3G connectivity detection
API used by them. There are 2 ways out of this situation:

* 1) Reboot the device and enter the PIN code promptly when asked OR
* 2) Restart android runtime service as follows from the Terminal app (requires developer mode enabled)

[nemo@localhost ~]$ devel-su
[root@localhost nemo]# systemctl stop aliendalvik.service
[root@localhost nemo]# systemctl start aliendalvik.service


17.12.2013 – Firmware Update (Laadunjärvi) HotFix

1os_1025+drunterFirmware Update (Laadunjärvi) HotFix


* we just discovered an issue in both and today which causes update of the store token required for accessing store repositories to fail. A fix for that has been pushed a few minutes ago: The update to version you might be seeing on your device soon contains exactly this one fix to keep store access working

09.12.2013 – Firmware Update (Laadunjärvi)

1os_1025+drunterFirmware Update (Laadunjärvi)



* WLAN password input improvements
* WLAN connection possible to change directly from one hotspot to an other
* Notification banner visible when checking updates without internet connection
* USB MAC address does not change anymore between connections in developer mode
* Mobile data switch status (toggle on/off) is shown on the Settings cover

* Items in Store feed view now have visual busy indication while installing
* Chinese comments are no longer presented as “?” characters
* Improved notifications when app download fails
* App grid now shows busy indicators or current status when leaving and reopening page
* Application downloads are now more resilient to failures

Phone & Messages
* File receive dialog displays the name of the paired device correctly
* Improvements in BT pairing
* BT settings now responds to bluetooth daemon restart properly

Phone & Messages
* Phone now displays number labels (i.e. work/home/mobile) during selection
* DTMF tones are not skipped when user rapidly presses keys
* Fixed a case when incoming call is silenced and there is still sound played after call ends
* Improved contact matching in call logs when contacts imported from SIM
* Active cover shows contact names
* Visual improvements in call forwarding UI and supplementary services
* Support for sms: URL in Messages

* No more duplicated data in SIM contact import
* Improved handling of contact card details including avatars
* Added address does not disappear any more from contact viewer screen after adding website information
* Stability improvements in People app during contact linking operation
* Performance improvements in Birthday plugin for contacts

* Removing a service account now removes related content from People app
* Account emits a signal when enabled / status changes
* Option to share to Facebook does not disappear anymore after adding an email account
* Facebook notification will not appear repeatedly anymore
* Disabling Facebook account removes Facebook from Events view
* IM accounts now connect without needing to reboot device, after adding them
* IM presence state persists now over reboot or changing connectivity
* Improved Exchange account setup flow
* Improved interoperability with servers preferring unsupported EAS protocol 14.x

* Audio and video are now in sync while playing youtube videos
* Browser does not crash when playing multiple videos

* New dedicated calendar alarm UI introduced which will show up with alarms added after the update.

Homescreen & notifications
* Events view wallpaper stays aligned with homescreen wallpaper
* Lock screen pulley menu shortcuts are not broken when device lock is on
* In Events view, Share what’s on your mind account grid shows service icons
* Improvements to notification item layouts
* Sound feedback on battery empty shutdown
* Window titles for apps set

* Content picker only has the search field when there is content available
* Context menu is correctly updated with dynamic items
* The press effects in button and list items are unified
* Text linking matches numbers inside word boundaries
* QWindow::setTitle() is sent over Wayland
* DSME initial battery value is correct in bootup, or for shutdown
* Time and date changes persist over reboot
* DSME wakes from suspend to read HW temperatur and battery status
* USB mode notification does not offer Developer mode when developer mode is not enabled
* Device lock is not anymore set when you use “Clear device lock code” function
* The device lock code is not asked when the value is the same than earlier
* Password field does not flash last character in clear text
* Date picker correctly highlights selected date and shows proper week numbers in January

Dateimanager + rpm/apk-Dateien Installieren

Beitrag für SFOS 2.0+ angepasst.


Um *.rpm oder *.apk Dateien (Apps/Spiele) Installieren zu können, braucht ihr ein Dateimanager App. Mittlerweile hat Jolla in SFOS 2.x einen hauseigenen Dateimanager:

„Einstellung > Speicher > Nutzerdaten > und im Pulldown Menü > Dateimanager“

Solltet ihr noch eine alte SFOS Version besitzen (z.B. weil ein Port nutzt), so könnt ihr im Jolla -Store eine App namens „File Browser“ herunterladen. Habt ihr allerdings kein zugriff auf den Jolla-Store, so könnt ihr eine App auf openrepos.net downloaden (bsp. Cargo Dock)

Wenn ihr eine *.rpm/*.apk Dateien über den Webbrowser heruntergeladen habt, werden diese Datei standardmäßig in dem Ordner „Downloads“ abgelagert.


Und so geht ihr vor:

Hier ein Bsp. wie man mit der App „File Browser“ aus dem Jolla-Store eine rpm/apk-Datei installiert. Unter SFOS 2.x mit seinem hauseigenen oder aber auch Cargo Dock ist der Ablauf recht ähnlich.

Bevor ihr diese Fremde Pakete Installieren könnt, müsst SFOS die Erlaubnis erteilen

„Einstellung > Fremd-Software > Nicht vertrauenswürdige Software erlauben > Punkt setzen > Annehmen“


1) Öffnet die „File Browser“ App. Dort findet ihr eure Ordner wie z. B. Downloads aufgelistet.


2) Wechselt in den Downloads Ordner. Wählt nun das Paket aus, was ihr Installieren wollt.


3) Daraufhin sieht ihr einige Informationen über diese Datei wie z. B. Name, Größe, Pfad ect.


4) Zieht nun den Bereich runter und wählt „Install“. Die Installation fängt sofort an!


5) Ist die Installation fertig, bekommt Ihr oben die Meldung „Install Finish“- „Installation beendet“


Nun könnt ihr das Programm schließen oder zurück wischen um weitere Programme zu installieren.